Finding Girls For Sex In Istanbul, Turkey

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This is a massive city that never really gets thought of as a place with great nightlife. That isn’t the case, there is a whole lot to do here so finding girls for sex in Istanbul is quite easy.

Most people probably wouldn’t think that prostitution is regulated and legal in some ways here but it is. The illegal types are running a brothel that is not regulated and a girl can get in trouble if she is not getting her health checks or license as well.

While there will be some streetwalkers around you will be better off going to the red light districts for mongering, or better yet attempting to meet hookers in Istanbul online. As with most places in the world many escorts are turning to the internet instead of pounding the pavement.

This is not a great city for strip clubs so you should probably avoid any here. There are also ‘sex clubs’ in Istanbul but they are known to be pretty scammy. Erotic massage isn’t easy to find either.

Your best bets for finding girls for sex in Istanbul are the red light districts, meeting hookers online, an under the radar hook up dating site, and streetwalking prostitutes. At the time of writing this the dollar is worth about 3.8 Turkish Lira.

Red Light Districts In Istanbul

The best place to go if you are looking for the red light district in Istanbul is to head to the Galata Bridge to the Karakoy. Here you will find many different brothels all in one place.

You will need to show your passport to enter if you are a foreigner and then they will likely try to rip you off. They will tell you there is some sort of entrance fee but that is not the case.

Just hold your ground and explain that you have been to Karakoy before and know there is no entry fee and they will let you through. Some security guards will hold out longer then others, but you will always get in.

The price is generally around 40-50 Lira for sex in Karakoy, but foreign men will often be asked to pay more. Again you can try to hold out saying you know the real price and they should eventually give in.

Some girls will only give blowjobs for that price and try to charge more. Take a look at all the available girls and you should find some that will give you a fair price.

Finding Street Prostitutes In Istanbul

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The main place to find street prostitutes in Istanbul in in Aksaray and the surrounding area. You can take a taxi here and you will see many hookers walking around or standing by the road in Aksaray.

You can also head over to Tariabasi Boulevard where there are many street hookers, as well as around Taksim Square. They will hang out at the nice hotels in this area either in front of the hotel or in the lobby and bar.

It is always really hard to put a price on how much a street girl will charge but somewhere between 100 and 200 Lira should get the job done. Meeting hookers in Istanbul online is probably better than this.

There are lots of high class escort sites, or you can meet them on dating apps like Tinder or Facebook. You will be able to find hotter girls that way then at the red light district or on the street generally.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give Aksaray and Taksim Square a shot though.

Happy Ending Sex Massage In Istanbul

If you are looking for a happy ending sex massage in Istanbul it may not be that easy to find these days. Actually these places pop up all the time but then they move quickly.

If you want to find one you can try Googling or you can ask a taxi driver. They change names and locations so quickly at these erotic massage parlors that listing any here would just lead you to last months info.

Skip The Strip Clubs & Sex Clubs

The Istanbul strip clubs and sex clubs are some of the sketchiest parts of the nightlife. All around the world gentlemens clubs are known to try and scam people and it is no different here.

There really are not even too many around, and the ones that are here are known for trying to add huge drink prices to your bill. For some better places to meet easy girls check out this eBook guide.

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Best Nightclubs In Istanbul

So far the mongering may seem like a bore, all you get is a red light district, some skanky street ho’s, and meeting hookers online. Well the Istanbul nightlife has more then that and it comes in the form of nightclubs.

A city this size is sure to have some great partying going on somewhere and it is mostly at the nightclubs. You can try to hook up with non pros here, and there are surely some hookers in the mix as well.

Some of the best pick up bars and nightclubs to meet girls in Istanbul would be:

  • Anjelique
  • Sorte
  • Al Jamal
  • Supperclub
  • Indigo

However there are many nightclubs here spread out in the city or by the beach. If you wanted to hook up with Istanbul girls for free sex but aren’t into the bar scene hop on Adult Friend Finder.

There are over a thousand active female users in Turkey on this hook up dating site as of early 2018. Most of them reside in this city, and while we aren’t going to guarantee you will get laid girls only sign up for that site when they are horny and want some no strings attached sex.

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Have Fun In The Istanbul Nightlife

There is probably more nightlife here then you might expect, but it isn’t really a good place to go for hookers, for them you may want to hit up the Cypress brothels. Even though there is a red light district that is pretty cheap the quality is going to be lacking.

The best way to find the hottest girls is to meet hookers in Istanbul online, at the nightclubs, or at the nicest hotels in the city. That is pretty standard for every city in the world these days.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Istanbul and enjoy the nightlife. If you want to live like a boss and have a harem of girls check out this great eBook.

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