Picking Up Single Girls In Cairo, Egypt

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If you want to try to pick up single girls in Cairo, Egypt for casual sex discretion is the most important thing. Also don’t have unrealistic expectations as it is unlikely you will find it anyways.

Egypt is a very conservative country where girls walk around fully covered all day and night. The local Cairo girls are pretty much completely off limits for casual sex, there are very few sluts in these parts.

If however you want to check out the pyramids then go for it, and if you somehow get lucky then be happy about that. We start this Cairo girls and sex guide off with where to meet women in public. The best online dating site in Africa can also help you out, but it isn’t a guarantee.

Picking Up Girls In Cairo

If you want to try to meet slutty girls in Cairo for casual sex then you should stay in Zamalek. This is a nice upscale area of the city located on an island in the middle of the Nile River.

Girls here will often be less conservative, you might even see their faces! Really, the scene around town is very dim and even in the best spot the pickings won’t be good.

The best thing you can do is try to hit on other tourists. Some good bars and nightclubs to pick up slutty girls in the Cairo nightlife for quick sex would be:

  • Le Bistro
  • The Garden
  • Amici
  • Riverside
  • Pub 28

There really is no reason to even try day gaming Egyptian girls on the street. They aren’t interested in casual sex, look for drunk tourists in the nightlife and hope for the best.

For day game you can try the American University of Cairo near Tahrir Square. You will find girls from all over the world studying here that might be more liberal then the locals.

If you do somehow pull a local girl remember to stay discreet. It is not uncommon for girls here to get beaten for losing their virginity before marriage. Renting a condo off AirBnb will definitely make them more comfortable going back to your place, a hotel will be a no go.

Dating In Traditional Countries

When trying to pick up girls in more traditional countries like Egypt you have to realize that most are going to be extremely prude. A huge number will be virgins, or if they have had sex it was with a long term boyfriend.

Could you be such a handsome dude that they change their ways for one night? Sure, why not, you could also win the lottery tomorrow. But if you want to be more realistic then do not expect or even hope for that.

Instead what you will have to do is use a mass volume approach here. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket hoping to turn a good girl out, instead take a shot with all of them until you find one of the elusive sluts. Don’t go for a one in a ten thousand shot with only one ticket, go for it with as many tickets as you can get.

That means go out on the dance floor, see if you can find a Cairo girl who will shake her ass on you for a few songs, and then try to go for a makeout. If she isn’t down right then she probably won’t be later. You never know, things could change as the night goes on, but the percentages disagree.

Don’t even waste your time with day game, it is far too slow to track down the 1/1,000 you are looking for. At least you know the girls out drinking and partying at bars are less traditional than most which means they are also less likely to be prude.

But online dating sites is where you can really shine in a country like Egypt. We just said you want to track down a 1/1,000 shot, well if you are going to do that use technology to help make it a lot easier on you.

Don’t bother with long chats, and you probably shouldn’t even go out on dates. Invite girls over to Netflix and chill, just about all of them will say no, but when you find that one who says yes you know she is looking for the same thing as you. For some African cities with more slutty girls try Accra, Abidjan or Lagos.

Meet Girls Online In Egypt

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There always have to be some sluts around right? Even in an extremely conservative Islamic country like this there has to be some percentage of the population that gets horny and will engage in pre-marital sex.

Whether this is 1% of all Cairo girls or .1% there still have to be some out there. The most popular online dating site in Egypt and all of Africa is Afro Introductions.

We are not by any means going to guarantee you success by using it. The vast majority of the Cairo girls on the site are going to be extremely prude, but it only takes one.

They have already shown at least some interest by signing up, if there are sluts in this city then this will be where to find them. Another option is Adult Friend Finder, we rarely mention this site in our African city guides but there are actually quite a few girls in Cairo using it to get laid, and you can find other sluts around Egypt on it also.

If you do try to find single girls for sex in Cairo be discrete, not only to protect yourself but also for the girl as well.

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