Finding Girls For Sex In Cairo, Egypt

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If you want to try to find girls for sex in Cairo, Egypt discretion is the most important thing. Also don’t have unrealistic expectations as it is unlikely you will find it anyways.

This is a very conservative country where girls walk around fully covered all day and night. The local Egyptian girls are pretty much completely off limits, there are very few sluts in these parts.

Paying for sex in Cairo is definitely not advisable either. There are some strict laws here and you don’t want to get caught up in any legal trouble.

If all you care about is a mongering vacation and getting some ass then there is no reason to visit. If however you want to check out the pyramids then go for it, and if you somehow get lucky then be happy about that.

We start this Cairo sex guide by talking about how mongering might be a bad idea and then mention picking up non pro girls. The best online dating site in Africa can help things out, but it isn’t a guarantee.

Paying For Sex In Cairo

The best advice is to not try to go with Cairo prostitutes for sex. As mentioned the laws are very strict here and you don’t want any part of them.

You aren’t finding any red light districts and if there are any brothels a tourist is highly unlikely to find them. It is possible to meet hookers online but it is extremely risky.

Pretty much the only way to pay for sex with prostitutes is to live here for awhile, find a reliable contact, and cross your fingers. You might be able to find some Cairo escort services online or independent call girls on dating apps and social media.

However with such strict prostitution and sex laws it might not be worth it. If you want to try look for girls who use common mongering keywords in their profiles like escort, massage, or hotel service.

All in all it is best to be avoided, if you want hookers in Africa go to Mombasa.

Meeting Girls In Cairo

If you want to try to meet girls in Cairo that aren’t hookers then you should stay in Zamalek. This is a nice upscale area of the city located on an island in the middle of the Nile River.

Girls here will often be less conservative, you might even see their faces! Really, the scene around town is very dim and even in the best spot the pickings won’t be good.

The best thing you can do is try to hit on other tourists. Some good pick up bars and nightclubs to meet girls in the Cairo nightlife would be:

  • Le Bistro
  • The Garden
  • Amici
  • Riverside
  • Pub 28

There really is no reason to even try day gaming girls on the street. They aren’t interested in casual sex, look for drunk tourists in the nightlife and hope for the best.

For day game you can try the American University of Cairo near Tahrir Square. You will find girls from all over the world studying here that might be more liberal then the locals.

If you do somehow pull a local girl remember to stay discreet. It is not uncommon for girls here to get beaten for losing their virginity before marriage. Renting a condo off AirBnb will definitely make them more comfortable going back to your place, a hotel will be a no go.

Best Dating Site In Africa

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There always have to be some sluts around right? Even in an extremely conservative Islamic country like this there has to be some percentage of the population that gets horny and will engage in pre-marital sex.

Whether this is 1% of all Cairo girls or .1% there still have to be some out there. The most popular online dating site in Egypt and all of Africa is Afro Introductions.

We are not by any means going to guarantee you success by using it. The vast majority of the Cairo girls on the site are going to be extremely conservative, but it only takes one.

They have already shown at least some interest by signing up, if there are sluts in this city then this will be where to find them. Another option is Adult Friend Finder, we rarely mention this site in our African city guides but there are actually quite a few girls in Cairo using it to get laid.

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Don’t Go To Cairo For Sex

If you are taking a single guys vacation to get laid skip this city. This single guy’s travel guide can tell you about plenty of better places to visit and meet easy girls.

If you do try to find girls for sex in Cairo be discrete, not only to protect yourself but also for the girl as well.

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