World’s Easiest Places To Meet Girls For Sex Online

Which countries are easiest to meet girls online for sex

Thanks for checking out this post on the easiest countries to meet girls for sex online for foreign men. This is just one sites opinion, but it also seems to jive with what many other travel sites, blogs, and forums conclude as well.

We will start off with some general tips that you should know before you start online dating in foreign countries. This is probably not going to be the same as what you have experienced back home.

When foreign men try to meet girls for sex online there are certain things you need to be on the lookout for depending on what type of girl you want. Do you want to hook up with the type of girl who spreads her legs for every tourist in town?

Do you want to bang a prostitute? Or do you want to try to find a sweet innocent girl who is looking for a new experience and to be bad one time in her life.

All guys probably would prefer the last type of girl, but those are going to be the hardest to find. So before we get into the best vacation spots to get laid lets talk about the types of girls you meet online.

Foreign Girls You Meet Online

We have already written a lengthy post on how to meet the best foreign brides, if you want to visit the best country to find a girlfriend check that link out. Here we are talking about meeting girls for sex online, ie one night stands or hooking up in a friends with benefits type situation.

When you use dating sites there are going to be a wide variety of women using them, but you can generalize them down to a few main types. First off you have the good girls who are looking for a serious boyfriend and foreign husband.

Obviously these really aren’t the target demographic for a post like this. One of the nice things about dating sites in the countries we will list is that you have so many options you can be choosy.

That means you don’t need to lie and lead these girls on just to get laid. Stay away from the serious women (if all you care about is sex) and look for some that share a common interest.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you will have some prostitutes. All three of our easiest countries to get laid online are pretty poor and money can be hard to come by.

There will be some prostitutes around, and also some ‘scammers.’ We put scammers in quotes because their scams are not all that tricky, pretty much all they do is ask you to send them money. If you fall for that one maybe you deserve to get scammed.

A good general rule is don’t send money to anyone you have never met before. Follow that and 99% of the so called dating site scammers won’t be able to penetrate your defenses.

As far as the prostitutes go you can probably bargain for some cheap sex from them if that is what you are after. However there are going to be better ways to find hotter hookers in all of these best vacation spots to get laid then on the dating sites.

One thing to point out is that sometimes girls are too shy to let you know they want money. If you invite a girl to come straight to your room and are balls deep in under 30 minutes there is a good chance she is hoping to get paid whether you struck a deal or not.

These shy girls are more prevalent in one country than the others and we will mention that when we get there. Though it could happen anywhere so if it is coming way to easy ask yourself why.

Then there is an easy type of girl to meet online if you are traveling, and that is the girls who like to have sex with foreign men. In Latin American countries these girls would be referred to as ‘gringo hunters’ and other countries have similar slang.

These are girls who like sex but just don’t like it with local guys. Maybe they also like it with the local guys but want to hop on every foreign dick they can find as well.

The truth of the matter is if you are looking for easy sex from girls you meet online in foreign countries these are the types you will get laid with most often. You have probably heard the statistic that 90% of one night stands are done by 10% of guys before right?

Well this is probably even more extreme, and 95% of the easy lays on dating sites are done by 5% of the girls. Every once in awhile you might hook up with one who is just stepping out and being naughty one time, but not often.

More International Dating Site Tips

Hook up get laid meet foreign women for sex online

Those would be the main types of girls you will meet online for sex, and of course there will be some variations in between. Some really will be looking for a serious relationship but once every month or two might need to have a release.

Not everyone will fall into those cookie cutter categories we just laid out, but many will. So the question is, how do you find the type you are looking for?

One of the best tips you can get is to look for the newest profiles, as this is where some of the gold may lie. Girls who have been using international dating sites for years can still pay off but in general the newer the better.

You might be finding a single lady who just broke up with her boyfriend and is on the rebound. Or maybe she has never had sex with any foreign men before, decided she wanted to try, and felt that this was the easiest way to find one.

Or she could be a very experienced user who got banned for asking another guy for money and created a new account. It isn’t an exact science, but new is generally good.

Secondly, try to judge how much time they are spending on the site. If you send a girl a message and she instantly replies then take notice and investigate further.

It could just be that you both happened to be on at the same time, or it could be that she is on the site 24/7 and is some combination of scammer, hooker, or gold digger. Usually you can see if a user is online now, try and check up and see which ones live on the site and which pop in and out.

While we said you should try to stay away from the ones who want marriage if all you care about is quick sex that doesn’t mean avoid every profile that says ‘serious relationship’ in it. Don’t trust a girls online dating profile, and in fact don’t even read them.

All women type the same things in their profile, but that doesn’t mean they will live by it. The great thing about online dating is the speed and efficiency, reading some girls fairy tail in her profile is just a waste of time.

It is easy to gauge what a girl wants through her chat. If you invite her out quickly (which you should) and she says it is too fast then you probably are talking to the wrong girl.

The game plan here is pretty simple, contact as many girls seeking foreign men as you can in as short amount of time as possible. When some start to reply get their Whatsapp and move the chat there.

Try and do a video call or exchange selfies to make sure they still look as good as their pictures. Then invite them out on a date as close to your place as possible.

If you are traveling rent a short term condo instead of a hotel, and get it in a nice area of town near good nightlife and restaurants. That way you can invite them for dinner or drinks and then use one of these reasons to get them back to your apartment.

A hotel can be a turn off and make them feel like a slut. Having a place really far away can cause them to have second thoughts.

They are going to be playing a mental tug of war about whether to go through with it or not. Don’t bring up sex and make it seem like you are just ‘hanging out’ and let the easy sex happen naturally.

You both know what is really going down, but they need to trick themselves into thinking they aren’t being naughty. It should also be mentioned that in general sticking to bigger cities is better than small ones.

People grow up faster in bigger cities and are more liberal. In smaller provincial towns you will run into more religious girls waiting for marriage. Sometimes it can be good to be a big fish in a small pond, but if you play the odds the bigger cities should offer more easy girls.

Now lets get into the specific countries, we have two in Southeast Asia and one in Latin America.

Indonesian Girls Seeking Foreign Men

As we covered in our post about Indonesian girls this is a very polarizing place when it comes to dating. The vast majority of the girls that live here are going to be extremely conservative and you will have no chance with them.

This is a muslim country and many of them are waiting for marriage and think something like hugging a man is against their religion. However the ones that are DTF might just be the easiest girls for sex with foreign men you find online anywhere. They particularly prefer white men but any foreigner has good value.

They are a small demographic of the population by a percentage stand point, but in a giant city like Jakarta a small percentage adds up. Plus there are plenty of other cities with millions of people in Indonesia.

Bule is the local word for foreign men and there are some very serious bule hunters online. This is one of those countries that is good for easy sex but also good for finding a serious girlfriend or wife.

The majority of the girls are really honest and straightforward. In the next two countries it can be a lot harder to believe what you are told.

Meeting Sexy Dominican Girls Online

Sexy Dominican Republic women online dating sites

If you want to bang some dark skinned Latina chicks then the easiest country will be the Dominican Republic. Many foreign men have been flying here to monger for years, but if you want to put in just a little bit of effort you can get free sex with girls online.

The best city to try to meet girls for sex online interested in foreign men will be Santo Domingo. No surprise once again that the capitol is the place to go.

In Indonesia there are plenty of smaller cities that still have a big enough population, when meeting girls in the Dominican Republic the capitol is the clear winner for non pros. If you want foreign girls interested in black men this is your spot.

As far as girls wanting money many of them will, but they are generally pretty up front about that. Our next country is the one where things can be really tricky.

Easy Sex On Filipina Dating Sites

Filipina girls easy sex online dating Southeast Asia

The Philippines has to be the easiest country to meet girls for sex online for foreign men, but that comes with a caveat. The girls speak good English, they love foreign men, and with the highest teen pregnancy rate in Asia casual sex isn’t a big deal to many of them. Once again white men will probably be the most coveted here.

However that caveat is that it can be hard to figure out if your free sex was really free or not. This is the country where many of the girls will want your money but are too shy to ask for it.

Or if they do ask they go at it in a round about way. What often happens is they will meet you and you will quickly and easily get laid.

You think you are such a stud for seducing this cute Filipina, and then 3 days later she messages you telling you about her big problem. Her sister is sick, her tuition is due, she lost her phone, the list of reasons never ends.

Then they hope you can help them out and solve this big problem by giving them money for it. This is how they trick themselves into thinking they aren’t hookers.

At that point it is up to you whether you will pay them or not. Some guys will go as far as to ask every Filipina they meet online if they want money or not.

If you decide to go that route don’t ask in an accusatory way. Try and soften the blow by saying ‘other girls I met on this site asked me for money, if we meet do you also want money?’

This way you can screen out the undercover hookers and only meet the girls that really want to meet foreign men for the experience, not the money. Or you can just bang away and proceed however you feel like when they ask you to solve their problem.

As far as best cities to meet girls in the Philippines the capital Manila is a good place to start. This is one of the biggest cities in the world so you will have plenty of options here.

Cebu City is also good. The Philippines definitely wins our ‘easiest countries to meet girls for sex online’ award, but whether you are banging good girls or pros is a gray area at times.

The best dating site to use will be PinaLove.

Easy to meet Philippines girls for sex online

This Isn’t Just A Sales Pitch

Yes, these are all affiliate links and yes if you click on them and sign up we will make a small cut at no added cost to you. There is no denying that and we fully admit it.

The reason this isn’t a sales pitch is because it is the truth. There are hundreds of countries and most of them have dating sites, if we wanted to we could have made this a top 10 list, or even top 5.

But these 3 countries do really stand out above the rest. If you don’t believe us just set up a profile with your free account and check out all the available girls.

If you foreign men set their location in any of these easy countries to meet girls for sex online and message some girls they will get more replies then they ever could have dreamed of.