Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls In Whistler

Hook up hot girls Whistler sex guide get laid

Located in BC, this is one of the better ski resort destinations in the world for a single guy. This post will talking about trying to hook up with hot girls in Whistler for sex or possibly something more serious.

Some guys may head here for a weekend, while others may want to spend the whole winter there. Either way you are going to want to be located as close to ‘The Village’ as you can get.

This will not be cheap and if it is a busy weekend you need to book your room early. We found a couple of solid hotels here and here that have good locations and aren’t terribly expensive.

If you are going to be staying long term maybe start in one of those and then look for an apartment or a room in a house nearby. You certainly won’t be the only one who has the goal of spending the winter here in mind.

In fact one of your prime targets when trying to meet girls for sex in Whistler should be other like minded girls. Not the ones that come with a group, but look for girls that are there by themselves.

If a girl makes that decision she is wanting to have some fun and is much more likely to hook up. If you are just on a short trip then try to pick a holiday weekend.

New Years all the way up through Martin Luther King day are great. College kids from the upper Northwest of the US will go there since the drinking age is 19.

A few notes on the crowd, most of the people out partying here are college aged. This is not really a great spot for older guys. Remember that this is a ski resort and more guys want to ski than girls, you aren’t going to find great ratios but it is better than most ski towns.

Also there is a lot of diversity here, people come from far away because they know about the great nightlife. Speaking of that, this sex guide should start off by pointing out some of the best bars and clubs to hook up with sexy Whistler girls.

Sexy Girls At Whistler Hook Up Bars

Nightclubs and bars Village to meet Whistler girls for sex

As long as you are located in The Village you are going to have no problem at all finding good singles bars. They are all over and you can find them with ease.

Some of the more popular bars to hook up with Whistler girls for sex seem to be:

But really you just need to walk around and survey the scene. If you see a group of 6 hot girls heading into any bar then maybe follow them in? Particularly if there aren’t a lot of guys there already.

Remember that in a place like this you have to be aggressive and take your shots when they present themselves. Lots of the girls you meet will be from Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary and other cities. If you don’t hook up with them tonight you will probably never see them again.

Good Nightclubs To Get Laid

Hook up bars Whistler Village slutty girls sex near you

Kind of the same as the above, there are going to be plenty of options so don’t have a set in stone game plan. It will be a lot better if you can be flexible. Garfinkel’s might be the most popular club at the moment where the sexiest girls in Whistler go party, but things can change quick.

A couple of others that you may want to have on your radar are Tommy Africa’s and Maxx Fish. There are always things going on in this town and one way to keep up with them is ‘The Pique.’

This is a local paper and in the back they will keep you informed of where any big events are going to be. Try and check this every few days so you don’t miss any of the best parties.

You can also find lots of ‘barhops’ going on like this one. But there are others and just Google barhop Whistler to see if anything else is going on.

While it is more expensive to stay in The Village it is pretty much imperative. How are you going to meet a girl and bring her to a place far away? Most girls on vacation don’t like that.

Make sure you have a place inside the village to improve your chances of having sex with Whistler girls. Looking for more places to travel? Check out our GuysNightlife top travel destinations post, and if you can’t get enough of the mountains head to Denver next.

Good Restaurants For A Date

Hook up get laid have sex Whistler girls

If you do happen to meet a sexy girl and want to take her on a date then there are plenty of good options. The Village is loaded with great restaurants to fit all budgets.

Some cool places to grab a meal would be:

  • Furniture Warehouse
  • Alta Bistro
  • Rimrock Cafe
  • Red Door

If you want to go on a more budget date in Whistler try out Splitz Grill or Tacos La Cantina which both have good food for a better price. Want to try and meet some horny girls near you? Try Adult Friend Finder. Not only while you are here, but bring that fun party mountain atmosphere back to your home town any time.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Whistler

Ski resort towns are never easy places to pull. Not only are guys more likely to travel to ski but they are also more likely to travel for girls and sex as well.

There will be lots of dudes out with the same plan as you, who knows some may also have read our sex guide. If you are on a short trip then try to hit on the college girls from the states that are up their partying for the weekend.

If you are there long term keep those girls in mind and also look for the girls that are living there by themselves. They are going to be in party mode and might also be a little bit lonely.

Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Whistler for sex or something more long term.