Best Cities To Meet Girls In The Dominican Republic

Best cities to meet girls in the Dominican Republic online

This post on the best cities to meet girls in the Dominican Republic will attempt to cover the whole gambit. That means the beach towns most tourists go to, the major capital, and a couple other places off the beaten path.

Some guys reading this may just want to go lay on the beach all day and if they have a sexy girl laying on them at night it would be a bonus. Other guys may only be visiting these cities in the Dominican Republic for the girls and any beaches or touristy stuff would be the side dish.

We aren’t really sure what each and every one of you wants, so we will try to cover it all and allow you to choose your own adventure. We have three regular cities and two beach towns to discuss, plus we will talk about a third beach town very briefly.

After we cover the cities we will also give a shout out to some sites to meet Dominican girls online, and talk about what picking up ladies of the night here is like as there are many prostitutes around which you need to be prepared for. This is more of a quick hitting post on the main cities, click on any of the links to learn more about a particular town that interests you.

Good Cities For Normal Life

By normal life we mean not just touristy beach towns where you go lay out under an umbrella drinking fruity cocktails all day. They are just normal cities where you can live a normal life, but since you are in this country it should have some more fun experiences than you are used to having back home.

These Dominican Republic cities will be best for meeting girls online for casual sex or dating, but they can also have solid nightlife.

The Biggest Is Santo Domingo

Where to meet sexy Dominican girls best beaches nightlife

The capital and biggest city is Santo Domingo, it has almost twice as big of a population as the 2nd biggest city and 10 times as many people live here as the third biggest. If you like mega metropolises this is pretty much your only choice.

Big towns have more girls to meet, more places to party, and usually higher quality nightlife and dining options. Of course traffic and ease of life would be some of the negatives. We would say cost of living is also higher, but the beach towns are clearly the most expensive places on this list.

Zona Colonial is the touristy area, there are lots of pick up joints like Merengue Club around El Conde and for a more locals style nightlife district head to Venezuela Avenue. For day game the Agora Mall and Malecon would be your top options.

Only Other Big Town Is Santiago de los Caballeros

The only other city in the Dominican Republic with over a million people is Santiago de los Caballeros. If you are looking for a great beach and fun tourist activities then this is not the place to visit, but if you want to be one of the few gringos around hundreds of thousands of sexy girls it might just be.

Not a lot of people visit this city, that means you can stand out for all of the right reasons. The downtown area near the Bella Terra Mall and Monumento a los Heroes is a centrally located area close to many of the best places to party like Tabu.

Off The Beaten Path To Meet Girls

Our last non beach town is San Francisco de Macoris, a smaller town of around 250,000 people. Again not too many tourists make it out this way and when they do come they don’t stay long.

That means if you go try to pick up sexy Dominican Republic girls at Avalon or use the online dating sites you will have the attention of all the gringo hunters in the area.

Beach Towns For Tourists

Now we are on to the beach towns for tourists. This is the Dominican Republic that most people who visit the country see. They stay at nice resorts, get some sun, and don’t really experience what the country is all about.

We don’t want to overwhelm this section with talking about prostitutes, but they are certainly a major part of the nightlife here. Anywhere with this much money always will be.

Ladies Of The Night In Puerto Plata

The good thing about beach towns is they are pretty small and couldn’t be any easier to figure out. Everything a tourist wants will be at his beck and call, you won’t go wanting in Puerto Plata.

A lot of the nightlife can be found around Cabarete Beach and also Playa Dorado. One particularly good place to party with Dominican Republic girls is Big Lee’s.

More Sexy Girls In Punta Cana

In Punta Cana the top bar district can be found around Bavaro Beach, Drink Point being very popular with the hottest girls. This is a major resort town and all the women in the country know it.

If all of the above weren’t enough to satisfy your need for sex with slutty island girls we covered all of the Caribbean at that link.

Meet Girls Online

Santo Domingo meet Dominican girls Puerto Plata Punta Cana

OK, so now that you got a quick run-down of each of the cities now we need to help you meet some girls online before you arrive in any. Remember that if you want to read more about any town in particular you can just click a link and read our full post on each.

You might want to sign up for some dating sites as you plan your trip. If you notice one town has more sexy women using it, or if you are getting more replies then you may want to spend more time in that city.

If you find that you can’t really get any traction going somewhere then probably keep it off your travel plans. We would suggest you go somewhere like Santo Domingo or Santiago first before you visit the beach towns.

Why do we suggest this? Because if you meet an awesome girl in one of the bigger cities you could invite her to come to spend the weekend at the beach with you, and she probably will say yes.

As you will read in our next section the nightlife and prospects for meeting girls at Dominican Republic beaches is highly reliant on who else is visiting them at the time, and what their motivations are. But in the bigger cities you can always find some good girls who just want to meet guys for dating or casual sex.

Hopefully you know this by now but when using dating sites don’t be a pervert and start asking for naked pictures. Don’t try to send them any dick pics unless you are asked to do so.

Girls always know sex is on the table, and they already know you have a dick. If you get creepy you will lose her, but if you show you can remain a nice guy (unlike most) then she will be much more likely to meet you. In this country online dating is usually quite easy as long as you don’t ruin it.

You can use whatever apps or sites you are comfortable with to meet sexy girls online here. Since this post is in English we bet there are some tourists reading it.

If you are sitting around in your hometown dreaming about taking a trip try using Adult Friend Finder to find girls for sex near you right now. It is a great site for fast hook ups, and Adult Friend Finder is doing great in American and European cities these days.

Prostitutes In The Nightlife

In a poor country like this where most locals make somewhere around $200 a month at a job there are going to be prostitutes out in the nightlife. Tourists from around the world come here and spend hundreds of dollars a night to stay in resorts, so the beaches are particularly loaded with them.

You may notice we didn’t include Sosua in our list, that is because this post is more about meeting girls for free sex, not having to pay for the privilege. When you visit somewhere like Punta Cana or Puerto Plata there are going to be a few different types of women around.

One group is tourists from other countries and you can’t rely on them. What if all of the hot ones are coupled up? Or what if you are unlucky and there are no hot ones to be found?

Then you have girls from other cities in the Dominican Republic, once again they are hard to rely on. Maybe they will be out looking to hook up, maybe they are prostitutes, or maybe they aren’t around.

Most of the girls who were actually born in those cities aren’t going to be out partying in the nightlife. Instead you will get some from all over the country who are trying to make more money off tourists who will pay prostitutes a much higher price than the locals can afford.

Spotting a prostitute isn’t always easy, just try to gauge why she is in the bar or club you are at. Is she with a group of friends who are out dancing and having a good time? Or is she standing at the bar staring at every gringo who comes in the bar?

And if they come up to you then you can pretty much assume they want to get paid. Honestly this can be pretty confusing, but you definitely need to know they are out there.

Good Luck Meeting Dominican Girls

Well, that is our list. We didn’t mention it but the local language is Spanish, if you don’t speak it then you are going to be behind the 8 ball on your trip. With the prostitutes or gold diggers it won’t be a major issue, but with many of the non pro’s it will be.

A couple of other things to note, make sure to ask if your hotel is girl friendly or if you will need to pay a joiner fee. Better yet book a short term condo instead so you don’t even need to worry about it.

This is also a pretty materialistic and flashy culture. That means you should try to dress well, don’t wear your Tommy Bahama shirt and board shorts for your whole trip.

Like we mentioned before go ahead and fire up a dating site a few weeks before you visit and see which cities have the hottest girls who reply to your messages. Spend some time chatting with them, and then when you visit them have as much fun as you can.

Good luck meeting girls in the Dominican Republic.