Breakdown Of The Strip Clubs In Tokyo

Topless full nude strip clubs Tokyo sexy naked girls dancing

This is a popular tourist destination for good reason. Many guys come here and wonder what are Tokyo strip clubs like? Well this post will help you out a bit.

You need to remember that there are many different options when trying to find girls in Tokyo. So paying just to see some girls dance naked on stage may not be the best use of your time.

However they can be a very fun place to hang out and the Japanese girls working at them are really hot. They are just another great part about the nightlife that you can take part in.

Well, sometimes that is. Knowing which strip clubs in Tokyo are foreigner friendly is definitely important if you aren’t a local.

Foreigner Friendly Tokyo Strip Clubs

Gaijin friendly topless strip clubs Tokyo with hottest girls

Some of the topless and full nude Tokyo strip clubs are gaijin friendly and some aren’t. If you are new to reading about Japan gaijin friendly basically means can tourists/white people get inside.

There are many places in this country that will not allow foreigners in. With the odd Asian culture of losing face/shame they don’t want some rich Japanese businessman to never return because a foreigner said hello and he could not reply.

It sounds silly, but it is the culture. So instead of risking pissing off the majority of their customer base they don’t let tourists inside.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of foreigner friendly strip clubs in Tokyo like:

  • Kawasaki Rockza
  • Hinodecho Rockza
  • Shinjuku New Art
  • Asakusa Rockza

There are some places in Kabukicho like DX Kabukicho that are also foreigner friendly. Be careful of touts on the streets trying to invite you into Tokyo strip clubs you don’t know about. You might end up with an inflated bill.

Tokyo Tantra is a fetish strip club where girls will start out dressed in various BDSM gear and then dance fully nude that is also gaijin friendly. Plus you can visit the foreigner friendly 7th Heaven strip club which has international dancers from around the globe.

How Much Do Tokyo Strip Clubs Cost?

They aren’t cheap, most have a cover charge of between 4000 and 5000 yen which at the time of writing is between $30 and $50 USD. There is no drink pressure and they don’t even generally have bars. You may want to bring a drink with you or look for something from a vending machine. Ya, its odd.

Be sure to not confuse these with hostess clubs where the ladies keep their clothes on at all times and all you do is chat.

What Happens In Tokyo Strip Clubs?

Best foreigner friendly topless nude strip clubs Tokyo dancers

Don’t expect to hear sick beats from a DJ for the girls to shake their ass, it’s not like that. Instead they will have some sort of routine that has them going from sexy costume down to naked.

They will make sure that you get a good view of all they have to offer before their time is up which is usually about 15 or 20 minutes per girl. There also are no lap dances and no ‘VIP rooms’ these are just shows that the girls put on.

You are going in to see sexy naked Tokyo girls on stage. You also can take pictures with them if you want to pay a few dollars more.

Can You Have Sex In Tokyo Strip Clubs?

If you have been paying attention the answer to this one should be pretty obvious. If you can’t even get a lap dance then having sex will be pretty hard.

With no VIP rooms there wouldn’t be anywhere to do it. Plus in Japan selling sex is illegal, but paying for blowjobs is not. But nope, no blowjobs will go down in a Tokyo strip club either.

If a tout on the street tells you differently you are probably about to walk into a trap.

Should You Visit A Strip Club In Tokyo?

That is your decision. It seems like quite a bit of money to pay to watch a girl get naked. There are much better things to do in the great nightlife this city has to offer. Or you could just try to meet single girls in Tokyo that love gaijin guys online.

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Hope this post on what the strip clubs in Tokyo are like was helpful to you. If you are expecting a western strip club experience, or even something more, you will probably be disappointed.