My Girlfriend Won’t Have Sex With Me? Sexless Marriage?

My girlfriend won't have sex with me no blowjobs either

You would be surprised at how many times ‘my girlfriend won’t have sex with me’ and ‘I’m in a sexless marriage’ get Google’d every month. Even more surprising is ‘my boyfriend won’t have sex with me.’

So how is the human race still around if so many couples aren’t having sex with each other? Some people out there have to be doing it right?

The internet has taught the younger generation many things. You can learn so much these days that people in the past would never find out about.

For instance it is just so much easier to travel the world now than it would have been 20 years ago. What would you have done back then? Bought a Lonely Planet Guide to City XXXX and gone where they told you?

Your vacation would probably turn out alright, but now you can use Google to map out a full vacation months in advance. You can know all of the best hotels, restaurants, and things to see and do.

It is a completely different experience, and that is just one example.

All Men Know About Sexless Marriages

How to get your girlfriend or wife to have sex with you

Another great example of something you learn about more now is how many married guys are frustrated with their lives. Sure, back in the day they would make some jokes about it on TV, but after the laugh track died down you kind of forgot about them.

Now if you hop on any online forum, whether it be for expats or a sports message board, and go to their ‘off topic’ section you are bound to read about dudes complaining about being in a sexless marriage.

Some of it is done in a joking way, but many other guys are just frustrated with their wives not having sex with them. So guys go and Google ‘sexless marriage’ or ‘my wife won’t have sex with me’ and hope to find some answers.

Sadly there is no magic answer on how to change that. Some guys will blame it on feminists having taken over the world. Now your wife will make you put new flooring in the upstairs bathroom before she will have sex with you, all because of those damn feminists.

Is it really any worse today than it used to be? Or is this how things have always been? Does anyone have the answers to these questions?

My Boyfriend/Husband Won’t Have Sex With Me

It isn’t all that much of a surprise that sexless marriage gets Google’d as much as it does. What is surprising is that ‘my boyfriend won’t have sex with me’ gets so much play.

Dude’s are horny, we want to have as much sex as we can have. These girls are clearly wanting to have sex or they wouldn’t be searching for answers. So why aren’t these two doing what they both presumably want to do?

The thing is, the longer this goes on the harder it becomes to break the cycle. If you go a few days without having sex that isn’t a big deal. But if you are in a sexless marriage for a month when does it stop?

Now things have become awkward, it is on both of your minds and there is so much pressure on it.

A Sexless Marriage Seems Kind Of Natural

People were not programmed to only be with one partner. We are no different than any other creature out there that has sex with whoever whenever.

One day someone had the bright idea to come up with marriage and somehow that became the standard thing that most people went for. It became popular and now everyone was doing it, just like pogs in the 90’s.

Except pogs all but disappeared, and people still are getting married. There needs to be some sort of attraction for you to want to have sex, and many guys are more attracted to ‘strange’ places they have never been.

Also, as people get older they become less and less attractive. Their faces are less beautiful, and their bodies get in worse shape. So now you are supposed to get attracted to someone you have already had sex with a thousand times, who is not sexually appealing anymore?

If it were only that easy.

How To Break A Sexless Marriage Drought

How can I get my wife to want to sleep with me again

Quit thinking about it and just do it. Ladies, if you are asking why won’t your boyfriend have sex with you then you are thinking about it all wrong. Don’t make him have sex with you, you have sex with him.

Wake him up one morning by giving him head, and then hop on for a ride. What guy would say no to that? Or surprise him in the middle of the afternoon by wearing some sexy lingerie when he least expects it.

Have it be an out of nowhere, spur of the moment thing to add to the excitement. Guys, be romantic again and see where it takes you. Do something special for her and then break that sex drought the two of you are in.

The most important thing is to just do it once, and then make sure you don’t wait too long to do it again. It is only a sexless marriage if you make it one, and once you break the drought one time don’t let another one start.

Find ways to spice things up and be adventurous. Don’t wonder why ‘my girlfriend won’t have sex with me?’ or worry about being in a sexless marriage. You have the power to end the drought, so do it already.

The longer you wait the harder it is going to get. Guys if you can’t handle your girlfriend not putting out then head to one of these easy places to get laid around the globe and enjoy yourself.