Pro Tips On How To Make A Girl Squirt

How to make a girl squirt orgasm pussy

Lots of guys really enjoy watching girls squirt, it is a very popular type of porn video. This post isn’t about porn though, instead we are sharing some pro tips on how to make a girl squirt.

There are certain things you need to remember going in though, the first is that not every girl can squirt. Actually most can’t do it, that is what makes the squirting porn so unique.

Secondly, not all girls like the same things. While most girls will squirt from the same technique, not all girls will find this the most pleasurable way to please them in bed.

So you can try these techniques, but if the girl doesn’t seem like she is enjoying it or flat out asks you to stop you should probably give up. Every girl is different and reading what each one does and doesn’t like is key to pleasing them.

How To Get A Girl Turned On Before She Squirts

Girls are not the same as guys, once are dick is hard we are fully ready to stick it in and get going. Girls need to get fully turned on for them to have maximum pleasure.

As mentioned every girl is different, but for a good majority of them the neck is one of their main erogenous zones. A kiss gets her mentally turned on, a kiss on the neck gets her body turned on.

Always progress slowly, don’t just start pawing all over her body. Move your hands over her legs and mid section before you make your way to her tits or pussy. The longer you make her wait for the real pleasure the more she will want it.

When you first start feeling her breasts don’t go straight to the nipples, in fact avoid them. Do your best to make the first time you touch her nipples be with your tongue and lips if possible.

Same with her clit, feel all around between her legs and slowly work your hands closer and closer, but never touch it. Then put a bit of spit on your fingers and gently start to play with it.

The anticipation of what is going to come will drive her wild.

How To Make A Girl Squirt

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Now that you have her fully turned on you can try to make her squirt. Girls will squirt because of pressure on their ‘g-spot’ which you can find inside of her vagina.

Have her lay on her back, putting a pillow under her butt to raise it up a bit can help but isn’t mandatory. Now that she is on her back and you have slid a finger inside you want to focus on the upper half of her vagina (from this angle) a couple of inches just inside of the entrance.

There will be an almondy shaped area that feels a bit different than the rest, that is the g-spot. If a girl can squirt that is likely the spot that will make it happen.

Use one finger and start to rub over that, slowly at first and then quicker later. Then you can start to do the come hither motion curling your finger upwards to put more pressure on it.

Like always start soft and slow, then work to hard and fast. Watch her and make sure she is comfortable with what you are doing before you go to hard.

Girls are built to take hard and fast so for most this won’t be an issue, but some are so sensitive that they can’t take it. As long as she is comfortable keep upping the speed and the pressure.

If she is able to squirt then this will be how you do it. You may also want to try and stimulate her clit at the same time, you can do this by inserting your fingers all the way in so that your palm is pressed against it.

Then move your hand up and down, your palm will rub her clit and your fingers will get her g spot. Or just use both hands, one come hithering on the g spot while the other hands fingers are running circles around her clit.

Some girls will cum easily from this, others will take a very long time and may never cum at all. Still, if you put in some effort she will recognize it and want to make you happy as well.

Here is a video showing proper fingering techniques that also touches on how to make a woman squirt.

Good Luck Making Girls Squirt

If you can please your partner in the bedroom then she is going to want to come back and do it again soon. While dating is a numbers game the easiest way to have lots of sex is to know how to please a woman so she will come back for more.

Some girls cum easily, some can almost ever reach orgasm. Knowing the right techniques will give you the best chance, and if you look around our in the bedroom section you will find many more techniques and kinky sex toys to help you achieve your goal.

Good luck and hope these pro tips on how to make a girl squirt helped you out! Meet girls who enjoy casual sex as much as you on Adult Friend Finder and practice these new techniques.

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