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Welcome to our guide to finding girls for sex in Honduras. As most know this is one of the most dangerous countries in the world so a lot of this post will revolve around staying safe.

Sure, we will mention some of the best singles bars and nightclubs in various cities around the country to try and pick up girls. We will talk about some good brothels, strip clubs, online escorts and places to meet prostitutes as well.

We will even mention the best dating site in the country to try and meet girls online interested in foreign men from the comfort of your own home or hotel room. But much of this Honduras sex guide will focus on how to stay safe and survive the trip.

Some will tell you that the media overrates how dangerous things really are here. Others will say that it is even more dangerous than the statistics say because most crimes go unreported.

No matter which camp you fall in you need to be careful here. Limiting your exposure will be the best thing you can do so lets give some tips on that now.

Staying Safe In Honduras

The first thing you should try to do is figure out where you expect to spend most of your time in any town you visit. We will be going through the main party hot spots for nightlife in each city shortly and if your goal is to pick up Honduras girls then that would be a good base of operations.

The closer you are to the places you will frequent the less time you will need to spend exposed. During the day if you are going somewhere close it might be OK to walk, but after dark always take a taxi.

It might be best to ask your hotel or even the bar or club you are at to call for a taxi for you. Picking one up off the street should work well most times but it does have some risk.

This is not the type of country where you think that a place is only 10 minutes away so you can walk after dark. Get to and from your destination as quickly as possible.

Don’t skimp on a budget hotel either. Get a nice centrally located place that has a good amount of security. Budget hotels are fine in many countries but here you need the added security.

Try to stick to the touristy nightlife areas of any town you are in. Going off to some ‘locals’ bar or club does have very good potential rewards but the risks are too high.

Be careful of any guys who try to befriend you. They are probably only after one thing and that is your money. The same can be said for many of the women, if you do meet a girl don’t ever go to her place make her come to yours.

Also always keep an eye on your drink whether out in the nightlife or back at your place with a girl. Don’t give anyone a chance to drug you.

If you want to meet girls online in Honduras either have them come straight to your hotel or meet them at a crowded public place. Preferably in a mall or in a restaurant, not out on the street.

When it comes to using Honduras escort services that probably isn’t even worth trying. You can find some ads for online escorts on Backpage or similar sites but they are often fake. There will be many ladyboy hookers in Honduras on these online escort sites as well.

At best you should expect much less attractive call girls to show up at your place then what you were expecting from the pictures you saw. In this country the worst case scenario could obviously be a whole lot worse then that.

If you stick to the crowded areas in the nicer parts of town and limit your time out on the street you should be OK. Try to not get too sloppy drunk at night, keep an eye on your drink, and don’t trust anyone you meet too much too quick.

When getting money be sure to use ATM’s at either banks or malls. Watch your back when you are doing it and don’t use ones right out on the open street.

If you do those things you will limit your risk by a lot. Now lets get into the best nightlife in cities around Honduras.

Safest Nightlife In Roatan

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The best nightlife in Roatan is located on the west end and you should try to stay there. This is a nice island about 30 miles off the coast of Honduras and it is a popular tourist destination particularly for cruise ships.

Because so many tourists come through there is added security here and it is much safer. The mainland is where you really need to be overly cautious about your safety.

Anywhere that foreign men go in poor countries there will be ways to find prostitutes. Sometimes they can be very expensive (compared to what the locals would pay) but here the prices are actually surprisingly cheap.

There are some brothels in Roatan about a 10 minute walk from the NCL docks. Exit the dock and take a right and you will run into them.

This is a great place to find cheap sex in Honduras with prices as low as 200 Lempira for a quick bang. At the current exchange rate of around 23 to $1 USD you can see how cheap sex is here.

There are also some more Roatan brothels located in the French Harbor area. Don’t expect the hottest girls to be found at these cheap prices though. As far as where to pick up single girls you will mostly be hitting on other tourists.

As mentioned before the best nightlife is on the west end so try and stay as close to there as possible. Some good singles bars and clubs to try to pick up girls in Roatan are:

Overall it isn’t a huge scene so just head out in the west end nightlife and pick whatever venue has good ratios at the time. Now that we have covered the best, safest, and easiest place to visit lets get into the sketchier nightlife on Honduras’s mainland.

Strip Clubs & Prostitutes In Tegucigalpa

If you want to monger and pay for sex in Tegucigalpa then there are a few good strip clubs you can visit. They aren’t exactly brothels because if you want to have sex you need to pay a barfine and bring the girls back to your hotel room.

Maybe sex can be had in the VIP rooms, heck it probably can, but we aren’t sure. However you can easily pay a barfine of around 400 Lempira to bring the prostitutes, wait we mean strippers, back to your room.

The girls will expect to be paid somewhere between 1k-2k depending on how long you expect them to stay but that is all up for negotiation. Downtown you can find a strip club in Tegucigalpa called Kabaret located on Calzada Grenada and Morazan Boulevard.

There are more strip clubs in Comayaguela not too far out of town. Specific ones to ask for are Aula Oro and Centro Turistico Tango. Taxi drivers will surely know of more brothels or erotic sex massage spas in Tegucigalpa.

There is a mini red light district in Tegucigalpa on Plaza Los Dolores Street. There will be plenty of street prostitutes around and cheap short time hotels, these ladies of the night will likely charge around 400 for quick sex.

You could possibly also find some freelance prostitutes working at the casinos like Casino Royale. When it comes to picking up non pro girls much of the nightlife here is located on Colonia Palmira along Morazan Boulevard.

Many of the best nightclubs are in this area in Los Proceres. Some of the best singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Honduras girls in Tegucigalpa’s nightlife are:

You can also find more nightlife in the Nova Centro Mall. Up on the top floors there are some bars and lounges which crowded most nights. You should be able to find plenty of women seeking foreign men around town if you look hard enough.

Meeting Girls In San Pedro Sula

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There are also a couple of good strip clubs/brothels in San Perdo Sula where you can barfine girls or possibly have sex on site. Pink Pussycat is probably the best and it is located next to Casino 777. Another good strip club is Cocktails and it isn’t far away from that area.

If you wanted to try to meet single girls in the San Pedro Sula nightlife check out:

Much of the best nightlife in town is located in Zona Viva so that would be a good home base.

Guide To La Cieba Nightlife

Lastly we will cover La Cieba which for years has been known to have some of the best nightlife in Honduras. Some will tell you that things have really died down here because of all the violence, but you should still find some good places to party.

There is also a Zona Viva nightlife district here on Calle 1 where the river flows into the Caribbean. This would definitely be the best area of town for you to stay.

Some of the better pick up bars and nightclubs in La Cieba are:

There is not a lot of mongering here but there will be some freelance prostitutes out in the touristy area. Or if you hop in a taxi and ask most drivers where to find a strip club, brothel, girls, chicas, or erotic massage he will likely know of somewhere to find sex in La Cieba.

You will be better off picking up local girls who want to hook up with or date foreign men. Our next section can help you find them more easily.

Women In Honduras Interested In Foreign Men

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If you want to meet girls in Honduras online just be sure to think with your big head and not the little one. If the girls pics look too good to be true be sure to Skype with her and make sure she is real.

Never send money to a girl before you meet her no matter what sob story she tells you. Or if she says pay for my flight or bus and I will come visit you tell her you will reimburse her when she arrives.

Most importantly don’t go meet her at her place no matter how hot she is and what she is promising. Either have the first meet at a public place (preferably indoors like a mall) or at your nice and safe hotel.

With all of that said if you think with your big head you can meet some very sexy Honduras girls interested in foreign men on Latin American Cupid. It is the top dating site in the country and you can continue to use it as you travel all around the region.

Some cities in Honduras will have more girls online than others, you are free to register and search before you sign up. If you like the selection then go for it, if not then it only took you a couple of minutes to check out the available girls in Honduras on Latin American Cupid.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Honduras

Tourism is really down in this country right now and probably for a good reason. If you are not a well traveled guy then you might face some serious culture shock when you arrive.

But the greatest risks can often lead to the greatest rewards. All over the world there are plenty of single girls who are very interested in meeting foreign men.

If you are reading this from the US just think how much attention a guy with a French accent would get where you live. Well it is the same when you travel, maybe even more so.

With so few foreign men around those ‘gringo hunters’ don’t have many opportunities and the few lucky guys that go get all the spoils. Just make sure to stay safe and you can have a great time, but always let your big head do the thinking.

If you wanted to read about some safer places to visit in Latin America with even better nightlife check out this red light travel guide. It mostly focuses on where you can find the best mongering in the region.

Hopefully this guide to finding girls for sex in Honduras was helpful to you.

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