What Is An Asian KTV?

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People here love karaoke. They don’t love it just a little bit, karaoke is one of the biggest parts of nightlife in Asia. The thing that will seem odd to many travelers after they ask ‘what is an Asian KTV’ is that it isn’t just the girls that love karaoke.

The dudes love to sing too, and they love to sing the corniest cheesiest love songs ever made. John Legend’s ‘All of You’ was probably sung 10,000 times a day by different Asian guys, not just at KTV’s either.

They will sing out loud as they wait in a long line at McDonald’s to buy some rice and fried chicken. Yes you read that correctly, in Asia McDonald’s features rice and fried chicken.

Sorry got a little off track there, this article isn’t about what you can and can’t get at a McDonald’s around the world, or even that Asian dudes like to sing. At least that part is related. When you travel through Asia you will see all sorts of karaoke bars, many of which will say KTV.

There will often be some sexy girls working in them, many times wearing very revealing clothing. Are these your standard Asian girly bars? Are KTV’s brothels that sell sex? What is an Asian KTV?

What Does KTV Stand For?

There is a reasonable chance you found this page by Googling ‘what does KTV stand for?’ Well the answer is karaoke television. So, like, what is karaoke television?

There are all sorts of different karaoke bars around. Some of them are family friendly, they might be some little whole in the wall on any street in Asia. Those aren’t the ones we are talking about though.

The Asian KTV’s that you have probably read about are generally big, nice places. They have many different private rooms where you can go with a group to party, or you can go by yourself. Don’t worry if you go by yourself there will be a sexy lady to accompany you.

Inside the karaoke room there will be some big couches, a table or two in the center, and a big screen TV. There will be a karaoke system in place with a microphone (or two) and some loud speakers. They will have lots of different music available, most of which will be sappy love songs because that is what Asians love most.

Don’t be surprised if when you or your group hangs out in the room that a couple of waitress stay inside with you. There job is to pour as much alcohol down your throats as quickly as possible.

Some places have an hourly room charge plus a charge for overpriced drinks or food. Oh ya and any drink you buy for a KTV girl will cost even more, but we will get to the girls soon.

Others may not charge by the hour they charge by the drink. They might bring in a case of beer or a bottle of something harder and refill your drink every time you set it back down on the table. They don’t even try to hide what their goal is.

Are KTV’s Brothels? Can You Have Sex?

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Generally you will not have sex in a KTV with Asian girls but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. If you are in a KTV where the waitresses are pouring drinks down your throat like we just talked about then no you aren’t banging a hooker in front of them.

Most are geared more towards big groups then they are towards one guy showing up. If you are at one that is geared towards groups then you have little to no chance of having sex on site.

However there are some Asian KTV’s where sex may be possible that have smaller rooms where a guy and girl go in alone. These places might be one of those ‘whatever happens behind closed doors is up to you’ deals, but even at them sex is not all that commonplace.

For instance at Blok M in Jakarta there is a whole area for KTV’s and there are some of these 1 on 1 style rooms around. The prices are quite expensive to go into the room with a sexy Indonesian girl for 1 hour.

Are you going to have sex in there? Well it isn’t guaranteed, you are just paying the girl for her time. If you do end up having sex with her you probably will have to pay her even more.

You should never assume you are going to have sex in an Asian KTV. Otherwise you might think you are getting a lot more then you will end up with.

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Are KTV Girls Prostitutes?

This is an extremely hard question to answer because not all are created equal, and for that matter neither are all prostitutes, nor are all girls. You probably aren’t going to be able to have sex in an Asian KTV very often, but getting a girls number and meeting her after work is a very real possibility.

Some of these girls may not want to though, they may choose to work at one instead of working in a girly bar because they aren’t prostitutes. This way they can use their good looks to still make a lot of money without actually having to put out.

They will get groped and harassed a bit, but there is a difference between that and taking actual dick inside you. The only way you are going to find out if specific KTV girls are prostitutes is by making them an offer.

You probably will have to aim high, you aren’t likely to be able to lowball these girls. They make pretty big money just for showing up to work and suckering ladies drinks out of guys.

Why are they going to go the extra mile if not rewarded for it? Use Asian Dating to meet girls as you travel around the region that want to be with you, not just take your money.

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Are KTV’s Scams?

Lots of first timers may leave wondering are Asian KTV’s scams? While scam may be a bit dramatic they are clearly there to extract every dollar they can from you as quickly as possible.

You will never get faster service on your drinks then what you will get when visiting one. At many you don’t order drinks, they just bring them to you. They want to get you as drunk as possible and keep bringing you more and more.

Then the bill hits and it all becomes more clear. ‘So that is why the second I put my drink down the waitress was already refilling it.’ If that is the case why should you go to a KTV?

Well because around Asia this is where many of the sexiest girls are working. They can make a very good amount of money (in some places) just for sitting there and being pretty.

They get to party, sing, and have many free drinks. Being able to sing for free might be enough for some girls, Asians really do love themselves some love songs.

If you want to read about KTV’s from the perspective of a girl who worked in one then click here. Hope this helps answer the common question of ‘what is an Asian KTV?’