The Best Cities To Meet Girls In Colombia

Foreign men meeting single girls Colombia dating culture

This post on the best cities to meet girls in Colombia will have a lot of generalizing. Lets face it, when meeting girls anywhere guys are going to have completely different experiences.

One guy may head to a spot on this best cities to meet girls in Colombia list and have the best week of his life. Another guy, a guy who might even be better looking and have better game, may not sleep with any women.

Girls are weird, flaky, and spontaneous. You can do everything right and still end up with nothing. You can do everything wrong and somehow luckbox the best night of your life.

That is just how dating and hooking up goes, but if you follow the advice from this post you should put yourself in advantageous situations that will likely pay off in the end.

We will break down the best cities to meet Colombian girls, a city that is now overrated that may surprise you, and another that you should avoid entirely. Then we will tell you about the best Colombian dating site that will be the best wingman for foreign men as you travel around the country.

But first lets give some general tips for girls, casual sex, and serious relationships here.

Tips For Dating Colombian Girls

It might go without saying but the more Spanish you know the more you will be able to communicate on your dates with Colombian girls.

Or try to stick to the bigger cities or the cities that tourists frequent. The farther off the beaten path you go the worse the girls English will get.

Another tip is to try and learn a few salsa moves before you come. Sure, most guys think dancing is uber lame and just rolled their eyes and won’t do it.

If you do learn how to salsa you will be the one hooking up with the girls that blow them off. Even if you aren’t good at it just putting in a little effort and not taking yourself too seriously will really help your chances.

As always when meeting girls try to stay as close as possible to the main venues you will hang out at. It is much easier to pull a girl to your place if it is close by, booking a well located room off AirBnb can really up your chances.

Lastly, this country is one of the worst in the world for people slipping drugs into drinks. Never leave your drink unattended even for a moment.

Best Cities To Meet Girls In Colombia

Best cities meeting Colombian girls dating foreign men

Now its time to start with the cities. Opinions may vary but hey, this is just one sites list. If you don’t agree you are free to call us dumbasses in the comments below.

These are not in any order, in fact we will go ahead and do this in alphabetical order.

Barranquilla For Serious Relationships

This is a nice town to visit if you want to try and find a serious relationship. The girls in Barranquilla may not be as quick to sleep with you, but they will get there eventually.

There aren’t all that many foreign men around so you should have some nice exotic value. Knowing Spanish will definitely be key here.

If you want to be a playboy and have lots of one night stands there are better spots, if you want a serious girlfriend or Colombian wife this is a solid place to look.

Bogota Girls

Why do we consider meeting Bogota girls to be so good? Because it is a huge city with a ton of options, some very good nightlife, and a whole lot to offer.

You get Colombian girls from every city in the country moving here or coming in for a visit. There is great diversity, and transient towns always have their advantages.

Plus girls in big cities are generally going to be looser than in smaller ones. That holds true in just about any country you visit around the world.

If you are only on a short trip pick your location wisely and stick to it. If you are staying around longer then you can try to branch out.

The downsides would be that it is expensive and has lots of traffic, but the positives make up for it.

Avenida Sexta In Cali

One of the key things you should look for when trying to get laid in a city is having a centralized nightlife zone. By that we mean so much nightlife in one area that you can pick an apartment nearby and always go out near your pad.

Well if you book a room off AirBnb near Avenida Sexta you will have the perfect set up. All of the best nightlife to meet Cali girls is right there.

You do need to remember that the hookers hang out here also, but there are plenty of non pros around. Even tourists from other countries or from Colombia as well.

Not a bad spot to go for foreign men who can’t speak the local language either.

Uni Girls In Manizales

Cali Bogota Medellin sexy Colombian women dating

Another of the key things you can look for is a city with lots of universities. That means there will be lots of girls in the desired age range, girls that are away from their family for the first times and want to have fun.

Well if you try to meet girls in Manizales that is exactly what you will run into. There also aren’t many foreign men visiting here so your exotic factor will be high again, but Spanish will be key.

Pereira Girls

The Pereira girls have a reputation for being the easiest to bed in the whole country. Is this true? We don’t have enough of a sample size yet to make any definitive statements.

However if you go here you will definitely have a good chance of scoring. Probably more than once. For good nightlife hit up Yii Bar and the surrounding area.

A City That Has Seen Better Days

Some guys may be wondering about the girls in Medellin. Why isn’t this gem on the list? Well, because too many foreign men have traveled their over the years and it is definitely in a decline.

20 years ago it probably would have been the top spot, if you had the balls to go. It is known to have some of the sexiest girls in Colombia.

However there are so many digital nomads and sexpats living or visiting there that foreign men don’t have the same advantage they used to. Now the girls think of most gringos as pervs, which to be fair many of them are.

Cartagena Is Flooded With Hookers

Another city flooded with hookers isĀ Cartagena. If you go out in the nightlife you might be able to pull a tourist, but the locals are not going to be easy.

Just like in Medellin foreign men are viewed as pervs here so all the local girls are on guard. There are plenty of hookers around to satisfy you, but if you want non pros this is not the spot.

Other Cities To Consider

Sometimes going off the beaten path can be better than hitting up the same old spots. Some other cities in Colombia we have covered on this site are:

Meet Girls In Colombia Online

Online dating culture Colombian girls interested foreign men

Meeting girls online is the most efficient way to do it wherever you are in the world. In a foreign country that isn’t exactly the safest place on the planet it is even better.

Some guys love nightlife and trying to pull drunk girls at bars or clubs. If that is your thing then go for it, just be careful about getting drugged or robbed.

It is a whole lot easier and safer to log on to Colombian Cupid a week before your trip and start to meet girls that way. From the comfort of your own room where no one can roophie you.

About 10 days before you go to any city start to pipeline. There will be plenty of options in all of the above cities, and in the smaller ones with less girls online there will also be less competition so they will be easier to hook up with.

If you want to meet girls online then Colombian Cupid is definitely the best site for you. You can go ahead and sign up for free to check out all of the available talent on the site. If you like what you see register, if not it didn’t cost you anything to take a look.

Colombian Cupid best dating site meet women online

Good Luck Meeting Colombian Girls

They are some of the sexiest you will find anywhere in the world. On top of that they really want to make their man happy and will work hard to do so.

Many guys are flustered by western feminism and how cold women in their home countries have become. That will not be the case here.

Hopefully this post on the best cities to meet girls in Colombia will lead you to the right places.

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