Reviewing The Best Strip Clubs In Lisbon

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Welcome to our review of the best strip clubs in Lisbon. All cities around the globe are a little bit different when it comes to adult entertainment and you can never be sure which is best for the town you are visiting.

Gentlemen’s clubs can be a lot of fun but they are a money pit for a lot of guys. You can see some beautiful girls at Lisbon strip clubs and even put them through college one song at a time, but know going in that it is all just an illusion.

Some strippers will tell you whatever you want to hear to milk more and more money out of you. Don’t fall for their tricks, you need to think with your big head and not let the little guy take control over your decisions.

That is easier said than done in a room full of big boobs and shaking asses, but it isn’t impossible. To make sure that you don’t bust your bankroll just to get blueballs try not to drink too much, don’t bring more cash than you want to spend with you, and leave your credit cards and ATM cards at home.

That way you can have some fun, see some really sexy girls in Lisbon, and not regret it the next day. If you aren’t really into paying a lot to get blueballed then this post on meeting slutty girls in this city is probably more your style.

Best Strip Clubs In Lisbon

The best strip clubs in Lisbon with the hottest nude girls dancing are:

We aren’t really a fan of the strip clubs in Lisbon for one main reason: you are going to pay a lot of money and get nothing to show for it. A night out at a topless bar may very well cost more than you ever expected.

Sure, seeing a bunch of hot topless or fully nude girls on stage isn’t a bad way to spend an evening. But after you pay a cover charge, buy the very over priced drinks, and maybe get a lap dance or two you are probably dropping 50-100 euros if not more.

All around the globe strip clubs are some of the scammiest places you will find. Remember to never run up a tab or pay with a credit card and confirm prices for everything before you go.

There are quite a few smaller gentleman’s clubs over on Pink Street along with other bars and nightlife. If they sound kind of lame then use Adult Friend Finder and try to meet some horny girls near you that you don’t have to pay for a lap dance. Did you know there are over 700 active female users in Lisbon currently using Adult Friend Finder as of earlier this year?

These girls are just as freaky and wild as the ones you will meet at the gentlemen’s clubs and will have no problem getting naked with you. On top of that they will be a lot more hands on!

In many cities around the world there aren’t many girls on it, but in this city that is certainly not the case. Sounds a lot better than going to a strip club in Lisbon and leaving with blue balls to us.

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