Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls in Vung Tau

Hook up hot girls Vung Tau sex guide get laid

If you are looking to hook up with hot girls in Vung Tau for sex or dating we have some tips, but you may not like what you are about to hear. The thing is this is mostly a ‘sexpat’ town where guys go to have sex with prostitutes.

There are plenty of girly bars where you can pay for the time of a Vung Tau prostitute and what happens between you and the girl is up to you. We all know that means you are going to have sex, they just don’t want to come out and say it.

Well, we aren’t going to be talking about any of those Vung Tau girls bars, that is not the purpose of this sex guide. Instead we will give some tips on how you can try to hook up with girls for free, even if that is not going to be easy.

Sexy Girls At Vung Tau Hook Up Bars

Nightclubs and bars to meet slutty Vung Tau girls for sex

For nightlife there is one main touristy area where many of the bars are, just remember some of these are Vung Tau girly bars. If you see a bunch of 20 something’s sitting around a bar with a few older foreigners you can pretty much assume they are all on the clock.

Blue Moon Disco is one place where you might be able to pick up Vung Tau girls for free sex who aren’t hookers, but in this town you can never really be sure. If you see a group of backpackers from other countries around maybe focus your efforts more on them.

Not only are they far less likely to be prostitutes, but they are also less likely to be prude and will be looking to really enjoy themselves as they travel around this part of the world.

During the day just spend your time at the beach or the bars along the beach. This will give you the best chance to come in contact with the most girls. Don’t expect them to be great at English, but many will have an interest in at least chatting with a foreigner.

Beach game isn’t easy to pull off, you have to toe the line of intruding on someone who is relaxing while trying not to get caught staring at their tits while hoping to get them to go grab a drink with you or get their phone number. A delicate balance indeed, and not one that many dudes have the ability to pull off.

Sex Doesn’t Come Quick Or Easy

As we have covered numerous times on our site including in our best cities to meet girls in Vietnam post the local women who live here are far more traditional than what you usually find in other countries around Southeast Asia. By traditional we mostly mean prude, the majority don’t have any interest in casual sex with a stranger.

You usually have to go on a few dates and show you are looking for more than just to get in between their legs. But the thing is, this is a touristy beach town and particularly on weekends lots of girls from Ho Chi Minh City and sometimes Hanoi will come down for a vacation.

When these sexy girls visit Vung Tau there is always the chance that they will party a little too hard and let go of their usual inhibitions. We aren’t saying this is a great city to find free sex, but when girls party the odds do always increase at least a little bit.

On the other hand since they are tourists and they will assume you are a tourist they are already going to know there is no future between the two of you which could kill any potential chance right from the start. Basically you might get lucky, but you probably won’t which is what this sex guide is trying to get across.

Meet Girls Online

Meeting girls online can be done, but we aren’t going to lie and tell you that there are going to be a lot to choose from online here. Even if it is the largest dating site in the country this is not a huge town.

You should definitely search for it when you first sign up and see how many available single women are out there. A better idea may be to plan on spending a few days in Ho Chi Minh City first before you come here and try to meet as many girls online there as you can.

Then when you find one that you click with invite her to come to the beach with you for the weekend. If she agrees to share a hotel bed with you then there is a great chance you will get laid.

There are plenty of apps and sites out there to meet sexy girls online here. Because this post is in English we bet there are some tourists reading it.

If you are still in your hometown dreaming about taking a trip try using Adult Friend Finder to find girls for sex near you right now. It is a great site for fast hook ups, and Adult Friend Finder is doing great in American, Canadian, European, and Australian cities these days.

Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Vung Tau for sex or dating.