Meeting Girls In San Francisco de Macoris, DR

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If you are looking for a smaller city to meet girls in the Dominican Republic try San Francisco de Macoris. Many guys travel to this country every year but most just hit up the same old cities.

Santo Domingo, Sosua, and Puerto Plata get all the gringos. Give the San Francisco de Macoris girls some love too! They will probably be glad to show you some in return.

The only word of warning is that this is a pretty small town of around 250k. There ain’t much to do so you might get bored when you aren’t in bed with a friendly companion.

However it shouldn’t be that hard to meet San Francisco de Macoris girls. With so few foreign men around you will really stand out and they will definitely be interested.

This isn’t the safest city in the world so try to rent a condo off AirBnb in the nice part of town. Don’t skimp on rent and put yourself in a bad location, if you do expect your stuff to get jacked.

You definitely are going to want to learn some Spanish before coming here, English levels will be very minimal. We will start off talking about meeting single girls during the day, then meeting girls in the nightlife, and finally on the best Dominican dating site.

Hopefully if you use all of the available resources you can have a great trip.

San Francisco de Macoris Girls In Daytime

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Day game may not be the best option for a few reasons. First off this is a very small town so all eyes are going to notice you as you walk by.

That is good in some ways, standing out to the San Francisco de Macoris girls is a great thing. On the other hand if you walk up to a girl on the street to chat her up everyone around is going to stare.

This may turn the girl off and she may feel shy. That won’t be the case with all girls here, some will love the attention that it brings them. Others will not.

If you see a pretty girl around and she smiles at you and sends the signals then of course go for it. But if you try a cold approach and she seems like she doesn’t like it then back off.

Malls are generally good spots but this is a small town so you don’t have many options. You could try to meet them at malls like Palmares and Plastbag but they are pretty small.

Also, the language barrier can make things really hard if you don’t speak Spanish. Day game is all about a conversation.

Girls In San Francisco de Macoris Nightlife

Nightlife will be easier thanks to loud music and more importantly alcohol. There is good nightlife here so you can potentially do well.

Just do your best to survey the scene first and make sure you aren’t hitting on some dudes girl. This wouldn’t be a wise move when you are kind out of in the middle of nowhere like this.

Having sex with San Francisco de Macoris girls on the first night is not at all unheard of and can be done relatively easily. If you have good club game back home then you should do great here.

Some good bars or clubs to check out in the San Francisco de Macoris nightlife are:

There are plenty of others around town though.

Finding Sex In San Francisco de Macoris

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If you don’t like dating girls and would rather pay for sex in San Francisco de Macoris then there will be options around you for sure. At the clubs listed above there will probably be some working girls that would gladly help you out.

You also can probably find escorts on dating apps like Tinder or Badoo that want to earn some extra cash. Hopping in a taxi and asking for a brothel, strip club, or erotic sex massage parlor in San Francisco de Macoris could work also.

Another common place where sex is for sale in the Dominican Republic is car washes. Look for car washes that are open late at night that have people sitting around drinking.

Often times they will basically be bars that employ girls, and those girls can often be prostitutes. If you want prostitutes you will be better off reading our GuysNightlife Sosua sex guide.

Meeting Dominican Girls On Dating Sites

The easiest way to meet girls in San Francisco de Macoris will be on Dominican Cupid. This is the top online dating site in the country and if you start pipelining a week before your trip you will have plenty of numbers before you show up.

Not only can you meet girls here but you can use the site as you travel all around the Dominican Republic to meet girls. That way every city you go to you will have dates lined up before you arrive.

Since this is a small town go ahead and invite girls over to your place for the first date. Many would like to use some discretion and not have the whole town gossiping about them going out with the gringo.

Getting them back to your place is half the battle and many on Dominican Cupid will be glad to skip the hard part.

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Good Luck Meeting Girls In San Francisco de Macoris

While not a big time tourist destination by any means if you want to hang out with sexy Dominican girls this can be a solid spot. You may find it too small to put down roots and stay while, but for a short trip you just might enjoy your stay.

If you wanted to read more about the best single guy vacation spots in the Dominican Republic nightlife check out this eBook guide. Good luck meeting girls in San Francisco de Macoris.

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