Using Facebook To Meet Single Girls Online

How to use Facebook to meet new girls near you

Using Facebook to meet single girls online is imperative in this day and age. Many guys don’t like social media and some think it is retarded. Well it is, but that doesn’t matter because girls like it, and using Facebook to meet girls is using a very valuable resource.

If you want to get a lot of pussy then you are going to have to do some things you think are dumb. Add Facebook to the list, and if you are going to do it you need to do it right.

You definitely need to have the right privacy settings as you can’t have a girl seeing that you have to many other female friends. You also don’t want some slut writing things on your wall that will piss other single girls off.

You want to have a good balance of showing that you are a cool dude that she should spend time with, while at the same time not coming off as desperate or braggy. You need to let the pictures tell the story for you, don’t be putting up long winded posts that nobody cares about.

This is one of the best resources for a singly guy right now and lets take a look at why.

Why You Have To Be On Facebook To Meet Girls

Dating is a numbers game, and if you are looking for casual sex then it is even more of a numbers game. You should be using every possible resource you have and Facebook is one of them.

And Facebook isn’t only a way to meet new girls, in fact it isn’t that great of a resource for that. It is a much better resource for dealing with the girls you have already met.

Online dating is the easiest way to meet single women right now but it offers you very limited info about the girl. She is going to pick a few of her best (likely filtered) pictures, some of which may be from 5 years ago.

If you meet a sexy lady online you need to at a minimum ask for her Facebook before you meet, if not Skype with her. You can’t expect a girl to give you her Facebook if you won’t share yours as well can you?

And if she has limited info on you then your Facebook may be the only thing she can use to judge you at the time. Make sure she likes what she sees.

You can learn a whole lot about her from her page. Most girls are taking selfies all the time and pictures of their day to day lives. You can find out if those dating site pictures are legit or if they are really old and she looks nothing like that anymore.

This is also a good way for you to ‘reconnect’ with the women you met out the night before. She may have exchanged numbers with a few guys that night and have no clue who you are. She may have got wasted and totally forgot you.

You can say hey its me from xxxx we met yesterday why don’t you add me on Facebook. That way she will click on it and either remember you or hopefully like what she sees.

Otherwise you are just another random number, and hot single girls may get lots of texts from randoms.

Setting Up A Single Guys Facebook Profile

How to set up your Facebook profile to meet women

You don’t need to have a huge profile, and you may want to keep lots of your pictures private if you do have a big one. You just need to have enough visible stuff that shows her that you are a good person for her to get to know.

Show your prettiest smile, some vacation pics in cool places, and you doing some adventurous things. Have some mysterious type pictures that will get her mind curious what they are all about.

As you will read about soon you will want to have some pretty heavy privacy settings here so pick and choose which pictures are shown to the world wisely. Don’t go full on ‘look at how awesome my life is based on these pictures!!!’ but also make sure you show some solid value.

Privacy Settings On Facebook

As we have said on this site in other places some girls will be like district attorneys looking for any reason not to like a guy. You don’t want her combing through every aspect of your life or she will probably find a reason not to like you.

Many guys will set up a second Facebook account for dating. The first one has mom and dad, their bros, and maybe some work colleagues or former classmates. The second one is filled with sexy ladies they hope to hook up with.

You may not want to use your legal name for this one as you will be giving it out to a lot of strangers. You also don’t want to use any name that will be hard for women to find. It is definitely best to always ask a girl for her contact info, but in some cases you may need to give her yours.

If you say your name is Steve Smith search me on Facebook she is going to be messaging the Ravens wide receiver or the former Atlanta Hawks shooting guard instead of you. Pick a name similar to your own that she can find easily.

You can also set it up so that your Facebook URL is something catchy, and if you do that it will make it easier for her to find by typing that in. Or just sign up with an email address and allow people to search you in that way.

You don’t want everyone that has your Facebook, or even all of your friends, to be able to see your friends list. This is bad news for a single guy. If you are using your real account you don’t want her messaging mom, and if you are using a fake account you don’t want her seeing you have 400 female friends and no guys.

Lets say you are living somewhere like the Thailand and know a lot of girls from Pattaya. Many Thai girls from around the country knows what goes down there. If you give a girl in Bangkok your Facebook and she sees you have 80 friends that look like bargirls in Pattaya that can definitely be a deal breaker.

How much you want to show is up to you, but the less they know the harder it will be for those district attorneys to get a conviction.

Using Facebook To Meet Single Girls

Social media online dating Facebook messaging girls

There are many ways to do this. Some of them will work well, others will have a very low success rate but still get you in contact with lots of hot girls giving you a chance, even if it is a small one.

The best thing you can do is be active and posting things on girls pages that have lots of other cute friends. Some girls will have 5,000 Facebook friends and some of them will see your comments and may get interested in you and even send you a message.

Those 5,000 friend ones really aren’t the best target though. They are the ‘look at me’ attention whores of Facebook and are just there for attention and selfish reasons. You should be looking for girls that have fewer friends and are using Facebook to keep in touch with people they know.

An add from a girl like that is a whole lot more valuable then one from an attention whore. Send her a ‘Hello,  I saw you on my friends page, you looked like you had a lot of fun at xxxx, I have been there and it was awesome. I wanna go back soon care to join me?’ type of message.

This will take time, you will have to look through friends lists, target certain girls, and write personalized messages. It will have a much higher chance of success from a percentage standpoint, but from a time standpoint it is debatable if it is the best way.

Or you can take a mass volume approach. Find those 5,000 friends girls and spam messages to all of her friends. Many cities will even have ‘modeling in xxxx city’ type pages or ‘singles in xxxx’ pages and you can copy/paste the same ‘You are so pretty I am here in town wanna hang out?’ kind of message to all of them.

This may get you a whole lot of replies and adds, but a low percentage of them will ever want to become more then Facebook friends. Of course if you are super handsome, have great game, or get lucky with the right girls at the right time you never know.

Facebook Or Dating Sites To Meet Girls Online?

Overall Facebook is going to have a lower return on investment then dating sites will for one very obvious reason. Girls on dating sites have already shown an interest in meeting new guys. Girls on Facebook have not.

This is similar to why cold approaching a girl on the street during the day is going to work out less then hitting on a girl at a bar on singles night. One is actively looking for a guy, the other might be married with kids.

That said you can get in contact with a lot of 9’s and 8’s on Facebook and even the rare 10. Those girls are almost never on singles dating sites. They may sign up from time to time but it is rare.

Every girl has Facebook. Your odds of banging a 10 off Facebook are very low, but it gives you a chance, and the more chances you take the more likely you are to finally score one.

Overall it is a better tool to use to check up on or reconnect with girls you have already met, but there is still some value in using Facebook to meet girls online. You can also find easy hookups on Adult Friend Finder.