Reviewing The Best Strip Clubs In Luxembourg  

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As we review the best strip clubs in Luxembourg we will tell you about the best gentlemen’s clubs where you can see the hottest nude dancers near you. There are a few different options out there and most have a whole lot to offer.

If you are hoping to watch some sexy naked girls dancing then you can certainly find some top talent here. This is a very international place with tons of money which in turn brings in exotic women from all around the world.

You will not just be looking at a bunch of local girls here. Instead you can find sexy topless and full nude dancers in all varieties at these gentlemen’s clubs in your area.

We will start off by listing the best strip clubs in Luxembourg with the hottest strippers, plus give some tips for how to have a better time at them. You can read our full sex guide on this city at that link.

Best Strip Clubs In Luxembourg

When you hear someone say the hottest strippers in Luxembourg that is really some high praise. Any time you are in a rich place this you are likely going to have many of the hottest girls from around the region coming in to get their hands on as much as possible.

Variety is the spice of life and this is a great city to find it. The best strip clubs in Luxembourg with the hottest naked dancers are:

  • Milady Palace – 24 Rue de Bonnevoie
  • Joya Club – 20 Avenue de la Liberté
  • Saumur Crystal Club – 13 Rue Dicks
  • Cabaret Follie’s Club – 59 Rue du Fort Neipperg
  • Chez Alex – 20 Rue Joseph Junck
  • Cabaret Le Beauvoir – 22 Rue Joseph Junck

Usually you just see hot topless dancers, but sometimes full nudity is in play. Remember these are strip clubs in your area and not brothels so do not expect sex in the VIP room.

Prices At Gentlemen’s Clubs

It is difficult to discuss prices at gentlemen’s clubs in Luxembourg because there are many different clubs and many different variables to deal with. One club may charge you one amount in the early evening on a Thursday while the next may charge three times as much on a weekend night. All in all the prices are pretty similar at all of them.

Drinks are usually where they get you at any strip club near you. Expect to pay a hefty sum to even get a soda or a bottled water, beers aren’t cheap either and liquor will be even more.

Generally lap dances are 20 euros but some girls may decide to charge more. Be sure to confirm everything before you start, and make sure the stripper knows exactly what you want and what you are willing to pay. Otherwise she may just keep dancing and then expect you to pay her 100 if you never asked her to stop.

These are not brothels or prostitute bars so if you want more than a lap dance fire up Adult Friend Finder and start chatting with the easy girls who want to hook up on that site. There were a few hundred in the Luxembourg area who were actively using it as of earlier this year, and tens of thousands more across Europe.

Being such a transient place the girls who just move here can get pretty bored. Many turn to Adult Friend Finder when they feel the need to get laid.

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Have Fun At Luxembourg Strip Clubs

You can certainly see a ton of talent at these gentlemen’s clubs near you. Some of you will just want to watch the hottest strippers in Luxembourg dancing topless or fully nude on stage, while others may hope that you can find sex in the VIP rooms.

Just remember that these are not brothels that sell sex. Hopefully this review of the best strip clubs in Luxembourg was helpful to you.