Finding Girls For Sex In Auckland, New Zealand

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When trying to find girls for sex in Auckland, New Zealand you should know that the prostitution scene is not the greatest here. Even if prostitution is legal in New Zealand you don’t get great value for your money here.

You would be better off taking a mongering vacation to better spots in Asia. With that said we can point you to your best options for pay for play sex in Auckland.

Meeting non hookers won’t be too terribly difficult, but once again it would be easier to meet Southeast Asian girls in other nearby countries. There are people from many different ethnicities with many different skin tones here.

That means your exotic value won’t be very high, your accent can carry you a little ways but not as much as other places. New Zealand girls do have some interest in foreigners, but don’t expect them to hop straight into bed with you just because you are from another country.

This is a big city that is very spread out. You should try to locate yourself near the place that you are going to ‘game’ most. If you are a nightlife guy stay in the city center or on Ponsoby Road.

If you are a day gamer then get a place near the mall or near Piha Beach. Getting a condo off AirBnb will make it a lot easier for a girl to agree to come back to yours. If you invite her to a hotel she may feel like a slut and back out.

Alright, lets get this Auckland sex guide started with the monger then start mentioning where to meet the single girls.

Paying For Sex In Auckland

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If you are going to pay for sex in Auckland there really aren’t that many options. Since prostitution is legal here using the internet is probably the best way.

There are some good online escorts in Auckland and two of the best escort services are Doll House Escorts and New Zealand Girls. On both of these sites you can find many sexy prostitutes to choose from.

Prices can vary from one call girl to the next but the general range is somewhere between $200 and $300 New Zealand dollars. At the time of writing this you get $1.45 NZD for every $1 USD.

Meeting prostitutes online in Auckland will be the best way to go about it, and the above sites both have solid reputations. They are the easiest and most convenient way to do it, or at least tied with brothels like:

  • Candy Club
  • One33
  • Vixen’s Gentlemen’s Club

There are also many erotic sex massage parlors in Auckland, a good one can be found at 13 Manukau Road where the prices are around $150 for an hour. You could also try The Pelican Club or Tantra Massage Angels.

It should be noted that many guys complain about the hookers here being older and very mechanical in their jobs. For more on finding prostitutes and sex in New Zealand check out that link.

Meeting Single Girls In Auckland

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If you want to meet Auckland girls that aren’t hookers one important thing to note is that the nightlife in this city starts early and isn’t great late into the night. You are going to want to head out by 9pm and expect places to start getting worse at a rapid rate by midnight.

Auckland girls don’t party that late, so try to find one as early into the night as you can. Some of the best pick up bars in the city are:

You can also find lots of nightlife in Ponsonby Road. Good places to go there are Little Easy and Longroom, but you will need to dress up to get into Longroom.

If you are the type of guy that prefers day game then you have a few options. We mentioned Piha Beach before, that is the most famous beach in town and you could try to pick up tourists there.

If you would rather try to meet single Auckland girls then head to malls like Slyvia Park, Northwest Shopping Center, and Queens Arcade.

Another good way is to try and meet Auckland girls online on Asian Dating. The nice thing about this site is that you can not only find girls in Auckland on it but you can use it to meet Asian girls from all over the world.

You can also probably find some slutty girls on Adult Friend Finder if you are just looking to get laid.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Auckland

The mongering here isn’t the best which is why this Auckland sex guide was so short. There is a lot more fun to be had somewhere likeĀ Thailand. But New Zealand is a beautiful country with lots to see and do so you will have fun on a trip here.

Just remember that the nightlife shuts down early, don’t head out too late or you will see some awful ratios as all the hot girls have already been picked up or are on their way home. Another tip is that kiwi girls don’t often dress up, so if you see a girl who in f#ck me heels she probably wants to meet a guy right then.

If you want to find some easier places in the world to get laid check out this eBook. Good luck finding girls for sex in Auckland.

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