Are All Asian Ladyboys Prostitutes Or Scammers?

Meet a good Asian ladyboy not a prostitute or scammer

A lot of guys that go to Southeast Asia make some huge generalizations when it comes to transsexuals. They ignorantly assume that all Asian ladyboys are either prostitutes, scammers, or both.

The vast majority of these guys have never even spoken to a transgender before, and some may even say rude remarks to them as they pass ts on the street. They don’t understand ts, and instead of trying to understand them they treat them like garbage.

Are there Asian ladyboy prostitutes? Absolutely, but there are female and male prostitutes also. Are there Asian ladyboy scammers? Absolutely, but there are plenty of guy and girl scammers around right? So why is it that ts are all painted with the same brush and other people aren’t?

It is because so many people don’t really like trans and give them these bad stigmas to justify their reasoning for not wanting to learn more about them. It is much easier to make a generalization of ‘ts are all prostitutes’ or ‘ts are all scammers’ and forget about them.

That is fine, ignorant people can go on hating if they like. Most people are smart enough to realize that not all ladyboys are prostitutes or scammers.

Many Ladyboy Prostitutes In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a pretty poor place in general and jobs are hard to come by. In some countries people have to go to college to even be able to work at a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s. Then they will make just enough money to get by and never build up any savings, while working 6 days a week.

Is that how you would want to go through life? Studying hard and working hard just to get by? Or would you rather go out and make more money (sometimes a lot more) to have sex with people of your choosing?

These Asian ladyboys are freelancers and they pick and choose who they go with. Granted many of them will go with any guy, but some ts are more selective and only go with guys they find attractive.

People have varying views on prostitution, some think it is a hell-worthy offense, others think it is a natural transaction between consenting adults. If you don’t like transsexuals and don’t like prostitutes then you aren’t going to like tranny prostitutes.

But at the end of the day it is their body and they are free to use it how they please. They aren’t hurting you, so it is none of your business. There are certainly a lot of female prostitutes in Southeast Asia so its not like ladyboys are the only ones.

If there was a bigger market of women paying for sex you would surely find more male prostitutes as well. Are there more ladyboy prostitutes percentage wise than female? Probably, but it might not be that much higher of a number.

Yes Some Asian TS Are Scammers

What are the common scams that Asian ladyboys run? They log onto dating sites and ask guys to send them money so they can have more internet use to continue chatting.

They may have a sick sister or parent, or they themselves may claim they have to go to the hospital and want you to pay for it. It really is amazing how often hospital visits come up in SEA.

Maybe they are going to school and their tuition is coming soon, or their rent is coming soon and they can’t afford to pay it. Maybe it is their happy birthday! Or their cell phone was stolen and they can’t chat with you again until they get a new one.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Well if you read up on many travel blogs they should, because these are the same things that expats in foreign countries have been complaining about from girls for years.

So why is it that Asian ladyboys are all considered scammers? They aren’t doing anything that the female population isn’t doing either. If you want to read about the easiest cities to find ladyboys check out that link.

The Real Way Ladyboys Cause Problems

There are a couple of ways that ladyboys to cause more problems then girls do. The first one would be that ts have been known to try and pickpocket people pretty often.

They know that many tourists are going to be overwhelmed just from being in a new place, and also that they are going to have a fat wallet. They also know that a transsexual, or group of transsexuals will overwhelm them even more.

So a group of ts may run up to you, and one may get really close and even start grinding on your dick out on the street. Then either she or her friend will try and snatch your wallet or your camera.

This is a trick that happens in Angeles City, Rio, or anywhere that they are hanging out on the streets. There are pickpockets of all sexes all over the world, but ladyboys probably do try this a little more often then others.

Some of the ts prostitutes may also go up to your room and ’cause a scene’ by being loud and obnoxious. They do this in an effort to try and extort money out of you to get them to stop or leave.

They know you won’t want any trouble with the police and may say they are going to claim you raped them or something. Female hookers try this one also, but ladyboys seem to be more aggressive with it.

Overall the Asian ladyboy prostitutes are just too aggressive. They will approach guys that clearly don’t want to be approached and hang around far to long. It is these few aggressive ones that give the rest of them a bad rap.

The truth is that there are a whole lot of good ones out there. All Asian ladyboys aren’t prostitutes or scammers, and they don’t all cause problems.

Meet Honest Asian Ladyboys Online

The problem that most foreigners run into, whether they are tourists or expats, is that the only time they have a chance to meet ladyboys is out in the nightlife. It doesn’t matter if you are meeting a ladyboy, a guy, or a little old lady, if you are meeting her on the fringes of some sexpat area they are more likely to have bad intentions.

The thing is it is hard to meet ladyboys out and about in your daily life. How often are you going to bump into a hot ts at the grocery store at 2pm on a Tuesday? The answer is not very often.

So the vast majority of interactions between tranny and foreigner get started under somewhat sketchy circumstances. The only real way to get around that is by meeting ladyboys on dating sites.

MyLadyboyDate is a worldwide site where you can meet them from anywhere in the world. If you are a traveler this is a great site to sign up to as you can meet ladyboys in Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, as well as Brazilian shemales all on the same site.

Best transgender dating site meet shemales online

Or if you know you are going to be spending a couple weeks in a certain country you could sign up to a site specifically for that country. For instance Thai Friendly in Thailand.

These are dating sites that are for guys, girls, and ladyboys are quite active too. You can even specify in the search options that you only want to search for ladyboys to make things easier.

If you sign up for MyLadyboyDate and a site specifically for that country you are maximizing your chances to meet a ‘good’ ladyboy. You should probably try and screen out the ts hookers. Put in your profile you aren’t looking for hookers you want to meet nice ladyboys.

Then go ahead and ask to make sure they don’t want money. Once you have screened out the pros you have given yourself the best chance to meet honest and genuine ladyboys that have no bad intentions.

Not all Asian ladyboys are prostitutes or scammers, and if you sign up for the right dating sites and screen properly you can find that out for yourself with great results.