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Pick up single girls Phuket nightlife bars clubs

If foreign men want to try to meet single girls in Phuket’s nightlife it can be done but it also can be a bit difficult. This is Thailand after all, and there are always going to be hookers all around you.

We have covered the prostitutes in our GuysNightlife Phuket sex guide already, meeting single girls that aren’t expecting to get paid is a different matter entirely. Since most of the nightlife is in the same area it can make picking up pretty hard here.

Remember that many Southeast Asian girls are going to be too shy to let you know if they are hookers or not. You might think you are dancing with the sweetest and most innocent girl ever and she might have been one of the ladies of the night there for the past three years.

Most of the local Phuket girls who were born here are going to be very religious. They are not likely to be out after dark dancing in a sexy dress anywhere near Bangla Road.

During this post we will break down the different types of girls you will meet so you can try to target the right ones. If you don’t mind picking up a prostitute then just let the night lead you where it may and don’t worry about it.

But there are plenty of options for prostitutes, the purpose of this post is to lead you to the non pros. Before we get into the different types of women here we want to get some boring travel advice out of the way.

Then after that we will cover the girls, day game spots, the nightlife, and online dating. Using the best dating sites in Thailand definitely can make it easier for foreign men to find a girl that isn’t a hooker.

Settling In On The Island

You probably want to visit during peak season when there will be more tourists around. As you will read soon the tourists are going to be the easiest single girls in Phuket to pick up for foreign men.

Peak season is from November to April with December to February probably being the main months. If you head during this time of year there will be plenty of other tourists around.

You will want to stay on the southwest part of the island as close to Patong Beach as possible. That is definitely the most visited beach, but there are other cool ones around like Freedom Beach, Bang Tao Beach, and Laem Sign Beach.

Different Types Of Girls In Phuket

There really are only a few reasons why a girl would be in this city. The first is that she is born here, but as we already covered these girls are going to be very conservative the vast majority of the time.

You probably won’t be finding them partying in the nightclubs. Maybe on a special occasion, or maybe if they turned to hooking.

Most of the time they are going to be very religious and conservative. Think the type that would make a good Thai wife or serious girlfriend, not a prime target for a one night stand at all.

Next you have the Phuket girls who move here for work. That means they either work in tourism like at a hotel, travel guide, as a waitress, or they are hookers.

They might work in Go Go’s, massage spas, or be freelancers that look for foreign men to be customers on the streets or in the nightclubs. It is possible to get free sex from a hooker, but since they probably would only charge $30-$50 it is kind of scummy to not go ahead and pay them.

A serious relationship with a Thai bar girl is not advisable. Could you find the girl of your dreams working in a Go Go? It is possible, but more likely you will just be one of the many suckers she has sending her cash while she continues working in the bar after you leave.

Next you have the Thai tourists that might come in from all around the country. They all want to visit here to take a beach vacation and they are going to be the easiest to hook up with.

However figuring out if they are a hooker or just a girl on a vacation is going to be pretty difficult. Then you have the foreign tourists, there will be many Russians and girls from all over the world.

All in all the tourists are definitely the best way to meet single girls in Phuket and of course the foreign tourists will make it so you don’t have to wonder if they are hookers or not. When trying to differentiate between good Thai woman on a vacation and Thai hooker it can be tricky but with some girls it will be easy.

If you are at the beach and they are wearing a thong you can pretty much assume they are a hooker. Not 100%, but it is a safe assumption, many non pro girls won’t even wear a bikini let alone a thong.

In the nightlife if they are dressed uber slutty then that is another clue, though non pros in sexy dresses is more likely then a thong. Tattoos are another big sign, if Thai women have more than one tattoo their likelihood of being a prostitute skyrockets.

Best Day Game Options

The best way to meet single girls in Phuket will be to head to the beach. Patong Beach is the most touristy and will be a good starting point, but the others should have some sexy ladies as well.

Picking up girls at the beach isn’t always the easiest thing, but at least you can perv on some sexy bikinis while you make the rounds. There are also many good beach clubs to meet Phuket girls like:

You probably won’t be running into any hookers here. Expect to mostly meet foreign tourists as the cover charges are going to be above most local Thai’s pay grade.

Don’t be surprised if many of the women are coupled up already. These beach day clubs can be very hit or miss when it comes to picking up.

The main touristy area of Walking Street might be a better spot to try and meet Phuket girls. This is not like Walking Street in Pattaya, this is a touristy area with shops and restaurants.

Or you can head to malls like Central Festival, Jungceylon, Bangla Mall or Banana Walk. Even when on a relaxing beach holiday women still be shoppin’.

If you do happen to find a special lady and want to take her out on a nice date some restaurants with good food and ambiance are:

  • La Gritta
  • Siam Supper Club
  • Surface Bar and Restaurant
  • 9th Floor Restaurant and Bar
  • Mom Tri’s Kitchen
  • Acqua

Meeting Girls In Phuket’s Nightlife

We probably have already beat this dead horse enough but meeting single Phuket girls in the nightlife can be quite tricky. One of the main reasons for this is that the best nightclubs in town are located on Bangla Road or nearby, close to all of the Go Go’s and prostitutes.

That means the tourists and hookers are all going to be partying together. If you approach a white skinned Russian girl then you can pretty safely assume she doesn’t want you to pay her.

If you approach a Thai girl it will be very hard to know if she is one of the ladies of the night and when in doubt you should always assume she is a pro. If you want to ask to make sure just do it in a non accusatory way so you don’t piss her off.

Say something like ‘the last girl I danced with asked me to pay her, if we leave together do you want me to pay you also?’ Say it with a smile on your face and laugh a little to keep the mood light.

Now you can find out if she is a hooker or not before you bang her. Some of the best nightclubs to meet single girls in Phuket’s nightlife are:

Make sure you get a room near Patong Beach and Bangla Road so you are as close to the pick up bars as possible.

Thai Girls Seeking Foreign Men Online

Pick up sexy Thai girls Phuket beach bars get laid

Many foreign men will come here after visiting other cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai. When in those cities you may want to try to meet a girl on Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid.

Then if you hit it off you can bring your girl to Phuket and not have to worry about all the hookers. Or you can try to meet women who are already there, but just remember that the girls living in Phuket are either going to be hookers, conservative, or the less likely option of working in tourism.

Of course the tourism girls will be your best bet but they will be outnumbered by the others. But no matter where you are in this country using Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly will be your best option to meet single girls seeking foreign men and that aren’t hookers.

Since flights are so cheap here you can easily meet a girl in another city and fly her out to stay in your room all weekend. There aren’t too many Thai girls that would pass on a free trip to the beach.

Meet sexy call girls Phuket escorts for foreign men

Have Fun Meeting Phuket Girls

The easiest way to get laid will be to just go ahead and pay for it. There are so many Thai bar girls around and the prices aren’t bad.

Don’t be surprised if you pick up a Phuket girl you think doesn’t want money and then find out she does. That is just how things work in this country, though using the dating sites will make it easier for you to screen out hookers.

If you wanted to read more about the best places to hook up with Thai girls read this red light travel guide. It breaks down this city in detail as well as all the major cities and beaches foreign men visit.

Good luck when trying to meet single girls in Phuket’s nightlife.

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