Hooking Up With Sexy Girls In Birmingham, UK

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This post on hooking up with hot girls in Birmingham, UK for sex or dating should have a little something for everyone. We have no idea what types of women you like, what your goals are, or what way you like to try to meet them.

So we are just going to load this sex guide up with everything we know on the subject and let you choose your own adventure. For some that will mean going out to the the Broad Street nightlife district to pick up sexy girls in Birmingham.

You can always find a good party in this town, but we know not all guys like to party so the best online dating site in the UK for easy sex will get a shout out. If you use it effectively you can put yourself in a position to have a date with a different girl every night, but that will take some effort.

We will also cover some other stuff like strip clubs, swingers clubs, and where to get sex toys. Like we said, we have no idea what you are into but want to help everyone out as much as possible.

Sexy Girls At Birmingham Hook Up Bars

Party Broad Street meet slutty girls Birmingham easy sex

You can visit these clubs and hook up bars to find slutty girls in Birmingham for sex:

For those that like to go out to pick up drunk girls at bars or clubs you will have plenty to choose from. The Broad Street nightlife district will be the best place to hook up with hot girls in Birmingham for sex the first night. You can find the biggest nightclub in the city there plus many smaller pubs in the area.

Logistics are always key, locate yourself near the most nightlife and give it a go. For day game the Bull Ring Mall is the biggest shopping area in town, walking inside or the cafes nearby will be good places to meet women during the day.

But we all know alcohol always makes it easier. If you were hoping to pick up slutty older women who want sex with younger men head to the best cougar bar, The Birmingham Whiskey Club.

You can read about where to pick up sexy girls in Manchester, Nottingham, Liverpool, or London at those links.

Topless & Nude Strip Clubs

Some of the better known topless & full nude strip clubs in Birmingham have shut down over the past few years, but there are still many to choose from. Remember that these are just gentlemen’s clubs to stare at sexy naked girls dancing, they are not brothels.

Do not expect to get laid in the VIP rooms. Some of the best strip clubs to see sexy girls in Birmingham dancing naked are:

There is definitely a better strip club scene here than what you find in our Sheffield sex guide.

Swingers Clubs & Fetish Sex In Birmingham

Topless nude dancing girls strippers Birmingham swingers clubs

Now we will cover the swingers clubs along with fetish sex and adult toys. When we were doing our post on London swingers clubs we were pretty surprised at how many kinky sex parties and options for BDSM there were.

You may not have quite the same scene here, but it is still far more than most cities around the globe. Some of the best swingers clubs in Birmingham are:

Chameleons was recently renovated and is said to be a lot nicer now. It is a membership club and single men can buy a year membership for 80 euros and then pay an entry fee each time they want to attend as well. The membership for couples is 25 euros.

Remember that if you do want to show up to an orgy or group sex club solo you really need to dress to impress and maybe flash some cash around. Single guys aren’t always welcome at orgies and swingers club.

Xtasia is a fetish sex club that has a dungeon room. Another option for fans of BDSM and fetish sex in Birmingham is to rent out the Under World Dungeon. You and your mistress or submissive can go have some fun in a private room, or you could organize a private sex party and rent out the whole place.

Or if you want to keep things private in your bedroom you can visit any of these adult shops to buy sex toys:

  • Adult World at 1 Hinckley St
  • Angels of Tamworth at 9, Roman Park
  • Clonezone at 84 Hurst St
  • Private Shop at 1-4 Hockley Hill
  • Pulse & Cocktails at 23A Church Ln
  • Simply Pleasure at 284 High St
  • The Book Exchange at 91 Oxford St

Hook Up With Easy Girls Online

Online dating isn’t known to be very popular in the UK, but it is starting to trend upwards. But this post is more about finding sexy girls in Birmingham for hook ups, not searching for a wife. Don’t worry we do have a good resource to tell you about.

Adult Friend Finder has thousands of single UK girls using and a fair chunk of them are in this city. Girls only sign up for a hook up site like that for one reason, it is because they want to meet guys for casual sex as soon as they can.

We won’t try to claim that you can sign up for it while you eat your breakfast and be getting a blowjob by lunch time, but if there are easy girls near you it will be the best way to find them. This isn’t a dating site to meet your future wife, though you never know, Adult Friend Finder is about no strings attached sex.

Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Birmingham for sex or dating.

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