How Foreign Men Can Meet A Good Woman In Moscow

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Every guy knows about the beautiful Russian blonds and many want to read more about where foreign men can meet a good woman in Moscow. This post will talk about the best places to stay, party, and give general tips on meeting Russian girls.

One thing to remember is that this is a very expensive city to visit. If you ask guys who have traveled around Eastern Europe many will tell you it is overpriced and you can find much better value elsewhere.

On the other hand hot girls flock to where the money is. You will notice a lot of Mercedes, BMW’s and super nice cars all around town. In the passenger seat you will often see a very beautiful girl.

What this means is that there are great rewards to be had but your competition will be tough. Foreign men that don’t speak the local language will be at a disadvantage with some girls but will be in prime position with others.

Knowing some of the local dating customs can definitely help you out. After talking about how to treat a good woman in Moscow plus day game and nightlife pick up spots we will also talk about the best online dating site in Russia for foreign men to use.

But lets start out with how to treat the local ladies. If you were more interested in the ladies of the night our Moscow sex guide covers the prostitution scene in great detail. This is about how to find a good woman for dating or marriage.

Russian Girls Like Masculine Men

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All around the world women expect different things from their men. A good single woman in Moscow definitely want you to be very masculine and alpha.

Approach them with confidence and like you own the room. Invite them out quickly and show them that you are the man.

But at the same time they are also suckers for a romantic. Bring them flowers, open doors for them, pull out their chairs.

They want to know that you are a physically dominant man but also that you know how to treat a lady. Of course for most foreign men reading this the biggest problem you face will be the language barrier.

Guys can try to learn some Russian before their trip or get very familiar with Google Translate or Yandextranslate. Like in most parts of the world you being exotic and an outsider can work very well for you with some women and will make it impossible for you to hook up with others.

Some Moscow girls may speak no English and have zero interest hooking up with foreign men. Others might want to try something exotic or spend time practicing their English with you.

A couple more things we should point out. The first is that there are quite a few gold diggers seeking sugar daddies in this city, as there are all around the world.

Don’t be surprised if when you try online dating if girls are asking for gifts for you to meet them. Are they hookers? In some cases yes, sometimes they are just gold diggers if you are the type who thinks there is a distinction between the two.

The phrase no money no honey will definitely be relevant for many. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a good Russian woman around.

Also, you shouldn’t expect to quickly get laid with single girls in Moscow. It will likely take a few dates before you are able to hook up with them. If you do hook up on the first night you got lucky or they want money.

Meet A Good Woman During The Day

Moscow is a city with the typical ring structure that pretty much starts at the Kremlin and spreads out from there. The Boulevard Ring is the first ring and the second is the Garden Ring.

This whole area around the Red Square and the first couple rings can be great for day game. You might meet local Moscow women or you might be able to pick up girls from all around the world on their vacation.

Day game is totally conversation based so if you don’t speak the local language it can definitely be a lot harder. Try playing the lost tourist role and hope that you are approaching a girl with reasonable English skills who has an interest in foreign men.

You can also try to visit malls like Gum, Tsum, and Okhotny Ryad to look for dates.

Finding Good Ladies Of The Night

If you don’t speak the local language then picking up at singles bars and clubs will be a lot easier. You can’t be expected to carry a conversation when the music is so loud you can’t even hear each other.

But the nightlife has its downsides, mostly that it is very expensive and many of the girls in the bars will be hookers or gold diggers. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot though.

Much of the nightlife is on Tverskaya Street so booking an AirBnb or hotel in that area would be ideal if your plan is to party. If day game is more your style then be as close to the Red Square as possible.

Some of the best pickup bars and nightclubs to meet and date single women in Moscow are:

Remember to approach the sexy ladies with confidence and have a little swagger. Girls here really eat that up and the more alpha you are the more success you will have.

Russian Women Seeking Foreign Men Online

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Online dating is the most popular way for couples to find their match currently. 15 years ago there was a very negative stigma to it, now everyone is doing it because it really is the most efficient way.

You can contact so many single girls in Moscow seeking foreign men on Russian Cupid in a short amount of time. No approaching girls on the street hoping they speak English or trying to pick up girls at a club who may or may not only want your money.

Sadly the dating apps in this city have been taken over by Moscow online escort agencies. A few years ago the Mamba App was an absolute gold mine, now it is 80% fake profiles for ugly hookers.

But Russian Cupid has a great support team and they don’t allow for that. Occasionally a fake profile might slip through the cracks but they are easy to spot.

Try and message the sexy women a week before you arrive. Get their contact info and start to text with them and figure out which ones you like the most.

Then set up dates with them on your first nights in town, that way you can really hit the ground running. If you just wait until you arrive you will really be behind the 8 ball.

Since Russian girls usually don’t hook up on the first date you don’t have time to waste. Try to schedule a couple coffee dates during the day and a dinner date at night.

Then if you hit it off with a girl invite her out again ASAP. Using Russian Cupid will definitely maximize your chances of getting laid, or you can meet a loving Russian bride who is interested in finding a foreign husband.

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Good Luck Finding A Good Woman In Moscow

Some guys love visiting this city and others think you will be much better off in Saint Petersburg instead. You definitely will be paying a premium here, but there will also be a higher percentage of hot girls around.

Some may only care about your money, others may be more genuine. It might take contacting quite a few to find a good woman for marriage or serious dating.

If you wanted to read more about how to get the most out of the nightlife in this country check out our single guy’s guide to Russia. It covers the pay for play scene and gives tips on non pros as well.

Hopefully this post on how foreign men can find a good woman in Moscow was helpful to you.

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