How Women Think: Hook Ups

How women think about hook ups one night stands

How women think about hook ups is an interesting topic because you really have to generalize to get into it. Some women have no problem with a hook up and will actively seek one.

They will get ready to go out and party with their friends knowing they want to find a big dick to ride on that night. They don’t call em ‘f#ck me heels’ for no reason. Sadly women like that are few and far between.

As a guy you need to understand that one of the main things all girls are taught as they grow up is that being a slut is like the worst thing in the world. Every girl dreams of being a virgin until marriage.

They will find their prince charming and he will be the sweetest kindest man on the planet. They will go on many dates together before they even hold hands, and it will be months before that first kiss.

Then one night in high school they get drunk and that dream ends. Just because they mess up that doesn’t mean they are OK with considering themselves a slut, in fact a girl recently giving it up easily may make her even more on guard.

All of this makes it pretty hard for a guy to find the casual sex that he desires. There are some guys out there that also want to remain virgins until marriage (hi Tim Tebow) but most of us want to get it in as often as we can.

To do so you need to understand what women are thinking about when the possibility of a hook up or one night stand presents itself.

A Woman’s Mind Never Stops

Guys can focus their mind on one thing and one thing only a whole lot easier then a woman can. Even when a woman narrows down her thought process to one thing it really isn’t only on that one thing.

Lets say she is thinking about a pair of shoes for instance. When a man buys shoes he thinks ‘those are some nice looking shoes, I will buy em’ and that is the end of it.

When women think about shoes they not only think about if they are nice looking, but then their mind starts to wander. And what does it wander to? How will the shoes make her feel? If she wears those shoes with her favorite black dress how will she feel?

Emotions and feelings are a major factor in every decision a woman makes, and they can change their mind on a dime. She might buy the shoes thinking they are perfect for that dress, and then for seemingly no reason decide that was a stupid idea and never wear them.

Now they just sit in the back of her closet for years collecting dust even though they actually do go with that dress quite well.

What Women Think About Hook Ups?

Hook up get laid one night stand women think

Right now you are probably wondering what shoes have to do with hook ups, and its not about shoes it is about how women think. A guy sees a hot booty walk by in a tight dress and the only thing on his mind is must have.

A girl sees a hot guy walk by and she will have 100 different thoughts pop in her head over the next few minutes. One of which will be must have, but then her crazy mind will start bringing her emotions and feelings into it.

Who knows, she might even start questioning how good of a father he would be for their kids, maternal instincts and all. Plus there are even bigger forces at play here.

With a pair of shoes there is no little voice in the back of her head saying this is bad you shouldn’t do this. When it comes to a hook up there definitely will be.

Whether you meet a girl online or at a club even if she is horny and wants to get banged there is a whole lot more to it then that. There is going to be a constant tug of war going on, should I be naughty or should I not do this.

So how do you make sure that the right side wins out and she ends up going through with it? Well there are three main ways. You need to act fast, be decisive, and lead the way.

Whenever you see a girl that you think is in this debate you need to act and act right then. Now is when she is horny and you must capitalize while you can. Otherwise some other dude my be the one that helps her out, or the toy in her bedside drawer might satisfy the urge.

Be persistent and keep inviting her to come over, it may never work but as long as you aren’t to much of a prick about it you won’t burn any bridges. Once she has made it clear it isn’t happening then you can give up, but if there appears to be some debate then keep going with it.

Next you need to be decisive, that means don’t go with a ‘maybe we should hang out some time?’ invite. Now is not the time for that, you need to pounce and ask her to either go out with you or come to your place right then or that night.

Don’t set up something for the weekend, and don’t try to play the aloof guy that doesn’t need her and doesn’t care whether she comes or not. She is horny, she wants to be boned, and she also wants to be wanted.

Don’t beg her, but it is OK to let her know that you do want her and you want her and you want her right now. Lastly, you need to take the lead, you are the one making the plans and you are the one leading the way.

Sometimes girls like to have an opinion on how the night will play out, though generally they kind of always like the guys to make the decisions (as long as the guy is a good decision maker.) But when it comes to one night stands you have to be the one making it happen.

That doesn’t mean you say ‘hey wanna come back to my place, bend over my couch and get railed for an hour?’ No, that is not what it means at all. You need to invite her over, but in the right way.

Let Them Lie To Themselves

Women deny wanting sex with strange men

Outside of a very tiny percentage of women the vast majority never want to admit they knowingly went out with a guy just for a hook up or one night stand. That is why we can’t invite a girl over to have sex, if we could things would be so much easier.

Instead women want to have sex and then be able to justify it by saying ‘but I thought we were just watching Netflix and then it just sort of happened.’ They know what Netflix and chill means, but they like to have some deniability later on.

You are probably best off never even bringing up the topic of sex with a girl, they always know it is possible so you aren’t going to persuade them into it with your awesome language skills. You are going to burn far more bridges then you build.

The key to a hook up is getting the girl back to your place, and to do that you need to plan properly. If you are traveling pick an apartment off AirBnb near the best nightlife areas in the city you will visit.

If you are going out in your hometown try and stay as close to home as possible. Remember that the girl will always be in that mental tug of war, it is much easier for her to come to your place that is 10 minutes away then to travel 45 minutes.

Invite her over to watch a movie or check out your art collection or some other lame reason. If she says yes leave ASAP before she can change her mind.

Online Dating In Foreign Countries

One of the easiest ways to figure this whole mental tug of war that girls go through out is by online dating in foreign countries. Lets say you go to some city in the Philippines where there aren’t many foreigners and hop on PinaLove.

There are going to be a lot of girls there that are very curious to experiment with a foreigner, but at the same time many are going to struggle to actually go through with it. Many of them will agree to go on a date or even have the first date be at your apartment.

They want your dick, but they also know they are being a bad girl and need some convincing. This will lead to some frustrating times as you have to convince them to go through with it, sit around waiting for them to show up, and sometimes dealing with them backing out at the last minute.

They wanna do it, probably worse then you want it, but it isn’t always easy for them to go through with it. That is why so many one night stands are alcohol related. They get drunk and that makes it easier to tune out the angel over their shoulder and only listen to the devil.

The main point to take from how women think about hook ups is this: they will always be looking for a reason not to do it so act as quickly as you can before they are able to find one. Many women use Adult Friend Finder when they are ready for casual sex, maybe you should also.

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