Hey Guys!

We wanted to do something a little different here at GuysNightlife. There are a lot of travel blogs, dating blogs, and digital nomad blogs and you can learn a whole lot from them.

But you also have to read about a lot of personal experiences that sometimes you may not really care about. Don’t get me wrong, we all like to feel a connection with the writer and learn his story, but sometimes it is nice to just get the info you are after and not have to skim through a bunch of ‘look at me’ stuff.

We follow plenty of travel and guy stuff blogs. They are fun to read, but locating the exact info you want can take time as you read through a bunch of posts that may not interest you.

So this site is about the facts and the info that you want to know. It will cover a wide range of topics that most guys will be interested in. Hopefully the setup of the site is pretty self explanatory even for a first timer.

The Travel tab will give you advice you need for going to different cities around the world whether it be for a vacation or to move there.

Under the Dating tab you will find different dating advice and tips whether you meeting the girl online or out in the real world. Plus a huge list of reviews of the best online dating sites that are actually worth using.

The NC17 tab is where you go to find more sexually related topics then you would find in the general travel or dating tabs. Stuff like swingers, sex toys, strip clubs and different kinds of fetishes.

If you ever can’t find something you can always try the search bar as well. We are trying to make things as user friendly as possible. Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to contact us at guysnightlife @ gmail.com if you need to.

Here is our affiliate disclosure and 2257 page since we have quite a few pictures of porn stars on the site.