Finding Girls For Sex In Zagreb, Croatia

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When guys travel they want to get laid so this post will help with finding girls for sex in Zagreb. This city has around a million people in it but the main area you will want to stay is pretty small.

The whole city in itself feels kind of small, and the main nightlife areas are in two concentrated spots.┬áThis city didn’t quite make our European nightlife top 10 list, but concentrated areas where most bars and clubs are is a big plus.

One of those two spots is near, Jelacic Square, is where you should try to make your home base. Not only is the best nightlife in the city located here but there are loads of malls and shops along Ilica nearby which makes it ideal for day game also.

Zagreb girls may not want to stray too far away from the venue you meet them at, and you are likely to meet them around Jelacic Square. Getting a room right on Ilicac off AirBnb will be the best thing that you can do.

Girls from all around the city will be coming to this area to shop and party and will think you are a baller if you can afford to live here, even if it really isn’t all that expensive.

Before we get into the places to go to meet girls for sex in Zagreb lets talk about the girls themselves. Then we will mention the best places to meet them, talk about pay for play sex, and then briefly talk about a good online dating site in Croatia.

What To Expect When Meeting Croatian Girls

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There is going to be a whole lot of generalizing here. Of course every Zagreb girl you meet is not going to fall into the mold we are about to make, but these are just things you should expect from many of the girls here.

They are quite flaky in general. They will make out with you in a club or give you their number but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. They will also set up dates with you and not show up leaving you stranded.

Because of this you should try to stagger a few dates with different women throughout the night. Have one for dinner around 8, another that you might meet for drinks around 10, and another to party with at midnight.

If one shows up awesome, you just cancel with the others. Don’t worry, they were probably going to cancel on you anyways.

With that said sex with Zagreb girls come pretty easy. They are looser than many European women and will often hook up on the first or second date. Again, generalizing.

English is pretty widely spoken here so you don’t really need to bother with learning the language. There is also a very macho and alpha culture, you need to approach with confidence and play the manly card.

Lastly, Zagreb girls love to smoke weed. That makes for a very easy ‘hey lets go get stoned at my place’ line to give them excuse to leave the bar with you.

Where To Meet Girls In Zagreb

We pretty much covered this before but Jelacic Square is by far the best place to meet girls in Zagreb nightlife. Here you will find the most popular spot in the city Alcatraz as well as other pick up bars and nightclubs like:

The other main spot for nightlife is by Lake Jarun which is around 20 minutes away. A popular spot is H20 and you can check their Facebook page to get a location for this nightlife area.

For day game the area around the square and the shopping on Ilica will be the best spots. Just remember that getting a girls number in day game might just lead to flakes.

Pushing for an insta bang from a sober girl isn’t always wise, but the ‘wanna smoke weed at my condo down the street’ line might be your best play.

You may also want to head to Zrce Beach or Split during the summer.

Paying For Sex In Zagreb

There are not many good ways to pay for sex in Zagreb. The strip clubs are a complete rip off and should be avoided at all costs.

High entry fees, expensive drinks, even more expensive ladies drinks, and you won’t have sex in Zagreb strip clubs. You are far more likely to get hit with an inflated bill to try to extort more money out of you.

However meeting hookers online is pretty easy on It is the ‘personals’ section of an online newspaper, but you only need to scroll through it for a second to see that it is flooded with Zagreb escort services.

To hook up with girls online you don’t need to pay use Adult Friend Finder. It is a great hook up dating site and there are hundreds of Czech women who have logged in during the last month as of early 2018.

Only slutty girls sign up for a site like Adult Friend Finder.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Zagreb

As this Zagreb sex guide shows there is limited mongering here. However it still has plenty of good places to party and might just be worth a visit.

You can probably find a better mongering scene in Prague as this travel guide details, but this city might be better for free hook ups. Good luck finding girls for sex in Zagreb.

Zagreb mongering sex guide strip clubs escorts call girls

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