The Best Cities To Meet Girls In Colombia

Best cities for men to meet Colombian girls travel get laid

This post on the best cities to meet girls in Colombia will give you the quick hitting advice you need to plan the perfect smash trip. We are not going to dive too deep into any city, instead we will be sharing links to all of our longer write ups.

That way we can keep this one nice and tight, but if you want to learn more about any particular place just click on a link and you will have all the info you need. There is definitely a lot of variety here, from some massive cities to smaller towns to beautiful beaches and more.

When it comes to which city to meet girls in Colombia is best for you, well, that will all come down to personal preference. Some guys will just want to visit the main towns tourists go to, while others will want to get as far off the beaten path as possible.

Both strategies will have their own advantages and we will talk about them throughout the post. Of course we will also be giving a shout out to the best dating site to meet girls online in the country.

If you use it to pipeline effectively you can figure out which spots you should target, and if you can’t get any traction going in other towns then give them a pass. A quick disclaimer: there will be a lot of generalizing in this post. We will all have different experiences. We have 11 places we need to break down so better get crackin’ before you lose interest.

The Most Visited Cities

Best cities meeting Colombian girls dating foreign men

We might as well start with the four most visited cities in Colombia, these are big towns with big populations and they also get more tourists than the rest. If you are an inexperienced traveler you will probably have an easier time visiting them, and don’t worry there will be more than enough girls to keep you company.

Bogota Is The Biggest

It may not be the most famous city in the country, but Bogota is the biggest and by a pretty wide margin. That means the most nightlife, the most high end restaurants, and the most Colombian girls to hit on.

On the flip side it also means higher prices, more traffic, and a less relaxed way of life. There are two main areas you will want to stay, one is Zona Rosa which is more for nightlife and the other is La Candeleria which is a bit more touristy. Make sure to hit up the cool bar La Villa when you are in town.

Cali Before The Most Famous City?

We will get to why Medellin isn’t listed next soon, but Cali is definitely worthy of its place, even if this list isn’t necessarily in any order. One thing to note is that this city has the highest murder rate in the country, and one of the top 30 highest in the world.

Stay around Avenida Sexta where all the best nightlife is and you should be OK.

Most Tourists In Cartagena

The main tourist destination in the country is the beach in Cartagena. Like always in a touristy beach town expect inflated prices and lots of gringos around.

Maybe all the sexy Latinas in thongs at the beach can make up for that. Most travelers stay near Old Town where you can find plenty of nightlife, but with so much money to be made many prostitutes have made the nightclubs and streets in that area their office.

Mister Babilla is a good place to pick up girls from other countries, if you prefer to party with local Colombian ladies head over to Paseo del Castellana and the bars in that area.

Medellin Might Be Played Out

Oh if only you could be the only gringo who had the balls to live in Medellin in the 80’s and 90’s and didn’t end up dead you could have lived a hell of a life. The sexy Paisa’s this city is known for are off the charts, you will be shocked at how hot the average girl is here.

Unfortunately they are not easy to hook up with at all, foreigners have a reputation for whoring or f#cking and forgetting and all the girls know it. The main area to party is Parque Lleras but it is pretty full of prostitutes, Kukaramakara is nearby in El Poblado and can get pretty wild. You can find less touristy nightlife around the Carrera 70 and Calle 33 area.

Overall it is a really cool city, but if all you care about is meeting Colombian girls for sex you are going to have your work (or wallet) cut out for you.

Smaller Less Visited Cities

Cali Bogota Medellin sexy Colombian women dating

Now we are going to go off the main tourist trail to some cities that don’t get many gringos. They may not be quite as easy to visit, but if there are Colombian girls who want to meet foreign men in them you will have far less competition.

Colombian Girls In Barranquilla

Barranquilla actually has a bigger population than Cartagena but gets far fewer tourists. If you come here try to stay in the northern part of the city above Calle 70.

Frog Leggs is a good bar to meet girls.

Pretty Girls In Pereira

Another city known for their pretty Paisa’s is Pereira, but it also has the reputation of being a pretty dangerous town so watch your back. Most of the nightlife can be found along the Circunvular, and many tourists choose to stay near Piazza Bolivar. Yii Bar is one establishment worth visiting.

Not Far To Manizales

Manizales isn’t far from Pereira, if you hit up one you might as well check out the other. The best areas to stay would be around El Cable or the Plaza del Toros.

A Less Visited Beach

Santa Marta is a very beautiful beach but it doesn’t get near as many tourists as Cartagena. That will work in the favor of some guys, while others may not like it as much.

Either way it is certainly worth checking out. Like in most beach towns just spend your time checking out booties during the day and dancing at bars on the beach after dark.

Should You Visit Bucaramanga?

Well, we can’t think of any reason not to visit Bucaramanga if meeting Colombian girls is your goal. There will be plenty around and without many tourists you might be able to do very well.

You can find good nightlife in Cabecera, Dubai is a popular club here.

More Danger In Cucuta

Barely making the top 50 cities in the world with the highest murder rates list is Cucuta, another town you will need to be careful in if you visit. Try to stay near the Malecon or close to Avenue 0, Ibiza Club is a favorite of the girls.

Ibague Last But Not Least

Well, maybe it is least, maybe it isn’t, we aren’t really trying to order these. And who knows, least might be good because it means you won’t see a bunch of other backpackers around messing up your chances.

To meet Colombian girls in Ibague party along Carrera 13, Chillanos is a trendy resto bar.

Meet Colombian Girls Online

Travel guide for men to meet girls in Colombia online

We know that we didn’t go too in depth in those, if we tried to load you up on each we would end up with an ebook not a blog post. Remember that all of the cities have links with more info so you can learn more about them.

No matter if you want to hit up a tourist town or a smaller less traveled city nothing will help you meet more Colombian girls than online dating. Why wait to get to a city to try and get some positive momentum when you can have women waiting for your arrival before you are even on the plane?

Generally speaking Colombian girls aren’t that quick to hook up with a guy they just met. Sure, they could go get drunk at a club and make a mistake but do you really want to put all of your hopes on that?

Why would you when you can contact so many so quickly, online dating can help you meet more girls than any other way possible. Spend some time chatting with them and ask them questions about themselves to get to know them better.

If you put in the effort there is a great reward at the end of this rainbow. We recently learned that Adult Friend Finder has started to gain popularity in Colombia. A few years ago when no sexy girls were using it to find hookups we didn’t mention it for posts on this country.

But we contacted them to get an updated list of countries with active female users and now it is worth mentioning here. In a smaller town it may not work great, but in the bigger cities there will be plenty of women on Adult Friend Finder hoping to get laid soon.

Quick Dating Tips

We are almost done here, but we were just talking about how Colombian girls don’t usually hook up quick, particularly with foreign men that they assume are leaving town soon. So how can you differentiate yourself from the gringos on a vacation?

Rent a condo, not a hotel. Even if it is normal for people here to hook up at love motels if you have your own condo you won’t seem like a guy who is just passing through town.

Put some pride in your appearance, skip the flip flops and Hawaiian shirt even if you are on a vacation. Tighten up your Spanish game as much as you can, do you really think a girl is going to sleep with you after a boring Google Translate date?

This isn’t like Asia where the majority of the other guys are beta’s and they don’t have many better options. This country is full of big, strong, well-dressed men who know how to flirt in Spanish, unless you are super sexy why is she going to choose to spend time with a guy she can’t communicate with.

Also, learn to dance. The gringo that knows how to salsa is going to get noticed by every girl in the bar, that is never a bad thing.

Good Luck Meeting Colombian Women

As we said before they won’t be easy but the reward is worth all of the effort, no doubt. Just remember that when traveling in South America you can’t be too trusting, and you always need to stay on guard.

Hopefully after reading this post you are more well informed on the best cities to meet girls in Colombia, use Adult Friend Finder to see which towns you get the most interest in and have the time of your life.