How To Meet Girls For Sex On CouchSurfing

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When trying to meet girls for sex on CouchSurfing there are definitely some things you can do to help out your cause. Remember though, this isn’t a dating site so many of the people on it don’t even have hooking up on their mind at all.

It is set up as a site for people to save a little money when traveling and meet some cool people to hang out with in the process. Think of it as a combination of a short term rental site and Facebook all in one.

Meeting girls for sex on CouchSurfing is going to be a lot different than using a dating site. If your goal is to try and go on dates with a good chance of getting laid they will be a lot more fruitful.

Instead think of this site as a way to have a bit of an ‘in’ with a girl while not exactly in a sexual nature. Lets face it, one of the hardest parts about dating is actually getting a girl to come back to your place and here you have that served right on a platter for you.

On the other hand she isn’t doing it for dick (most of the time) she is doing it for a free place to crash. In this post we will start out by talking about how to set up your profile on the site and this might be the biggest key of all.

After talking about that we will get into the couch you have to offer. Logistics can really go a long way to increasing your chances.

After all that we will cover not being a creep. Ya, that is important as well, but lets start off with the profile and the site itself first.

A CouchSurfing Profile To Attract Girls

Create CouchSurfing profile attract sexy girls

Most guys already know that when online dating your profile is key. Well when trying to meet girls on CouchSurfing it might be even more important because they have to really trust you to go through with it.

No girl wants to go meet a stranger at a coffee shop if there is a chance he might be crazy, but magnify that ten fold when it comes to sharing a home together for the night. You need to pick out some good pics that show you as a safe dude to hang out with.

Also use some nice pictures of your apartment, and of course clean up before you take these pics. This is all marketing and you need to put your best foot forward.

You also are going to need to get some good references and reviews. Any time you host someone have your biggest fake PR face on and make sure they have a good time.

One bad review can kill your chances. Even though it might sound awful hosting a guy from time to time isn’t a bad idea, if a girl sees that all you do is host pretty 20 somethings it won’t be hard for her to figure out your goals.

You should try to sign in as many times a week as possible because people who are ‘active users’ will rank higher in each city. Also having a good response rate is good, if someone messages you then reply back.

Using ‘hangouts’ can be a good way to meet cool people near you that might even be hot girls. If you chat with someone at a hangout go ahead and give them a positive review, hopefully they will do the same for you.

Have A Desirable Couch

You, your profile, and the pics of your apartment are only half of the battle here. You also want to have something to offer and the best way to do that is to have a nice place in a good part of town, preferrably near some nightlife.

Hot girls on CouchSurfing have a lot of options, is she more likely to choose some ghetto apartment or the prime real estate? Location is always key, but that is also something that is hard to change.

Turning Meets Into Sex

How to hook up with women on CouchSurfing

When trying to have sex with girls on CouchSurfing you always have to remember that they are going to be pretty nervous initially. They are putting themselves in a potentially dangerous position, you need to disarm them as quick as possible.

The easiest way to do this is be nice, smile, and don’t bring up sex or even flirt initially. There will always be a bit of sexual tension between two strangers of opposite sexes alone in a room, don’t make it any more awkward than it needs to be.

When messaging her before hand don’t try to seduce her or she probably won’t come over. You need to give this time, there is plenty of time in the night.

Remember most girls on CouchSurfing aren’t looking for sex. You aren’t going for a wine them, dine them, and seduce them type of game here.

You are going for a ‘well now we are alone and its late and I’m a little drunk so might make a mistake’ game. You are never going to get to that point of the evening if you are a perv too early on.

Keep things as a friendly meeting at first, then tell them you know of a cool bar nearby where you can go grab some food and drinks. Be sure to have some beers, wine, and liquor in your place just in case they don’t feel like going out.

Don’t try to escalate too early, but also read her and if she is giving you the signs then go for it. Remember there are multiple reasons why you don’t want to be too aggressive here.

One is that it will hurt your chances with this girl. Another is it can lead to a bad review which can kill your profile. And third, don’t be a prick. If she doesn’t want it then back off.

You should be pipelining on International Dating Sites before you visit any country so you have backup plans in place.

More Tips For Getting Laid

This should probably go without saying but always try and host solo travelers. Sure, having some orgy break out with 6 girls would be amazing but it isn’t going to happen.

Even if they have one other friend with them your odds are much lower. You can take that 1 in a million shot of having a threesome, it might be worth it, just know it is unlikely.

One good tip we heard is to put in your profile that you will sleep in the same room but on separate mattresses. Then have an air mattress or smaller mattress but don’t make it up before she arrives.

When you get home from the bar at 1am and she is a little drunk hope that she plops down on your bed and forgets about it. Might not work, but it is a nice little angle you can take.

If you are going to stay at another girls place then confirm that she lives alone. It isn’t unheard of for a girl to still live with her parents and you probably don’t want to go stay at some family home.

If your whole goal is to use CouchSurfing for sex then only stay at girls places in countries where girls aren’t easy to hook up with. If you are visiting a city with lots of sexy Southeast Asian girls who like foreigners then don’t cockblock yourself, pay for a place to stay instead.

But if you are going to a country that is harder to get laid or visiting a small town where options might be slim then it is a risk worth taking. Hopefully these tips on how to meet girls for sex on CouchSurfing will pay off for you.

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