Best Pick Up Bars & Nightclubs To Meet Girls In Saigon

Best Saigon pick up bars nightclubs to meet party girls

In this post we are going to talk about the best pick up bars and nightclubs to meet girls in the Saigon nightlife. So many foreign men head to this city every year and are looking for places to party.

They are often just coming in from other nearby countries where things are more in your face. When trying to pick up Saigon girls in bars or nightclubs things aren’t quite as user friendly for a variety of reasons.

We will start off by breaking down the dating culture here and talking about how it can be quite difficult to hook up with these sexy ladies on the first night. There are quite a few things working against you.

After the bad news we will list the best clubs to go and meet Saigon girls interested in meeting foreign men at party hot spots. There are a wide variety of adult entertainment venues here from normal nightclubs, hostess clubs, and many rooftop bars.

The city itself is a really fun one to party in, you just shouldn’t expect to come here and hook up with drunk party girls every night. Because of that you may want to try to meet women seeking foreign men on the best Vietnamese dating site before you come and hit the ground running.

Lets go ahead and get the bad news of the difficult scene here out of the way.

Saigon Girls Aren’t Easy

Saigon nightlife District 1 pick up bars nightclubs foreign men

Southeast Asian girls have a reputation for being very easy to score with. That is very true in some countries, but in others it isn’t at all. Vietnam is one of the hard ones.

When foreign men are out in the Saigon nightlife girls are not going to be nearly as approachable as you might expect. When people go out here it is extremely social circle oriented, and guys don’t just go up to strangers and ask to buy them a drink.

That is why there are so many hostess clubs here. You have to pay to get a girl to sit with you, and all you are likely going to get is her sitting with you.

When you go out to most places here you will notice they aren’t really pick up bars, it is just a bunch of groups of people standing around their own table. There is no mingling going on between groups, and you won’t see solo guys or crews jumping from table to table trying to hit on chicks.

Even if you are the brave sort that wants to try to do that it is unlikely to work well. You will get blown off a lot of the time, or at best get their number. Pulling them for a one night stand is almost a pipe dream.

Vietnamese girls are very conservative. They are not looking for casual hook ups, friends with benefits, or one night stands. They are looking for a serious boyfriend and it usually takes many dates to get laid.

Could you possibly find the right drunk girl at the right time? Sure, it is possible. But it is far less likely here than in other places around the world.

Approaching isn’t easy, and the girls aren’t very receptive. Oh ya, they also are generally pretty terrible at English. Talking isn’t a huge deal for a club pick up, but if you can’t communicate at all it can be a deal breaker.

Generally you don’t really see foreign men and Saigon girls together, but there are some singles bars and clubs where tourists, expats, and local ladies do mix in more than others. Of course you can expect that the easy girls in those bars are either hookers or at the least gold diggers. Not always, but often.

Alright, enough of the bad news! When there is a will there is a way, and even if you don’t score this is still a fun city to go out and party in. You can find some of the sexiest girls in Asia here.

Best Pick Up Bars & Clubs

Lets start with the nightclubs tourists visit the most. Here you will find lots of Saigon girls interested in foreign men who want to party with them.

That means there will be a decent amount of prostitutes around. Remember in Southeast Asia it isn’t always easy to figure out who is a hooker and who isn’t.

There will also be gold diggers looking to find a rich foreign boyfriend, and there also might be a few slutty Vietnamese girls that just want to hook up. Don’t expect many of that type around, but there might be a few.

Some of the best nightclubs that foreigners frequent are:

Lush is probably the most popular party hot spot, and Tuesdays are a great night to visit because it is ladies night. Chill Sky Bar is one of the many great rooftop bars around town.

If you wanted to head to some more local nightclubs to meet Saigon girls you could visit:

Fuse has its ladies night on Wednesday’s so that would be a good time to visit. Both Glow and Play are located in the same location.

There are plenty of clubs located all around District 1, but those would be some of the best for you to visit.

Saigon Hostess Bars

Saigon hostess bars KTV girls ladies drinks barfine prices

Next we will talk about the many hostess bars in Saigon. At these bars you can pay for girls to sit with you through the night, or you might buy them ladies drinks to join you.

This is a very common phenomenon all around Asia. They aren’t really like Go Go’s in Thailand, don’t expect girls in thongs on a rotating carousel. Also barfines generally aren’t paid to allow the girl to go home with you.

You pretty much are just paying to have a girl sit next to you, chat, and maybe dance a bit. Some of the more popular hostess bars in Saigon are:

  • Bar 91 at Hai Ba Trung
  • Catwalk at 76 Le Lai St
  • Voodoo Bar at 92 Ho Tung Mau
  • New Stalking at 78 Nam Ky Khoy Nghia St
  • VIC Bar on 55 Ho Xuan Huang St

Plus you can find others on Dong Khoi Street, Thi Sac Street, and of course there are many around Bui Vien. You might see some girls dancing on tables in Bui Vien, but its still not really Go Go style.

There are some interesting hostess bars called Club 212 and DC. These are sort of hybrids between a normal nightclub and a hostess bar, and you rarely see foreigners inside.

You can pay 500k dong to have one of the girls sit with you at your table for the night. Some of these girls can be very hot and they will treat it just like it is a date.

Drug use is rampant at these clubs, as it is at most nightclubs in Saigon. The hostesses will be able to get drugs for you and help you do them.

All around you there will be groups of Vietnamese girls and guys partying just like it is any other normal nightclub and not a hostess bar. Like in all other spots around this country you don’t really see guys approaching at all here.

Some of the hostesses at these bars may be up for meeting you at your place later that night if you are willing to pay. This is a great way to find some very sexy girls, but they will probably cost a lot, and there is no guarantee that they actually will want to meet up after.

If you are just looking to pay girls for their time check out our post on finding sex in Saigon.

Asian KTV’s

Similar to the hostess bars are the various KTV’s in Saigon. The main difference is you probably have a higher chance of finding prostitutes at them.

Many of them are located on Ngo Van Nam Street, but there are plenty all around town. They are similar to other Asian KTV’s where you again pay girls to join you.

This is either by buying them ladies drinks, or sometimes you just pay a fee to have them hang out in your KTV room. How much actual fun you can have with them will vary from place to place and girl to girl.

If you are lucky you might get to bang them right there in the private rooms or back at your place. More often though guys come to these places, spend lots of money, and get nothing more than a tease.

Some Saigon KTV’s you could check out are:

  • Tre Bamboo
  • Cherry Club
  • Kingdom Karaoke
  • Jumbo
  • Kawano Club

Prostitute pick up bars Saigon escorts nightclubs drugs

Prostitute Bars In Saigon

As mentioned in Southeast Asia you never really know what a girls motivation is. Some of the girls may just want to go out and party, some may be looking for a foreign boyfriend, and others may be wanting money.

Many times the ones that want money are too shy to ask for it and just hope you know the deal. That makes picking up girls in the nightlife a bit more difficult.

If you did want to try and specifically find prostitute pick up bars in Saigon then there are two main ones you should visit. The first would be Apocalypse Now which is the most (in)famous hooker disco in the city.

Another good place would be Go 2 Bar located closer to Bui Vien. At both of these pick up bars you can pretty much assume every girl is a prostitute interested in foreign men. Walk up, be polite, and after a short chat make her an offer.

Remember that many hotels in this city are not ‘girl friendly’ so you may want to rent a condo off AirBnb to get around that.

Enjoy Meeting Girls In Saigon Nightlife

There are many different ways to have fun in this city, but pulling easy girls really isn’t one of them. You need to spend some time with a girl, make her comfortable with you, and really date her to get laid most of the time here.

The best thing you can do is hop on Vietnam Cupid before your trip to pipeline. Message as many girls as you can and then set up dates with the hottest that reply on your first days in town.

Try and have a quick coffee date first, then on the second night take them out in the nightlife. If you are lucky they might put out on date 2, if not it could be on date 3 or sadly never.

This isn’t a great town to try and play the field. On the other hand it is a great place to come to find a very sexy girlfriend.

If you wanted to read more about how to get the most out of your first trip read our Vietnam nightlife guide. It covers this city in depth, but also breaks down some other common places tourists go.

Now that you know where the best pick up bars and nightclubs to meet girls in Saigon seeking foreign men are you are far more prepared then you were 20 minutes ago.

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