Where To Hook Up With With Sexy Girls In Langkawi

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If you are looking to hook up with hot girls in Langkawi for sex or dating you are going to have your work cut out for you. This is more of a ‘family friendly’ vacation destination then it is a place to find wild nightlife. That doesn’t mean you can’t happen to find the right bored tourist at the right time for some casual Langkawi sex, but again don’t bank on it.

As most know almost all Malaysian girls can be very prude. Expecting them to want to do a one night stand is wishful thinking, but there is always a chance. If they are your goal then using the best dating site in the country will be your best option.

Sexy Girls At Langkawi Hook Up Bars

Nightclubs and bars to meet slutty Langkawi girls for sex

Most travelers stay on Pantai Cenang and the beach in this area. This is where you will find most of the nightlife, but the nightlife is laid back beach bars and not really a nightclub scene.

You don’t find a lot of backpackers visiting here like you do in most of Southeast Asia. With the lack of prostitutes you don’t find lots of old mongers walking with 20 something sexy Langkawi girls either.

As we mentioned at the start this is more of a family friendly destination. Expecting to come and bang a lot of girls is wishful thinking for sure.

With that said when hot girls in Langkawi want sex that night they go to:

If you find yourself on the north side of the island check out Rhu Bar. You can also try to day game at Cenang Beach. Picking up girls in a bar is different than in a club. Clubs are all about physical attraction and dancing. Let both of your bodies move in rhythm, get her turned on, and hope she is down when you try to escalate.

Bars are usually quieter and conversation is king. You will need to let your words win her over, not your appearance. Have a chat, flirt, and see where it can lead. Eventually invite her to another cool bar in the area, or see if she is already down to go back to your place.

Have Realistic Expectations

These days so many guys have completely unrealistic expectations when it comes to picking up girls. We blame it on Instagram filters, you spend all day looking at soft porn models showing off their sexy bodies and beautiful faces, even though in reality those girls are actually a notch or two below what you see.

Then you go out in public and all of the women you see look so average in comparison. Well guess what, for most men having casual sex with an average looking woman is far better than you should expect!

Girls don’t have to date down, and they certainly don’t have to hook up down. A girl who is a 6 can easily find a guy much better looking than her to have sex with any time any day.

It doesn’t work the same for us, so lower your expectations and forget about the Instagram models. They are just an illusion, enjoy whatever you can get. In a city like this one you can’t be that picking, if you wait for a super sexy girl in Langkawi to hit on you might never find her.

Online Dating In Malaysia

The best online dating site in the country is Malaysian Cupid and you might have some luck using that. We doubt there are a ton of girls on the island using the site but the ones who are probably have an interest in meeting foreigners.

Or you could meet girls in other cities around the country and invite them to visit you here. Who wouldn’t pass up a free trip to the beach? And if they know they are sharing a hotel bed with you then your odds of scoring are quite good.

Most guys will probably start out in Kuala Lumpur first. Meet a girl on Malaysian Cupid there and if you have a good time together then bring her with you to the beach. Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Langkawi for sex or dating.

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