Best Strip Clubs In Paris With The Hottest Girls

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Thanks for checking out our review of the best strip clubs in Paris with the hottest girls dancing. If you are not from France you may be expecting something a little different when you visit one.

All around the world local gentlemen’s clubs can be a little different depending on where you go. If you are in America you will expect to walk in, have there be a big stage for pole dancing, and to watch hot girls twerking to rap music or something with a good beat.

If you are in Asia they don’t really have strip clubs, many places have ‘girly bars’ where girls stand on stage in a bikini and don’t really do much dancing. Since you can pay a barfine to allow the girls to leave with you and have sex back in your hotel room the fact that there is no topless or nude dancing going on makes up for it.

The best strip clubs in Paris are a different matter entirely. They are more like topless or nude dancing performances near you where hot girls show off their bodies but in a cabaret show setting.

At some you can get lap dances, but if you are expecting to walk in and see lots of topless girls shaking their ass all over the place you are going to be let down. It is also very important to point out that these are not brothels, you will not have sex at a Paris strip club. If you were hoping to get it in the France swingers club scene is legendary.

After we mention the best gentlemen’s clubs in your area we will discuss them more in depth.

Best Strip Clubs In Paris

The best strip clubs in Paris with the hottest naked girls dancing are:

We aren’t going to be breaking any ground with that list, the best strip clubs in Paris with the hottest girls dancing that we list here are the same as most other sites say. The reason is pretty simple, in this city there is a huge divide between the good ones and the gentlemen’s clubs in your area to avoid.

Remember that these are not brothels and you won’t have sex in the back room. You should know that they are all pretty expensive, cover charges can range from 30 to 70 euros, plus your drinks will be expensive also.

Many of these are located in and around the Pigalle and Rue Saint Denis red light districts, always be careful in those areas. If you were looking for the most ‘American style’ strip club near you it would probably be Pink Paradise.

Topless & Nude Cabaret Shows

Usually we would be giving some strip club safety tips, but as long as you visit the ones we mention in this post you don’t really need to worry too much. We still suggest you don’t pay with a credit card or run up a tab just to be on the safe side, but overall these are not as scammy as many topless bars around the globe.

With that said if you are walking around the red light districts be careful. There are some smaller Paris strip clubs in these areas that definitely may try to rip you off, and if a tout on the street tells you about a place to see naked dancing ladies you probably shouldn’t go in.

The local gentlemen’s clubs we just mentioned are more like topless and nude cabaret shows to see some girls with big boobs. Think Moulin Rouge, and of course that movie title does come from one of the most famous strip clubs in Paris.

Since these are not your typical topless bar they can actually be a decent spot to bring a date. Taking a girl you just met to see nude women on a first date wouldn’t be wise, but once you have already hooked up with a woman you should be able to tell if she would enjoy one or not.

It will be a fun night with eye candy for you and may help to get her in the mood to have more fun after the topless cabaret show. In fact you shouldn’t be surprised if she likes it more than you. You can also read about the best sex shops around town here.

Should You Visit Paris Strip Clubs?

In truth most guys will probably be a bit bored by these shows. Back in the days before porn seeing any boobs was an eye opening experience and even if it was during some boring song and dance routine it was very well worth it.

But these days with how saturated we all are with porn, hot Instagram models, and sex all around us there are just better ways to entertain yourself. If you do like the thought of watching a topless or nude dance show in your area then by all means enjoy yourself, but as far as debauchery and mongering go they are very tame.

With how easy it is to meet horny girls on Adult Friend Finder in this city you can meet a freak to give you a free lap dance in your bed without much trouble. There are over 1,700 women using Adult Friend Finder in Paris, and they only sign up to that site because they want to get laid.

These are the type who would love to go to the best strip clubs in Paris and watch some hot naked girls dancing with you, or you could just skip it and go straight back to your room.

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