Finding Girls For Sex In Ibague, Colombia

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Finding girls for sex in Ibague, Colombia should not be hard for a gringo. Not too many foreign men head to this city so you will stand out like a sore thumb.

That can be good with the ladies, but of course can make you a target so follow travel safety precautions. When it comes to finding sex in Ibague girls that aren’t hookers should have a keen interest in foreign men.

Pay for play sex won’t be as easy to find, but it is still around. There is one main area of the city where you can usually find some casas or street prostitutes.

Overall there is lots of prostitution in Colombia so even in a smaller city like this you will be able to find what you are after. Brothels, erotic massage parlors, and online escorts will be around.

But this is probably a better city to visit if you want to try and meet girls that aren’t hookers. You can do this by going out in the nightlife, trying day game, or using the best online dating site in Colombia to meet women online.

We will get the mongering out of the way first in this Ibague sex guide and then talk about the non pros.

Ibague Sex Guide

Avenida Ferrocaril red light street prostitutes Ibague sexy girls

The main area to find brothels or prostitutes selling sex in Ibague is around Avenida Ferrocaril just East of Calle 19. This is pretty close to the Terminal de Transporte de Ibague, just North of it.

Another area where you might be able to find prostitutes would be on Carrera 2 and Carrera 3 again just off of Calle 19. In these spots you might find street girls, ladies of the night, brothels, or erotic sex massage parlors for a happy ending.

If you are struggling to find them on your own just hop in a taxi and ask for assistance. They should know where all of the best spots to visit are.

You could ask for a casa (local word for brothel) strip club, strip tease, massage, girls, or sex. Say any of those words and he will know what you are looking for.

You can also try and meet Ibague escorts online, the main online escort site in Colombia is Mileroticos. Or you can find call girls on social media and dating apps, they will use common mongering keywords like massage, escort, or hotel service in their profiles.

Not a ton of info for this sex guide but don’t worry the options will be around if you look for them.

Meeting Single Girls In Ibague

This is a city with over half of a million people located in western Colombia where most tourists don’t visit. That means that foreign men will have very high exotic value, gringos aren’t seen often and many girls like to experiment and hook up with something they haven’t tried before.

You should probably brush up on your Spanish before you visit, the Ibague girls are not likely to speak English very well. You might be able to get by just by being different, but if you can also chat them up that will help you with the hotter ones.

If you want to try out day game the malls are probably the best and safest option to meet women. There are a few big malls like Centro Comercial Acqua, La Estacion Centro Comercial, and Multicentro.

If you want to try to meet single ladies in Ibague’s nightlife head to pick up bars or clubs like:

  • Chilangos Club
  • La Muralla Cafe Bar
  • Estancomodos
  • Palmeto
  • Mariachi Garibaldi
  • El Tereque
  • La Estacion

A lot of the nightlife seems to revolve around 13th street. Another good place to go and try to pick up uni girls is Universidad de Ibague.

During the day there are lots of cafes and shops where the girls hang out in between class. There are also quite a few bars nearby where the students party at night.

Meeting Colombian Women Online

Meet sexy call girls Ibague escort massage hotel services

Not everyone likes to pick up girls in the same way. Some guys are day game specialists and prefer to head out when the sun is up and look for pretty girls who appear approachable.

Other men only go out to singles bars and clubs to hit on ladies of the night. They know that alcohol is a major advantage and you definitely can’t argue with that logic.

There are some guys that use every resource, and some only rely on online dating. Whatever your game is it is always a numbers game.

The best online dating site to meet single girls in Ibague will be Colombian Cupid. This is the top dating site in the country and you will definitely get the most action here.

You can contact so many more girls in a short amount of time when online dating. You can send out hundreds of messages in an hour, it would take a month or two to approach that many in public.

Plus you are in a very target rich environment, why else would the sexy Ibague girl be on the site if she wasn’t looking for a date? Not only that, but you can continue to use Colombian Cupid as you travel all around the country to meet more girls interested in foreign men.

Just search for whatever city you will be heading to next about a week before you will arrive. Send out lots of messages, get as many numbers as you can and then you will have dates lined up before you even arrive in town.

Prostitute bars Ibague strip clubs nude girls massage

Good Luck Finding Sex In Ibague

There should be plenty of pay for play sex around and many of the non pro girls will be interested to meet a foreigner. Remember that this isn’t the safest country in the world so don’t put yourself in any sketchy situations.

For more on how to get the most out of the great nightlife in Colombia check out this eBook guide. Good luck finding girls for sex in Ibague.

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