Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls In Lyon

Hook up hot girls Lyon sex guide get laid

This post on hooking up with hot girls in Lyon for sex or dating should have a little something for everyone. We have no idea what types of women you like, what your goals are, or what way you like to try to meet them.

So we are just going to load this post up with everything we know on the subject and let you choose your own adventure. For some that will mean going out to the Vieux Lyon or Presqu’ile nightlife districts to pick up slutty girls.

You can always find a good party in this town, but we know not all guys like to party so the best dating site in Lyon to meet girls for sex online will get a shout out. If you use it effectively you can put yourself in a position to have a date with a different girl every night, but that will take some effort.

We will also cover some other stuff like strip clubs, swingers clubs, and where to get sex toys. Like we said, we have no idea what you are into but this sex guide will try to help everyone out as much as possible. If you want to try and hook up with more French girls in other cities we have covered your best options at that link.

Sexy Girls At Lyon Hook Up Bars

Vieux Lyon nightclubs bars meet slutty Lyon girls sex

If you want to pick up sexy girls in Lyon try to stay downtown in nightlife districts like Vieux Lyon or in Presqu’ile. In both of these areas you will find many bars, pubs, and clubs where sexy single ladies of the night will be out partying.

They will also be good spots for day game, as will the Part-Dieu which is the biggest mall in the city. With that said remember that French girls aren’t known to be all that friendly to strangers approaching them on the street so if/when you walk into a bitch shield be ready to back off.

The cafes and parks around the major universities here can be good places for day game. Or try to party at the bars near the college campuses. When sexy girls in Lyon want hook ups they go to bars and clubs such as:

If you prefer to try and hit on older women who want to sleep with younger men La Grange is a good cougar bar. Look, most guys don’t understand the amount of effort it takes to pick up girls for sex in the Lyon nightlife. When was the last time you only approached one girl and hooked up with her a few hours later?

It can happen, but it usually doesn’t play out like that. You need to be approaching a ton of women just to find the one who is ready for casual sex right now.

Girls are more emotional and impulsive than guys are. They can go out planning to only chat with their friends, then their mood could change for whatever reason and all of a sudden they are ready to have sex with the next cute guy who says hello or asks them to dance.

Use this to your advantage, think about it like baseball, not like a guy kicking extra points. You aren’t going to make it work on 95% of your kicks, expect to strike out a whole lot.

But the more times you step up to the plate the more home runs you can hit. You should also use that same strategy when trying to get laid in Geneva or anywhere.

Topless & Full Nude Strip Clubs

You probably won’t be having sex at any of the topless or full nude strip clubs in Lyon, remember they aren’t brothels. These are more like cabaret’s to stare at some sexy naked dancing girls and enjoy the eye candy.

These gentlemen’s clubs can be a lot of fun, but we would suggest not running up a tab or paying with a credit card just to make sure they don’t try to scam you. Pay for everything as you go in cash.

Some of the best topless bars and nude strip clubs to see sexy girls in Lyon are:

Group Sex At Swingers Clubs

Where to meet slutty girls in Lyon for easy sex

The local words for swingers clubs here would be echangiste clubs or libertine clubs. If you are trying to find out about orgies and private adult sex parties in Lyon be on the lookout for those words.

There is a huge swingers scene in this country, there might be more group sex clubs here than anywhere else on the planet. Plus you can meet like minded couples and learn about private sex parties at peoples homes or hotel rooms.

Single guys aren’t exactly what they are looking for though. If you are going to show up to an echangiste club solo be sure to dress well and be ready to pay a little extra to get inside. Some of the best swingers clubs in Lyon are:

There aren’t near as many echangiste clubs here as in Paris, but there are still plenty to choose from as this sex guide shows.

Meet Slutty Girls Online

Luckily Adult Friend Finder is very popular in France and there are thousands of women who have logged onto the site within the last month as of earlier this year. Girls only sign up to a hook up site for one reason, to get laid with no strings attached sex.

You will be able to contact hundreds of horny and slutty girls in a matter of hours. That is far more than you would be able to meet in a month of going out to pick up bars every night. If you want to get laid easily and for free then Adult Friend Finder will be your best option.

Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Lyon for sex or dating.

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