Different Types Of Girls You Meet In Southeast Asia

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This post will compare the different types of girls you meet in Southeast Asian countries is going to focus on the ones that are most popular on the backpackers trail. There are lots of countries in this area of the world, but there seem to be 5 that guys visit most often.

We are going to break them down country by country in alphabetical order. This is no ‘ranking’ and we aren’t going to share any opinion on which is best.

Instead this will just be an opinion piece on what meeting Southeast Asian girls is like in each place. One important note is that there will be A LOT of generalizing in this post.

Every girl is not the same, there are always outliers and this post would need to be a million words to cover every variable. If someone says ‘it doesn’t snow much in Vegas’ and 1 year out of 100 it snows a few inches you shouldn’t jump on their back. Remember that when reading this post.

Most Cambodian Girls Are Hookers Or Virgins

Cambodia is a pretty polarizing place when it comes to the girls. Cambodian girls are either extremely prude and often virgins, or they are hookers. Like always there are some exceptions, but not many.

Most Cambodian girls have no interest in casual hook ups at all. If you are the type of guy that doesn’t like hookers or having a serious girlfriend this will not be the country for you.

Friends with benefits and one night stands are rare here if you aren’t paying for them. There are plenty of hookers around in cities like Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, but you aren’t likely to see many non hookers out at night outside of slutty tourists.

Also, these girls are not as good in bed as the other girls. They also do not speak English very well which is true of most girls you will meet in Southeast Asia.

Foreign Men Meeting Indonesian Girls

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Most guys have a completely backwards opinion of Indonesian girls because this is a ‘Muslim country’ and they think that means everyone is prude or extremists. Well, not all the girls are Muslim, and the ones who are don’t take it to anywhere near the same level as many middle eastern countries.

Sure, some where a hijab and a high percentage of them have no interest in casual sex, but where in the world is that not the case? Every country you go to the majority of females aren’t looking for one night stands or friends with benefits.

They call foreigners ‘bule’ in this country and many Indonesian girls REALLY like bule. From a percentage standpoint ‘many’ isn’t correct, but if even 5% do that gives you some great odds.

We named this country as one of the 3 easiest in the world to meet girls for sex online (along with another coming shortly) so who needs pay for play? It is a nice backup option to have, but if you use a dating site to meet single girls online you won’t need hookers.

In the bedroom they are up there for the best lays you will get when meeting girls in Southeast Asia, the ones who are down to hook up are often very horny and passionate. They are also more aggressive about letting you know they want to sleep with you.

If one wants to go on a date with you she is probably quite attracted to bule. Your chances of scoring on a first date are as high with them as any on the list.

For a country that is so conservative on the outside they certainly aren’t conservative behind closed doors. The English speaking levels aren’t that high, but it really doesn’t hold you down at all.

Why Guys Love Filipina Women

These are probably the hardest Southeast Asian girls to generalize about. They are all over the map which is good in some ways and bad in others.

There is a huge ‘semi pro’ scene in the Philippines, meaning girls who aren’t full time hookers but who will spread their legs for cash from time to time. In a way that is awesome, you get to sleep with hot Filipina women for cheap prices.

The problem is that they aren’t always open about their intentions. A week after you hook up with them they may start asking to borrow money from you, money they have no intention of ever returning.

If the girl was hot enough then cool, no problem. When the girl isn’t that hot and you never would have paid her initially that is when this kind of sucks. You really shouldn’t have to pay them, sorry ‘let them borrow,’ but if you don’t you are kind of taking advantage of the situation.

The Filipina girls do have a strong interest in foreigners so you definitely have a leg up on the local competition. Your foreigner value is either highest here or in Indonesia. Remember we mentioned that ‘3 easiest’ post before, well The Philippines was also on that list.

They speak the best English of any girls in Southeast Asia, and they are very fun loving and easy to entertain. If you get one to go on a date with you then you have a really high chance of hooking up that night.

Dating on sites like Pina Love could really not be any easier. You will be getting lots of replies on your messages starting from day 1.

The negatives would be that they are so flaky and aren’t honest about their intentions so you never can really know what is going on with them. Also, they eat terrible diets and a high percentage of the girls are carrying 5 to 10 extra pounds. If you like em thick then these are the Southeast Asian girls you should most want to meet.

There is a reason we wrote more about them than others on this list. They are very complex and even a guy who has a lot of experience them may have trouble figuring out their true intentions.

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Not All Thai Ladies Are Hookers

Probably the most famous Southeast Asian girls because so many guys flock to Thailand every year. Plus the Go Go’s are known worldwide. On a trip to meet girls in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket you will be surrounded by so many hookers from every angle.

But everyone knows all about that so we aren’t really going to cover it much here. Instead we will focus on what non pro Thai girls are like. A decent amount of them have an interest in foreign men so you can get dates and sleep with Thai women pretty easily if you want to go that route.

Their English is not very good but you can still find success even if communicating is hard. If they agree to go on a date with you then you have a pretty reasonable shot of scoring later that night.

Not the highest, but somewhere in the middle of the pack in that regard. The hookers are more businesslike than their Filipina counterparts so you don’t often end up with the ‘can I borrow’ requests after you bang.

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t good at extracting cash from guys. However that is generally more of a bar girl thing.

In bed they are also somewhere in the middle of the pack. Overall they seem to be in the middle of the pack for most things like English speaking, bedroom skills, likeliness to put out, and ease of meeting.

They are very active on ThaiFriendly and that would probably be the best way to meet single Thai girls. Anyone who has ever been here knows that dating apps like Tinder are just flooded with ladyboys and hookers.

As far as looks go they probably have the least curves of any Southeast Asian girls on the list, or maybe tied with Cambodian girls. They are generally really skinny, though of course there are fat ones around.

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What To Expect When Meeting Vietnamese Girls

Hottest girls in Southeast Asia easy to date and sleep with

Vietnamese girls are probably most similar to Cambodian girls. They rank down at the bottom of the list as far as ease of getting casual sex out of them. Friends with benefits or sleeping with girls in Vietnam on the first date are pretty rare.

They are probably a bit easier to get a date out of then the Cambodian girls, but don’t expect them to actually put out until a few dates in. If you aren’t looking for a serious girlfriend you probably need to go the pay for play route.

Vietnamese hookers are also generally thought of as the most ruthless on this list. They don’t know what girlfriend experience means and don’t care to learn. The Cambodian girls don’t really know either, but they aren’t as bitchy about the interaction.

They have the lightest skin of any in Southeast Asia, that matters to some guys while others don’t really notice. Looks can be subjective but most guys consider them to be some of the hottest girls in Asia.

Which Southeast Asian Girls Sound Best To You?

If you are looking for a serious girlfriend then you probably have the best shot of finding a loyal one in Cambodia, Vietnam, or Indonesia. Thai girls and Filipinas are notorious for milking guys for as much cash as they can get from them, but again with the Thai’s that is mostly bar girls.

If you are looking for friends with benefits type relationships or one night stands then Filipinas and Indonesian’s will be best for you. Thai girls are pretty solid as well.

Remember, there was a whole lot of generalizing going on, your experiences might be different than others. There are plenty of apps and sites out there to meet sexy girls online here. Because this post is in English we bet there are some tourists reading it.

If you are still in your hometown dreaming about taking a trip try using Adult Friend Finder to find girls for sex near you right now. It is a great site for fast hook ups, and Adult Friend Finder is doing great in American, Canadian, European, and Australian cities these days.

Hopefully this post comparing the different types of girls you meet in Southeast Asian countries helped you get a little better perspective on what things are like over in that part of the world.