The Best Ways To Not Make Women Pregnant

How to not make women pregnant avoid baby

Just because you are a single guy that is playing the field doesn’t mean you should have no worries about making a girl pregnant. Even though you won’t have to raise it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to prevent and avoid pregnancy.

We all like to cum inside of a woman, there is no more satisfying feeling in life then that. You just did what you were put here on earth to do and nothing feels better. But it isn’t that much better then pulling out, and making some girl be a single mom isn’t worth it.

So how do you go about having your fun and avoiding pregnancy? Well there are many ways to not make her pregnant and lets start with the most natural way.

The Fertility Calendar

If you know the fertility calendar and the girl can remember the first day that she had her period then you should be able to finish inside her a little under half the time.

If the girl has a ‘regular’ cycle and always has her period at the same times then this is a fail safe way to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant. You start off with the first day that she bleeds as day 1 of the cycle.

From day 1 to 5 she will bleed, and from day 6-9 she is not fertile yet, but a baby is still technically possible. The sperm can live inside her for quite some time, so if one happens to survive and then sneak its way up to the egg she could get pregnant.

So days 6 and 7 the odds are extremely unlikely, day 8 and 9 they are unlikely but not impossible. Then from day 10 to 20 she is very fertile and you need to take extra care.

Then from day 21 until she has her period (or the week leading up to her period) you are in the clear. Once the egg starts on its trip to exit her it is impossible for it to get fertilized.

So how do you put this method into effect? Ask the girl when her last period was. If she says it just finished find out exactly when and if she is on day 6 or 7 maybe roll the dice, you should be safe.

If you want no risk at all make sure that her period should be coming up in the next week. If she is 3+ weeks into her cycle feel free to cum inside as long as she doesn’t mind.

You will be surprised how many girls plan their hook ups around this. They know their fertile and infertile times also and many will choose to be naughty when they know it is safe. They want to avoid pregnancy more than you do.

Know When To Pull Out

Know when to pull out when having sex

There are varying studies on whether pulling out works or not. Some will tell you that pre-cum has sperm in it so if you are inside her there will likely be some sperm released. Other studies will tell you that pre-cum absolutely has no sperm.

The real problem doesn’t come from it having a little sperm, it comes from guys being pricks and wanting to get every last possible millisecond inside before they pull out and not withdrawing in time.

It really isn’t that hard. You certainly know it is coming and it never sneaks up on you. You always know when you are a few seconds away, so just pull out. It isn’t quite as pleasurable, but neither is being a single mom.

You had your fun, be happy for it, and don’t put some fatherless kid out into the world.

Wrap It Up

No guy really wants to wear a condom but it is better then not having sex at all right? Some girls will not let you enter without wearing one so you always need to have one ready to go.

You don’t want to meet some horny girl at a bar, bring her out to your car and have her say sorry can’t do it without a condom. Or get back to your place and realize you forgot to buy some.

Make sure that you always have a few on hand because as a single guy you never know when the chance may come. If you aren’t prepared the girl may not still be horny after you run to 7/11 to buy another one.

Buying condoms online takes a bit of the awkwardness out of buying them from a store. Here are some of the most pleasurable condoms on the market today to make your time with her better. Stock up so you are always ready when the mood strikes.

Should You Get A Vasectomy?

Well that is a personal question and only you know the answer. If you are 100% sure that you never want to have kids then it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

You could cum inside her for the rest of your life and never have to worry about it anymore. If you have any doubt then you may want to hold off until you are sure.

Overall getting a vasectomy is a pretty safe and easy procedure. Most guys report a bit of pain for a few days but nothing to intolerable. They have come up with some new procedures in the recent years and they are a lot better at them then they used to be.

You can always reverse it….. but would you really want to? Doesn’t sound like an area where you want any snip snipping to go on twice.

Some guys want one but are afraid something may go wrong. It doesn’t happen often but every once in awhile the procedure doesn’t go well and that can of course be drastic.

If you are considering getting a vasectomy you need to do some soul searching. If kids are 100% off the table then probably go for it. If you are only at 99% sure no kids then use these best ways to not make a woman pregnant the next time you meet a slut for casual sex on Adult Friend Finder.

How to have sex and not make women pregnant