Where To Buy Sex Toys In The Dominican Republic

Where buy sex toys online Dominican Republic erotic shop

If you are trying to figure out where to buy sex toys in the Dominican Republic we have some options for you but not too many. This is another one of those countries where it is easier to find a hooker then it is to find a fleshlight.

If you are going to be visiting the country you are much better bringing any type of fetish gear with you instead of trying to get it here. Any time there is such a small supply the prices are going to be very high.

There are many online shops to buy sex toys in the Dominican Republic but trusting them over a major retailer probably isn’t wise. How safe do you feel your credit card info is with them? Plus their prices are higher, but more on that later.

We do know of a couple sex toy shops in Santo Domingo, one in Sosua, and one in Punta Cana that you could visit. Outside of that you are going to need to keep your eyes peeled or ask around as you travel throughout the country.

Maybe some of the Dominican girls you meet along your journey might know of more options.

Sex Shops In The Dominican Republic

We did quite a bit of research on various expat forums, Google searches, and other places where you can find this info and what we found was very limited. If you want a sex shop in Santo Domingo then you can head to the Strip Factory at Avenida Tiradentes 39 or the Sex Shop at Plaza Fernandez II on Avenida Churchill esq. JA Soler.

You can find prostitutes with ease in Sosua but sex toys are a different matter. There is an erotic adult shop called Absolute Pleasure at Pedro Clissante No. 80 and Plaza Carabic No. 4 that is all we could find.

You can also find a Punta Cana adult toy store called Katasutra Sex Shop at Plaza Larimar in the San Juan Shopping Center.

Buy Sex Toys Online

Adult erotic sex toy shops Sosua Santo Domingo Punta Cana

As we mentioned before the markup on these brick and mortar stores is going to be extremely high. There is such a limited supply that they can charge whatever price they want.

There are some Dominican companies that sell sex toys online but why trust them when you can just shop online? There are so many different online adult stores that have a huge selection of every type of erotic adult toy you can think of.

The prices will be as cheap as you will find anywhere and you can read through thousands of product reviews and see customer satisfaction ratings. The Fleshlight is the top adult product for men on the market today. If you are curious to try it out you can get a great price on it at this link.

Santo Domingo sex toy shops Santiago Caballeros

Meeting Dominican Republic Girls

There might be some girls reading this but girls aren’t going to have any problem finding a man to get kinky with in the bedroom. For guys it is a lot more difficult, but at least in this country it shouldn’t be all that hard.

You have some of the best adult resorts in the world and many of them provide girls for you. Or there are plenty of Dominican prostitutes all around the country.

But how genuine of an experience are you going to get with them. Part of the thrill of using sex toys with your partner is watching them try things they have never tried before.

The best way to meet girls here is to use the internet. There are tons of single girls who are looking to mingle online these days.

This might just be the easiest country in Latin America for a single guy to find a date and get her to bed quickly. If not the easiest certainly in the top three.

But remember that when you message girls online you don’t want to freak them out and bring up sex too soon. Actually you should never be bringing it up, just let it happen naturally.

The game plan is simple: contact a lot of girls, invite them on dates, and ask them to join you at your place after the date. Remain a gentleman when you first arrive and then make your move.

As things start to get hot and heated pull out a sex toy and hope that she is into it. If she isn’t then don’t press the issue and try again the next time she comes over.

There are plenty of apps and sites out there to meet sexy girls online here. Because this post is in English we bet there are some tourists reading it.

If you are still in your hometown dreaming about taking a trip try using Adult Friend Finder to find girls for sex near you right now. It is a great site for fast hook ups, and Adult Friend Finder is doing great in American, Canadian, European, and Australian cities these days.

Good Luck Finding Sex Shops

There really are not a lot of sex shops in the Dominican Republic but that doesn’t matter since buying them online is so quick and easy. Plus it gives you discretion and doesn’t make you go into some kinky fetish store and look eye to eye if you don’t want to. The Dominican swingers clubs aren’t as prevalent as you might think either but can also be a lot of fun.

Hopefully this post on where to find sex toys in the Dominican Republic was helpful to you.