Where To Meet Single Girls In Madrid, Spain

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This guide to meeting single girls in Madrid, Spain will try to help you get prepared for the tough journey ahead. This is not an easy country pull one night stands from, at least not from the local girls.

You are going to have a much easier chance hitting on the many tourists who are visiting. Most single Madrid girls will be hard to lay quickly, the nightlife is very social circle oriented and prying them away from their friends can be quite difficult.

You probably will need to invest some time and have patience with them. Meet them, take them on a few dates, and hopefully they put out sooner rather than later. That is how it is in most places around the world but Spanish girls are definitely not known to be easy.

In this post we will start off with some day game options, where to meet girls in the nightlife, and also mention a good hook up site to potentially find some easier pickings. If you just want to cut to the chase then this post on sex in Madrid might be more your style.

Where To Day Game

First off you need to figure out which area of town you want to stay in. Gran Via is the main place most tourists stay and there will be plenty of day game opportunities here.

It is also where you will find plenty of strip clubs and brothels if you have any interest in them. More recommended places to stay would be by the Plaza Sol or Plaza Espana.

Pick any of those locations and you can walk out of your hotel or AirBnb and be in prime spots for day game. There will also be plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars around.

Often times girls in Madrid will be more receptive to an approach in a mall then on the street. Some of the best malls would be:

  • ABC Serrano
  • Centro Comercial Príncipe Pío
  • La Gavia
  • La Vaguada

When the weather is nice just stroll around the areas mentioned above and you will have plenty of day game opportunities. Tourists will definitely be a lot easier to pull than local girls and speaking Spanish will improve your chances a lot.

Meeting Girls In The Madrid Nightlife

One thing that is very important to remember is that nightlife in Spain runs very late. People don’t usually have lunch until after 2pm, dinner until around 10pm, and they hit the clubs really late.

So when trying to meet girls in Madrid’s nightlife remember that. You may think that going out at midnight is late enough but it really isn’t.

As we mentioned before things are really social circle oriented here, at least when it comes to the locals. It will be a whole lot easier to get a one night stand out of a tourist.

It won’t be hard to dance or chat with a local, but pulling them from their group of close friends on that first night is pretty rare. With that said some good pick up bars and clubs to meet single girls in Madrid’s nightlife are:

Ice Bar is a cool bar (couldn’t resist) where they give you a winter jacket when you enter and they keep the temperature freezing. At El Tigre you get free tapas with your drinks.

There are also a lot of neighborhood pub crawls you can easily find online. If you are the type that likes to head out with a group then that is a great way to find one.

If you want to get really kinky you could even check out the swingers clubs in Madrid.

Many Girls On Adult Friend Finder

Pick up bars Grand Via nightlife slutty Madrid girls

On this site we really don’t bring up Adult Friend Finder in most cities. The only place where we routinely seem to mention it is Europe and that is because it is the only part of the world where you see a lot of active female users.

There are over 1,000 girls currently using Adult Friend Finder in Madrid as of early 2018. The only city in Spain with more is Barcelona at around 1,200.

All of these girls sign up to the site for one reason. They are surfing for porn or some sex related topic, see an advertisement, and get curious. The same way you do.

Even though it can be hard to pull girls from nightclubs or in day game here that doesn’t mean girls don’t like sex. They just don’t want the people in their social circle to know when they hook up with a guy.

Are we guaranteeing that you will meet a hot friend with benefits within 30 minutes of signing up? Of course not, just letting you know that if you are struggling to meet girls that put out in this city there is an alternative you may not have tried yet.

Hook up easy girls Madrid get laid dating women

Good Luck Meeting Madrid Girls

This is not an easy country to be a playboy in. Luckily there are so many awesome brothels around if you hit a dry spell. But if you put in the effort you can get laid for free here.

To read more about all of the best places to get laid in Spain check out this travel guide for single men. It breaks down the best mongering and pick up opportunities around the country.

Hopefully this guide to meeting single girls in Madrid was helpful to you.

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