Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls In Vang Vieng

Hook up hot girls Vang Vieng sex guide get laid

In this post about hooking up with hot girls in Vang Vieng for sex or dating we will try to get you fully prepared for your trip. This is a very popular stop for girls backpacking through Laos and all of Southeast Asia, particularly slutty ones who like to party and do drugs.

This is another city where even though drugs are illegal you can find them with no problems at all. The fines are steep if you happen to get caught with them, but everyone else here is also using so why would you be the unlucky one?

This Vang Vieng girls and sex guide will try to focus more on the easy girls and getting laid aspect of this city. We will also tell you about the best online dating site in Laos so you can try to meet some local girls if they are more your flavor. Just remember that it is technically illegal to have sex with Laos girls before marriage so you need to be discreet if you do.

Sexy Girls At Vang Vieng Hook Up Bars

This is a pretty cool place to visit for the drugs, parties, and backpacking girls who probably will feel slutty want to have sex after doing all types of drugs. There are many bars here where weed, shrooms, and other drugs are openly sold. You are probably best off buying and consuming them in the bar, then leaving once you aren’t holding anything illegal on you.

Not that you are likely to get in trouble here, but you could potentially get ‘fined’ and if you can’t afford to pay it you don’t want to end up on Locked Up Abroad. This is an unlikely scenario, but it is better safe than sorry.

There are a few that are known to openly sell drugs, but if you can’t find drugs here without our assistance you have bigger issues. Some of the best bars to party and try to have sex with girls in Vang Vieng are:

Be sure to ask these bars when there happy hours are. Many bars here will even give out free drinks and everyone heads to that bar during the free hour and then moves across the street when the next bar starts their free drink promo.

If you are new to party towns like this one then these next tips are very important. We all pick up girls in different ways, if you are usually the type of guy who takes it a bit slower that is not the recommended strategy here.

Back at home you have time to slowly build up a connection with a girl before you make a move once you know she is totally down. That may or may not be the best way there, but it certainly isn’t the best way here.

There are a few reasons for this, the first being that even if you are going to be here for a while you can’t assume she is going to be. Most sexy girls in Vang Vieng are only here for a few nights, or maybe a week at most.

Assume they are all tourists unless told otherwise. That means you have no time to waste, you have to get out there and approach with reckless abandon. Hit the dance floor and see if any sluts want to grind on your D, they are more likely to want to hook up than others.

Look around the bar, locate the hottest girls and go introduce yourself. Be more flirtatious than you usually are, and overall more aggressive. The second reason this is so important is because if spend all night getting to know a girl when you go to the bathroom some stud will swoop in and get what you have been waiting for.

Meeting Asian Women Online

For online dating the best site to use in Laos is Asian Dating. This will be the best way for you to meet girls for casual sex before you arrive in town and hope to date and possibly hook up with them.

You probably won’t find a large number in Vang Vieng, it may be better to try and meet an adventurous and fun loving girl in Vientiane first and try and bring her here with you. Just make sure she knows about the partying culture before you make the trip. Most girls there are so prude they may hop right back on the bus when they see what this city is all about.

This isn’t a great country to find sluts, but if you want to find a loving foreign girlfriend or bride you can easily do that on Asian Dating.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Vang Vieng

Lets mention that this is not a big city with good infrastructure. It is pretty much only worth visiting for the drugs, the slutty girls and easy sex, plus the tubing on the river.

If you are backpacking around the region and want to meet some like minded individuals then head here. If you just want to bang some sexy Asian girls there are much better places to visit.

Good luck when trying to hooking up with hot girls in Vang Vieng for sex or something more long term.