Finding Girls For Sex In The Virgin Islands

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Who doesn’t like to take a trip to a tropical paradise? This post isn’t about the beach, it is about finding girls for sex in the Virgin Islands.

The first thing that you need to know is that most of the pay for play sex on the Virgin Islands is on the British Islands. So if you want mongering and to find some brothels and strip clubs that is where you need to stay.

There isn’t a huge prostitution scene here, but it is a small place so you shouldn’t expect for there to be. On a short trip there should be more than enough to keep you occupied.

Of course you can also try to pull tourist girls as well. When girls go on a vacation they want to let loose and have fun too. That will make it a lot easier to get them back to your hotel to hook up.

The most popular way to monger is at the strip clubs so we will start this Virgin Islands sex guide there. Then we will tell you about a good brothel, followed by tips for meeting hookers online.

After that we will mention some good pick up bars and nightclubs for partying tourists, and even mention a Caribbean Dating Site as well.

Sex At Strip Clubs On The Virgin Islands

Topless full nude strip clubs British Virgin Islands naked girls

Again all of these topless and full nude strip clubs are on the British Islands. Not all girls will be up for sex in the back room but many will be. Expect the prices to be high, this is a tourist trap after all.

You will need to negotiate, the sexy nude dancers will shoot for the moon with their first offer but many of the girls here would take a lot less. There are no set prices so we can’t give much advice on what to pay outside of negotiate down.

Hop in any taxi and ask for strip clubs in the Virgin Islands like:

  • Deuces
  • Mingles
  • De Basement
  • Crystals

These will be your standard strip clubs with expensive drinks and make sure to confirm how much everything costs before you purchase it. You can get some lap dances on the floor, but the ‘private dances’ are where to go for sex. A taxi may know of some others in the area as well.

A Brothel In The Virgin Islands

We are only aware of one brothel in the Virgin Islands but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more. There almost surely are, but hey at least now you know of one.

It is called ‘Chris House’ and it is not off the beaten path by any means. It is near a fire station and a school right in the middle of Road Town.

Ask a taxi if he knows where it is and hopefully he will. Again there are probably more around, there are always options when looking for sex in the Caribbean.

Meeting Virgin Islands Escorts Online

You can also try to meet prostitutes here online with mixed success. Craigslist can be great for this as can Backpage, or if you Google search ‘Virgin Island escorts’ you will run into some escort services and also independents.

These call girls will also be on dating apps like Tinder and Badoo. Look for girls with overly sexy photos that are offering ‘massage’ or ‘escort’ or ‘service.’

British Island Nightclubs To Meet Girls

Prostitute pick up bars Bombas Shack meet sexy ladies Virgin

If you want to try to meet tourist girls in the British Virgin Islands that shouldn’t be too hard. During the day just head out to the beach and approach any sexy booty you see in a bikini.

At night there is some pretty solid nightlife. Since the pay for play sex scene is all on the British Islands we will stick with that.

Some good bars or clubs to go to are Bomba’s Shack, Quito’s, and Soggy Dollar. But there are lots of bars all around you so just look for ones with good girl to guy ratios.

US Virgin Islands Nightlife Guide

If you want to try to find girls for sex in the US Virgin Islands you will need to pick them up at bars. The Red Hook nightlife district on St Thomas would probably be the best area for this with bars like:

A more locals bar area can be found by Market Square but it’s a bit rough around the edges. There are also many cruise ships coming here but most don’t stay for the night. That means you can potentially try some day game but are going to need to work very quickly.

You will mostly be hitting on Americans but you might be able to find some local island girls interested in foreign men as well. The best nightlife in St Croix can be found in either Christiansted or Frederiksted.

There is a decent strip club called De Playground which is the closest to mongering you will get. You can also try to meet girls in St Croix’s nightlife at bars like:

Meeting Caribbean Girls Online

Have a thing for island girls? Want to meet girls that haven’t been spoiled by 1st world feminism? If so then there are many sexy Caribbean girls interested in foreign men you can meet online.

Log on to Caribbean Cupid and you can chat with sexy girls from all the different islands in the region. This can help you to set up dates before you hit up each town, or maybe find a life partner that has more traditional beliefs then what women back home currently think.

Meet sexy island call girls Virgin Islands escort services online

Good Luck Finding Sex On The Virgin Islands

If you stay on the British Virgin Islands sex will not be hard to find. There will be plenty of drunk tourists around, plus a pretty good mongering scene.

If you are wanting to explore all of the best mongering in the Caribbean this travel guide for single men breaks it down for you. Good luck finding girls for sex on the Virgin Islands.

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