Finding Girls For Sex In Hue, Vietnam

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Welcome to our guide to finding girls for sex in Hue, Vietnam. The scene in this city is pretty much the same as it is anywhere around the country.

In every major city you go to here you will find one main tourist and nightlife district. This is where you can find some bars, pubs, and clubs that will mostly be filled with tourists.

Some freelance prostitutes will be around but not near as many as you find in similar touristy nightlife areas around Asia. If you want to find girls for sex in Hue the erotic sex massage spas at hotels are the best option, just as they are all around the country.

Most of the best mongering in Vietnam is at hotel erotic spa’s and this city follows that blueprint as well. Our advice is to not waste time with freelance prostitutes or anything else and just enjoy your happy ending massage.

As far as finding a good woman who isn’t a hooker goes this is not an easy country to be a playboy. You can try to hit on drunk backpackers or you can find a serious girlfriend, but Vietnamese girls aren’t often up for casual sex.

But in a city closing in on half a million people there are surely some sluts around and using the best dating site in the country would be the easiest way to meet women interested in foreign men.

Erotic Sex Massage Spas In Hue

Happy ending mens spas erotic massage Hue Vietnam girls

Prostitution comes in various forms all around the world. In Colombia your best option would be to hit up a brothel, in Europe it is easy to meet escorts online, and in the Philippines you can get a great girlfriend experience from a bargirl with ease.

If you want to find sex in Hue then erotic massage spas are clearly the way to go. This is the case all over Vietnam so you shouldn’t expect it to be any different here.

Typically you will pay between 200k-300k for the massage and then negotiate the tip with the girl. Something like 200k for a handjob happy ending, 500k for a blowjob, and 700k-1 million for a full service sex massage seems to be the going rate. The current rate of exchange is 22k to $1 USD.

Those rates might vary a bit but not too much, and some girls may only be interested in giving handjobs or blowjobs. But if you visit any of the best men’s erotic spas in Hue like:

  • Crown Hotel at 181 Ba Trieu
  • Hotel Dien Bien at 7 Dien Bien Phu
  • Hotel Hoang Tu at 5 An Duong Vuong

You can be pretty sure all of the girls will offer a full service sex massage. There is another good erotic spa for happy ending massage at 50 Nguyen Tri Phuong.

You can find a few more potential options in Pham Van Dong just outside of town. There is also a mini red light district in Hue on Ngự Bình Street but the adult entertainment there mostly caters towards locals, not many foreign men visit this area.

If you only have limited time here just stick with one of the three hotels mentioned before. Their spas will be the easiest and the prices aren’t bad at all.

You might be able to find some Hue escorts online on dating apps or WeChat. They will have common mongering keywords in their profiles like massage, escort, or hotel service.

Vietnamese prostitutes are known to be tough to deal with. The massage girls will be a whole lot more user friendly, just smile when you meet them and be polite and you will have a good time.

Single Girls In The Hue Nightlife

Hue expat tourist foreign pick up bars get laid women ladies

This is not a big town so there isn’t a ton of nightlife. Most foreign men stay in the touristy nightlife district around Doi Cung Street and Chu Van An Street and there will be plenty of pick up bars around here.

Remember the other tourist girls will be the easiest to pick up and get laid with quickly. Local Hue ladies probably won’t be out partying here often or if they are they might be prostitutes.

Some of the best pick up bars and clubs to meet single girls in Hue’s nightlife are:

On a short trip there is enough for a few nights but after a week you will start to realize how small the scene really is. Though that is to be expected, this is a small town after all.

Vietnamese Women Seeking Foreign Men Online

Vietnamese women are known to be very conservative. If you want to have lots of casual sex with girls you aren’t in a serious relationship with choose another country.

But there are always some sluts in every city and many Asian girls really have an interest in foreign men. Since not too many foreigners live or visit this city you will stand out for sure.

But if you approach them in a coffee shop, mall, or even nightclub they might be too shy to reply. They know that in a small town like this everyone will gossip. Add in that they aren’t confident with their English and picking up girls around town won’t be easy.

But there will be some girls on Vietnam Cupid in this city and many more all around the country. Plenty will have an interest in foreign men and many will be so shy to be seen with you that they will accept your invitation to go to your room.

Sex won’t be guaranteed in that case, but it isn’t a bad way to begin a date. Or maybe they will be up for dinner and drinks out at a bar mentioned before and that might help your chances as well.

We aren’t going to try and claim you can sign up to this site and will have 10 horny Hue girls blowing up your phone to hook up every hour. This country doesn’t work like that and it is a much better place to find a serious wife then be a playboy.

But finding girls who are ready to put out now is always a numbers game and online dating on Vietnam Cupid will help you contact more girls in a short amount of time than any other way.

Meet hot call girls Hue escorts sex massage service

Good Luck Finding Sex In Hue

The game plan here is really simple. If you want to monger then hit up the men’s erotic sex massage spas in Hue which are effectively brothels with a little bit of therapeutic service before the fun starts.

If you don’t like paying to monger then hit on tourists or hop on Vietnam Cupid and pipeline a week or ten days before you arrive. That will be plenty of time to get as many numbers as you can from all the single girls in the area, plus you can continue to use the site as you travel around the country.

If you wanted to read more about how foreign men can hook up with sexy Vietnamese girls check out this travel guide for single men. This country is not as user friendly as some others so the more prepared you are the better you will do.

Hopefully this guide to finding girls for sex in Hue was helpful to you.

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  1. Anon says:

    Crown hotel, just walk to reception at evening time and ask to the male/female attendent for a massage. They will give you a room key for 200k and call a girl. Full service is provided, the girl ask for 2m but settled at 1.3m
    I had no luck at Da massage altought I ordered the VIP room but I went in afternoon she tried to end the massage after 40 min

  2. Canh says:

    Good I did sex strongly

  3. Jake says:

    I just went to Dien Bien hotel, don’t come for the massage. She only rubs your back a little bit for 10 min. Handjob 500k blowjob 800k and sex 1 million, price won’t come down. Can’t choose the girl. If you want a quick releive it is ok. If you want something special go to thailand!

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