Where To Buy Sex Toys In Chicago

Buy sex toys Chicago online dildo vibrator near you

Many people wonder where to buy sex toys in Chicago and there are some really good stores to visit. The third biggest city in the country certainly has to have plenty of options.

We have listed 6 Chicago sex shops that seem to have the best reputations and the widest selection but we still advise you to shop around. Buying sex toys for men or women in your area often comes with a major mark up for a wide variety of reasons.

One of the reasons is that there really aren’t that many local sex shops selling them. That means you have limited options for where to buy them and they can sort of set any price they want.

They also know many people buying kinky sex toys near you don’t know the true market value of fetish gear. A noob might pay three times the true value and not have any idea.

Lots of people are shy and want to get in and out of a sex shop as quick as possible. Customers might even be a bit freaked out about the situation and not even register what price they are paying just to get out of the store.

Not all people are honest and many will try to take advantage of situations like this. After telling you about the best sex shops in Chicago we will also tell you about the easiest way to buy toys online to compare prices or have them delivered discreetly to your door.

And after all that we will give tips on how to find the right people to explore sexually with if you are currently single or a couple looking to get into group sex.

Best Sex Shops In Chicago

We narrowed this down to a list of 6 and think we did a pretty good job but there are other sex stores near you. These 6 should all have a pretty wide selection of BDSM gear, vibrators, dildos, fleshlights, lubes and whatever other toys for men or women you might need.

As well as a large variety of kinky lingerie and fetish outfits. The best sex shops in Chicago are:

In this day and age most people in Chicago buy sex toys online instead of going to an erotic adult store near you. Why have that awkward face to face interaction with a sales clerk or other customers?

Why go browse around an adult store with little idea of what you are buying or how high quality it really is? It is so much easier and more efficient to buy sex toys online in your area.

They have a huge selection of every type of kinky and fetish sex product imaginable on the internet these days. Be sure to read the customer reviews or pick out the highest rated products.

If you want to try out the world’s best male sex toy give the Fleshlight a shot. By the way we have also recently written about the best hook up bars, swingers clubs, and even having sex with two girls at the same time in the Windy City if either interest you.

Meeting Freaky People Near You

If you want to meet some kinky people in your area to explore your sexual fantasies with then Adult Friend Finder is a great site to use. In most cities around the world there are very few active female users and since this site is aimed at guys we don’t promote it often.

This isn’t most cities, it is the third largest in the US and there are almost 1,500 active female users in Chicago on Adult Friend Finder as of earlier this year. These horny girls all find the site when surfing the web for porn or sex the same way we do.

Local sex shops Chicago BDSM bondage vibrators your area

You can also find swingers, wife swapping couples, single guys, or whoever else you want to explore sexually with. You are free to check it out and if you don’t like the user base get a full refund.

Good luck when searching for where to buy sex toys in Chicago.