Online Dating Messaging Tips When Meeting Girls

Online dating messaging tips how to chat with girls

When you are online dating you must always remember that it is a numbers game and when meeting girls online you need to contact many. You are trying to talk with as many girls as possible as quickly as possible and then go from there.

For that reason you don’t want to send out a long first message. There is no reason to do it and it might even put some girls off. You just want a short and sweet message and if the girl replies then you can move on to a longer message.

Keep Your Online Dating Messages Short and Sweet

Don’t waste a lot of time writing a message to a girl who has shown no interest in you yet. Save the effort for girls that already seem to have some interest and might actually pay off in the future. Also, people have short attention spans these days and no one likes to read a lot from a stranger.

You will want to write out a short opening message that you can copy and paste to every cute girl that you see. You want to give them a compliment and ask them if you can hang out, be friends, want to chat, or anything like that.

Something along the lines of ‘You are really cute! Can we be friends?’ will work just fine. Maybe say you have such pretty eyes, girls love to get complimented so start off making them smile.

Most sites will allow you to copy and paste these messages and basically spam them out to as many profiles as you can open. If you run into a site that does not allow copy and pasted messages you can usually copy and paste most of the message and maybe put ‘hey usernamexxx’ in front of it to get through the copy and paste block.

The reason for this is because with online dating you are always trying to maximize your time. If you are sending a 2 paragraphs message to a girl who has not responded yet you don’t even know if she ever will respond and you don’t know how your long message will be received.

Keep the opening message short and sweet so that you can cast a very wide net on as many girls as possible and then start to target the ones that reply and seem most interested.

Get Their Number Quickly

When a girl replies your next goal is to get her phone number or chatting app username as quick as possible so that you can move the conversation from the dating site to your phone.

Girls will randomly close their online dating accounts for no reason all the time and you need to secure that long-term contact information as quickly as you can.

You need to be careful that you don’t move too fast but at the same time you do need to move fast. Generally a good way to do this is to ask a second question like where do you live? How was your weekend? Any small talk type of question is fine.

Then after they answered to that one say ‘hey why don’t you give me your number so we can start texting, I don’t really use this site very often.’

Most girls will give you their number if you have any chance at all with them. There will be a few girls out there who think that giving a number is a really big deal and won’t want to do it that quickly but most won’t mind. If you encounter one that doesn’t want to give you her number only keep up with her if she is so hot that she is worth extra time.

Once you get her number then your goal is to get a meet going as quickly as possible. This is probably the trickiest part because they can be very hard to read how quickly a girl will be ready to meet.

How not to message girls when online dating

Try To Hook Up ASAP

If you invite some girls to hang out too soon you may turn them off but that just comes with the territory. On the other hand there will be girls that are ready and willing to meet right then who you may lose your chance with if you don’t act quickly.

There is no exact answer for what is best to do in this situation, but in general inviting them to hang out quickly is probably the better move. You don’t want to wait too long and have her find another guy or get busy in her life or lose interest in you. Girls do tend to lose interest pretty quick if you can’t keep them entertained.

Some girls are like district attorneys and will be breaking down every word you say from the moment you start talking looking for any reason not to hook up with you. That is why it is so important to move fast and to get what you desire before you make a mistake in her eyes.

The longer you talk before you meet the more chances you are giving yourself to mess up. If a girl has given you her contact info she has shown at least some interest and you definitely have some sort of a chance. But at any moment that chance could be gone.

Knowing what to say is hard because girls want different things and girls are moody. You could say a totally innocent remark to the wrong girl on the wrong day and she may never want to talk to you again. On the other hand you could say the right thing at the right time and be the lucky guy that gets to hook up with a horny girl who popped on the dating site just to find a dick to ride.

Messaging Tips When Meeting Girls Online

With some girls a boring straightforward approach of how are you? How was your day? Where are you from? Is the right approach. On the other hand other girls will need to be entertained and the sillier you are the better you will be entertaining them.

Making a girl laugh is always one of the best ways to get her to open up to you and want to spend time together. Some girls you meet online will find your jokes corny but they are probably boring girls anyway. Making lots of silly jokes give you a good chance to find a fun girl, and fun girls are who you should be looking for.


Apologies for yelling but that can not be stressed enough. Girls get pervy messages from guys online all the time. They don’t want to be treated like sex objects.

If the last 8 guys who messaged them become pervs or assholes after a few messages and you remain a gentleman you will be the one that stands out. You will gain her trust and be the guy she wants to meet.

Do you really think that she doesn’t know that sex with you is possible? She definitely knows. There is nothing you will say about sex that will get her more interested in meeting you. Maybe 1 out of 10,000 times that might happen.

On the other hand 90% of the time you will burn a bridge that didn’t need to be burned. Without a doubt don’t talk about sex is the #1 most important thing when it comes to meeting girls online.

When To Start Meeting Girls Online When Traveling?

Pipelining is a common term for this, it means sending out a bunch of messages to girls in another city that you will be visiting soon. If you are going to be taking a trip and are looking to meet girls online then you should hop on the dating sites a couple weeks before your trip and start sending messages.

There is no reason to hop on any earlier because girls will lose interest really quick and you will probably just be wasting your time. A week or two before is the perfect amount of time to get enough messages out and get some replies back.

If you have never done online dating before you may not realize how quick and efficient it really is. In an hour or two you can send out hundreds of messages to sexy girls that you would like to meet. Many of these girls will reply back to you and it won’t take long before you have their phone number.

The best game plan is to send as many messages you can on that first day and then on future times signing on to the site you can play catch up with all the girls that replied. While doing this there will generally be other girls profile pics on the top of your screen and as you see ones you like send another opening message.

It won’t take long before you have more numbers then you can handle.

Summing Up Meeting Girls Online

To wrap everything up you first want to send out as many messages to as many girls as possible. These need to be short messages that compliment them and ask them some sort of a question that may get a response. Once they have replied ask one more question so that you don’t look like you’re completely rushing things, and then ask for their number.

Once you get their number be an attentive textmate and try to entertain them as much as possible. If you feel that they are enjoying their time texting with you then pounce and invite them to hang out.

Like any type of dating this is not going to work a huge percentage of the time. There will be many girls that reply to you at first and then quit replying for unknown reasons.

Maybe it’s because you messed up, or maybe they just got busy or something else came up. Don’t sweat those failures, the great thing about online dating is there are so many women to me that you can keep going and going and will have much success if you put in the required effort.

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