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Hook up hot girls Cagayan de Oro sex guide get laid

Welcome to this post about hooking up with hot girls in Cagayan de Oro for sex or dating. We should probably get the important safety stuff out of the way right from the start because it really is the most important issue.

There is a lot of Muslim extremist movement on the island of Mindanao but it is mostly on the southern half of the island. This city is on the northern coast but there is a slight risk if you decide to go there.

Considering this is a post about hot girls and sex in Cagayan de Oro we aren’t going to get too in depth on the safety issues. Instead we would just advise you to do some more research on it before you decide to visit.

Now that we are done with all of that lets get back into the topic at hand. This is definitely not one of the best cities for partying in the Philippines but you can still have plenty of fun here as a single guy.

The majority of the nightlife is based around Divisoria so it will be the main focus of this sex guide. This is where you will find many nightclubs, hook up bars, and restaurants.

There will be plenty of sexy Cagayan de Oro girls interested in foreign men in this city but they might be a bit shy to be seen with you in public. In this country online dating is often the best option for foreign men and that is the case in this city as well.

Sexy Girls At Cagayan de Oro Hook Up Bars

Nightclubs and bars to meet slutty Cagayan de Oro girls for sex

A few lounges, clubs and hook up bars to find hot girls for sex in the Cagayan de Oro nightlife are:

Or just roam around Divisoria and see where the night takes you. You need to remember a few things before you give this a go.

Sexy girls in Cagayan de Oro are often going to be very prude and may have never talked with foreign men face to face before. There are not too many foreigners living in or visiting this city so your exotic factor will be very high.

This will help you get noticed around town and you will stand out like a sore thumb. It will give you an ‘in’ with just about every girl, though there will always be some that have no interest.

But since they are so conservative they will likely be extremely nervous and shy in their first interactions with you. They also may not be so keen to hop into bed for quick sex as you find when in bigger cities to meet girls in the Philippines.

Plus they are going to know that people will notice them talking to foreign men and might be worried about gossip. So while your exotic factor is going to be high it doesn’t mean you can just walk up to any sexy Cagayan de Oro girl on the street and be having sex an hour later like has been known to happen in Manila or Cebu City.

If you see a pretty girl go ahead and make an approach. If she smiles and is receptive then by all means continue to chat her up. If she looks nervous but also interested then proceed with caution.

If she starts to walk faster or won’t even make eye contact with you and looks like she wants to get away as fast as possible then back off. Day game is probably easier in this country than just about anywhere else in the world and you can head to malls:

  • SM City
  • Gaisano City Mall
  • Limketkai Center Mall
  • Ayala Centrio Mall

And try to chat them up. Just have a quick chat and then ask for their number and move things on to text game, go for the number close quick so they don’t start getting nervous about the eyes on them.

On the weekends just roam around the Divisoria where they have a bazaar that lots of people will attend. For nightlife you also will want to go out around Divisoria and since we have mentioned it so many times already renting a room near there would probably be your best option.

Meeting Filipina Girls Online

Where to meet slutty girls in Cagayan de Oro for easy sex

Like always the easiest way will be to meet sexy Cagayan de Oro girls online. The ones you approach in the mall that might be afraid to make eye contact with you probably would reply to your message on a dating site. They are just shocked and not prepared for a foreigner to walk up to them in public.

Imagine living the first 20 years of your life only talking to Filipino people and then out of the blue in a crowded place a foreigner comes up and speaks to you in English. That could be a bit overwhelming, but replying to a message on a dating site is easy.

Some of these girls will have been dreaming of hooking up with anyone but a Filipino guy for years. Everyone wants to try new experiences but they might be way too shy to let anyone else know they are thinking about it.

In truth this is a better city to meet a serious girlfriend or future wife then have one night stands. Manila and Cebu City will both have many more sluts around who are quick to hop in the sheets with you.

But there will certainly be some who want to experiment with a foreigner here, and with so few around it might just be you. If you hop on PinaLove you will have plenty of opportunities to meet girls interested in foreign men and all of them may be looking for something different.

There is no need to lie about your intentions, if you are only in town for a short while say that and tell them you are just looking for friends. Take them out on Divisoria and then push for them to come back to your room nearby.

If they go to your hotel you are almost assuredly going to get laid. If they don’t want to put out then contact the next one and try again, it shouldn’t take too many before one puts out.

Some may even prefer having the first meet in your room so that nobody sees them. If that is the case then sex is almost guaranteed.

Just remember that often times sexy Cagayan de Oro escorts are too shy to tell you they are hoping to get paid. Particularly in a smaller town like this. So if they do agree to come straight to your room you may want to politely ask them if they are expecting a gift or money.

Just say that a couple of other girls on PinaLove asked for money and you don’t mean to offend her but want to know where you both stand. If you do it politely you won’t burn any bridges and most girls will respect it. Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Cagayan de Oro for sex or dating.

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