Best Cities To Meet Girls In Germany

Best cities meet girls Germany easy sex for single men

This post on the best cities to meet girls in Germany will hopefully have the info you need to plan a trip here. We know a lot of guys are traveling the world exploring new places with the goal of getting laid along the way, is that going to be easy here?

Or will hooking up with German girls be a lot harder than you might expect? In truth this probably isn’t a great country to come to just to meet women and get laid, but obviously it offers a whole lot more then that.

We have five cities to break down for now and may end up adding some more as time goes on. We will keep the write ups on this page somewhat brief because we have already covered these cities in greater detail before.

Click on any of the links you find if any town gets you curious to learn more. After we cover all of the top cities in Germany to meet girls we will also give some love to a sneaky good online option that can help you find easy girls to sleep with in all of these towns, but we will save that tip for the end.

Before we get into the cities we think there are a few things we should mention.

Hooking Up With German Girls Isn’t Easy

We are going to be doing a lot of generalizing throughout this section and frankly this whole post. Anyone who has traveled a lot or has a lot of experience trying to pick up women knows that there are no set in stone rules, things can change quickly.

You could read somewhere that a city is loaded with slutty girls who love to hook up with foreign men but then show up and not get anything going throughout your whole trip. Or you could read about a place like India where the girls are notoriously hard to sleep with yet find yourself getting it in every night you go out.

If you stuck around long term your experiences would probably be more in line with everyone else, but on a quick trip variance does happen. In general it is not easy to hook up with German girls, while there are some sluts around like anywhere there is also a really strong feminist movement going down here.

It is probably going to take some time to prove to them that you aren’t a creep, and if you are on a quick trip you may not have that much time. This country is also well known for the German FKK clubs and other forms of prostitution and red light entertainment.

Some of the women you meet may very well think you are a sex tourist who is only coming here to bang as many sluts at the FKK’s as they can. Add in that in 1st world countries foreign men don’t have the same cache as they do in poorer countries like Thailand or the Dominican Republic.

A lot of guys don’t want to admit it, but one of the main reasons it is so easy to get laid in foreign countries is because the girls you sleep with are hoping it may lead to a better life for them. Well, the girls here already were born into that privilege so the fact you might come from a 1st world country means nothing to them.

When you add it all up there will be some sluts around, but for the most part you are going to need to work hard for whatever you get or have luck on your side. One nice thing about trying to pick up girls here is that they are usually very direct and often times blunt.

It won’t take long for them to let you know if you have a chance or not. The culture here doesn’t revolve around much small talk, get to the point quickly and if they are sticking around to chat with you then you have a chance. Some guys complain about being rudely blown off quick, just be happy that they aren’t leading you along for no reason.

One time where it might be a little easier to hook up with girls here would be during Oktoberfest when the whole country is partying.

Are The Easiest Girls In Berlin?

If we had to name one place as the easiest city to meet girls in Germany we would go with Berlin. There are a few reasons for this, the biggest being that this is a transient town and hipster chicks from all across the country move here for the artsy scene you will find.

That doesn’t make them any sluttier than the rest, but it does mean that they aren’t as likely to have a strong social circle or boyfriend already. When girls move to a new town they might get lonely making it easier to get them to meet you, plus they are going to be more likely to leave a club to have a one night stand when their life long best friends, sisters, or cousins won’t know what they are doing.

Plus the nightlife here is off the charts. Kreuzberg and Mitte are loaded with some of the best clubs in the world. In many cities places like Sisyphos or Sodom and Gomorra would be the craziest party in town, but they are pretty tame compared to Kit Kat which is known as a sex club where the less clothes you are wearing the more likely you are to get in.

If all you care about is partying and hooking up with easy German girls then make sure you don’t skip Berlin.

Now Things Get Tricky

Berlin is on top for a reason, the rest of this list really isn’t in any order. We are going to go with Cologne next, but it certainly has some disadvantages.

For instance there really isn’t a great nightlife district here which makes it more difficult to pick up girls from clubs for a one night stand. You are going to have to take longer taxi rides and can’t really get a place to stay in one spot and be walking distance from a lot of places.

However there are lots of uni girls here which is a major plus. 20 something’s are generally the easiest to sleep with, especially when they might be living away from their parents for the first time and want to be a little naughty. A good club to try and hook up at is Das Ding.

Easier Nightlife In Stuttgart

You may have an easier time partying with German girls in Stuttgart around Theodor-Heuss-Straße. While not a huge nightlife district like in Berlin at least there is one area with plenty of venues close to each other.

Logistics are always key when planning a trip and knowing where to stay can put you well ahead of the game. We would recommend going out to Waranga, but there are plenty of options here.

Hamburg’s Red Light District

Hook up with sexy girls Germany red light nightlife districts

Many would tell you that Hamburg has better life than those cities we just listed and there is no doubt that single men traveling to Germany to meet girls can have a whole lot of fun here. However we aren’t a big fan of having a red light district with prostitutes and shady people right in the middle of the main nightlife district of St. Pauli.

If you want to monger then there is no problem at all, but this post is supposed to be about hooking up with girls for free. If not then this list would be totally different as we would cover all the red light districts, German FKK’s, brothels, and all sorts of other debauchery.

Yes, you can find some great nightlife here outside of the prostitutes and you can probably meet some easy and sexy girls at Halo or other clubs in the area. But red light districts are always shady and in our opinion that brings the nightlife here down a notch.

What About Munich?

Munich is a city of about 1.5 million people so you know you can find some very hot women there. One of the coolest clubs in the city is P1, this is where sexy ladies go to see and be scene.

While some other towns may have more of a casual or hipster feel to them that isn’t the case here or in our next city. While in Berlin you don’t want to be overdressed when you go out to party here you want to try and look your best.

You can read our full bachelor’s guide to Munich at that link.

Women Are All Business In Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the business hub of Germany and women here are not going to be easy. Before we mentioned how the culture here is pretty blunt, well expect that to definitely be the case here.

If you can set your hurt feelings aside that is actually a good thing. Would you rather have a girl flirt with you only to give you her number and ghost you after a few messages? Or have her let you know right away that she isn’t interested so you don’t waste any more time? Personally option number 2 sounds way better.

This is really not a great city to visit if you want to hook up with lots of girls for free, guys who are looking for mongering and a red light district will have plenty of options. But if you do want to go out to try and meet slutty German girls for free sex at nightclubs Freßgass is the key area, and Gibson is a really fun club.

Meet Easy Girls In Germany Online

Plan trip meet girls in Germany get laid party nightlife

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Luckily there are many slutty girls in Germany using it for fast and easy sex. They want to hook up just like you do, and they don’t want to pretend to be falling in love to do it.

If you are thinking about traveling here to find a wife then it probably isn’t the right site for you, but for single men who want to travel around the country and hook up as much as possible along the way nothing will work better. There are no guarantees in life, but all the cities we listed here have over 100 female users on Adult Friend Finder, and some are closer to a thousand.

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