Finding Girls For Sex In Belize

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If you want to try finding girls for sex in Belize your best chance will probably be to hit on tourists. There are many different areas to visit here and we can tell you some good spots to go for most of them.

It should be pointed out that many of the pick up bars and clubs here will change names from time to time. So if a place is listed and it isn’t there when you show up it probably got replaced by a newer bar.

Generally in each city or area there will be one main nightlife district. A bunch of bars or clubs located together on the same street. Book a room off AirBnb in those nightlife areas to increase your chances of getting laid.

As far as pay for play sex in Belize there are some hookers around in the touristy areas but it isn’t a great mongering destination. There are far better options all around Latin America, consider somewhere like Sosua if you like pay for play.

The local girls are very dark skinned so if you like black girls you will like it here. Belize City has a bad rep for being dangerous so be careful. All around the country if you go with a girl be careful with your drink as druggings have been known to happen.

September is a good month to visit as the country has a big holiday and parties hard throughout. We will begin this Belize sex guide with the mongering, then girls that aren’t pros, and finally mention the best online dating site which can work great here.

Belize Sex Guide

This section is going to be pretty short because there really aren’t a whole lot of options when it comes to paying for sex in Belize. The best thing you can do is go out in the nightlife and try to spot the prostitutes around town.

If a girl is out partying with her friends and looks like she is on holiday mode she probably isn’t a hooker. If a girl is by herself or with 1 friend standing around the bar looking bored out of her mind she probably is.

You can also find prostitutes at the casino in Belize City. In the northern part of the city there are some bars that have prostitutes available, a taxi will probably know how to find them. There is also a brothel outside of the city called Temptations.

In Santa Elena across the bridge from San Ignacio there are also some prostitute bars as well. You can probably find some Belize escorts on dating apps or social media.

They will use code words in their profiles like escort, massage, or hotel service.

Meeting Non Pro Girls In Belize

San Pedro pick up bars Belize ladies nightlife call girls

Tourists are going to be the easiest non pro girls to have sex with in Belize. Girls always are a lot easier to hook up when they are on holiday mode and are out to have a good time.

San Pedro is the main touristy island here but you need to book your room early because sometimes there are too many tourists and not enough rooms to go around. There are a lot of pick up bars in a small area here notably:

In Belize City you can go out and party at Calypso’s or Dino’s Nightclub. In San Ignacio the Blue Angle Club is a fun place to visit.

Placencia you can go to spots like Tipsy Tuna or Jaguar and on Caye Caulker check out Oceanside or I&I. Really though just head to the main nightlife strip in each area and pick bars with good ratios.

Meeting Girls Online

If you want to try to meet local girls that aren’t hookers the easiest way will be on Latin American Cupid. If you go out in the nightlife here many of the local girls you see in the touristy areas will be pros.

If you want to go to the more local nightlife in Belize City to meet girls then safety can become an issue. Get around all that by meeting girls online, this will make it easier, safer, and speed up the process.

Plus you can continue to use Latin American Cupid as you travel all around the region. Start pipelining a week before you go to any city so you have dates lined up before you arrive.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Belize

This is definitely not a spot to go for a mongering vacation but the country is a fun place to visit. Don’t come for the girls, come for the nature and other beauty the country has to offer. The girls are just an added bonus.

To read about some better destinations in Latin America for single guys check out this travel guide for single men. Good luck finding girls for sex in Belize.

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