Are Expensive Dating Clubs In Japan A Scam?

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One must wonder if these expensive dating clubs in Japan are a scam or not? If you see the prices of these things it is hard to not think so.

That kind of depends on your definition of scam. They are likely to do exactly what they say, the question is why do they cost so much money to do it when you can use online dating sites for the same result?

Universe Club is one of the more popular dating clubs in Japan, but also one of the most expensive. Lets break it down now so you can decide whether it is a scam or not.

What Is The Price Of A Dating Club In Japan?

As a guy you will pay a membership that at its cheapest is ‘only’ 30k yen, and the most expensive option is 300k yen. For those that deal in dollars that is a range of roughly $250-$2500 USD. Some of you are probably already thinking that yes, these clearly are a scam.

Well, it gets even better! Not only do you pay this annual membership fee to the dating club but you also pay the club 30k yen to set up a date for you for the ‘standard’ Japanese girls. There is an even higher fee of 50k for some higher tier women.

But we aren’t done yet, not only are you paying a membership fee to pay the club again for the date, you also have to pay each Japanese girl when you go on a date with her!

Typically this is 5k yen more just for her to have dinner with you. If anything else happens she will surely have her hand out for more money.

So you are paying money to be able to pay money to take them out to dinner, then pay for the dinner and pay them as well. We didn’t say pay enough yet so wanted to say it again.

What Happens During Your Date?

Universe Club compensated dating Japan sexy girls escorts

Before you go on the date you get to pick out which girl you want to escort you from the site. In their profiles it will say what the girl will do on a date, some say dinner only, others will be full on escorts that go with you to a ‘love motel’ for more fun.

If you go that route expect to pay at least 30k yen more. Or another $250ish. More frequently you show up at the restaurant, pay for the meal, give her 5k, and say have a good night.

Now if these girls are actually giving you a chance on these dates then this may not be too terrible. It is your money and you are free to spend it how you want, and if you think paying for a first date saves you the time of finding one then fine.

But, what if these Japanese Dating Club girls are just seeing a nice opportunity here. Go on a date where they have already said all they want to do is meet you at the restaurant. Get a free meal and get paid for the privilege.

This is where the potential scam part of the equation comes in. What is stopping any of these girls from doing that? It is doubtful the dating club cares as long as they are making money.

And with how sexy Asian girls can be some guys fall for them and just keep handing them more and more money.

Better Options For Finding Dates In Japan

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There are much better ways to find a date then these dating clubs, but we think you are probably smart enough to realize that on your own. Paying a membership fee to be able to pay to pay more is generally never a good strategy for anything.

We assume that most readers here are not from Japan, so if you are traveling this country and want a date there are other options. For instance if you are going to try and meet girls in Tokyo or Nagoya check out those links.

Or just search ‘gaijin singles bars in xxxx city’ and something should pop up. Then you can head there and find single Japanese girls that are looking to date westerners.

If that isn’t working out then hop on to Japan Cupid. You can sign up for a much cheaper price than these silly dating clubs and (obviously) don’t have to pay your date to eat the free meal you buy her.

Just send out some messages, don’t use big words, and remember that these girls probably won’t be very good at English. Be kind, respectful, and at the end of the night invite them back to your place.

It may work, it may not, but you don’t have to pay to pay to pay to find out.

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Don’t Waste Your Money On Dating Clubs

The guys who sign up for these things must not know about the internet, so they probably will never find this page. If they knew about it they would know about all the other options to get dates without something as dumb as this.

Go out to gaijin singles bars, say hi when you see a pretty girl and see where it goes. Hop on Japan Cupid and message every cute girl you see, keep the conversation simple, and hope for the best.

If you want to plan the perfect trip to the Japan nightlife check out this eBook guide.  It breaks down the nightlife in the major cities you will visit.

Are expensive dating clubs in Japan a scam? Technically not since the girls say in their profile they just want to have dinner with you. But if you are gullible enough to pay for a service like this you are bound to be scammed by someone in the near future.

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