Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls In Kampot

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This post on hooking up with hot girls in Kampot for sex or dating should have all the info you need to plan a smash trip or find something long term. 90% of life is about showing up, so just go out and try to make as much happen as you can.

Day game is where we will start off, it is a really under-utilized resource by many guys. If you only try to hit on women when the sun is down then you are really wasting a lot of valuable time.

Most guys prefer nightlife, and here the best spot to party is all around the area where foreigners stay. Guys who want to hook up with sexy girls in Kampot just need to go out in this part of town.

We aren’t going to say that this area is flooded with slutty girls, but you have a better chance of tracking them down in that part of town than anywhere else. With that said by far the easiest girls to sleep with quickly will be the other tourists. And if all you care about is nightlife just stick with Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville.

The best dating site in Cambodia will also have to get a shout out. Trying to get it in is all about volume, and online dating helps you achieve that necessary volume faster than anything else without a doubt. Though if you plan to sleep with Khmer women expect it to take some time, they are notoriously prude.

Let’s face it, we don’t have any idea which style you prefer, that is why this sex guide is going to cover all the bases and then you can choose which one sounds right for you.

Sexy Girls At Kampot Hook Up Bars

Nightclubs and bars to meet slutty Kampot girls for sex

Most Kampot girls will be very prude and not interest in casual sex. If you want to try to get laid in a one night stand hit on the women traveling through from around the globe who are more likely to be slutty.

A few lounges, clubs and hook up bars to find girls for sex in Kampot are:

Dragon Club would be the only real nightclub in town. The rest of these are mostly just open air beer bars often found at hotels and guest houses.

Picking up sexy girls in a Kampot bar is different than in a club. Clubs are all about physical attraction and dancing. Let your bodies move in rhythm, get her turned on, and hope she is down when you try to escalate.

Bars are usually quieter and conversation is king. You will need to let your words win her over, not your charismatic dance moves. Have a chat, flirt, and see where it can lead. Eventually invite her to another cool bar in the area, or see if she is already down to go back to your place.

Meeting Khmer Girls Online

If you want to try to meet sexy Kampot girls online then use Asian Dating. It is the top online dating site in Cambodia and you can find plenty of single women all around the country here.

This isn’t a huge city so there may not be a wide selection here. However there will be tons of girls in Phnom Penh and you could find one you like and bring her on a trip here with you.

One of the bigger annoyances of online dating is women who are often referred to as ‘time wasters.’ Anyone who has done a lot of it in the past knows exactly what we are talking about.

These girls can fall into a few categories. Some really do want to meet a guy but are too timid to ever actually do it. Others are just on the sites as a form of entertainment, not to actually follow through.

A good piece of advice is to look for sexy girls in Kampot online who want the same thing as you do. If all you care about is hooking up then don’t waste any time with a long chat.

Message a ton of girls and see who is ready to meet up as soon as possible. Have a short conversation, move the convo to texting, and then start to invite them to meet you on the second or third day.

Don’t bother with the time wasters, usually girls looking for sex are ready whenever you are. On the flip side if you want a long term relationship you can put in some more time to get to know them better and make them warm up to you.

In a country like this one you have to expect most of the Khmer women to want to take it slow, they are looking for a husband not someone to have sex with and forget. Asian Dating will be the best way for you to meet girls here or anywhere in Cambodia online before or during your trip.

Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Kampot for sex or dating.

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