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In this guide to finding girls for sex in Antigua and Barbuda we will do our best to get you prepared for your trip. We should probably just start off by saying there is little to no nightlife in Barbuda, go there for your relaxing.

We could have just titled this an Antigua sex guide but we already have one of those for the city in Guatemala. Plus we always hear about these two islands lumped together so thought we should combine them as well, they are sister islands after all.

All of the best nightclubs, strip clubs, and brothels are going to be found on the bigger island and that is where you should stay if you want to meet girls. You should probably either stay in the south by the English Harbor or up north by the American University as you can find good nightlife in both areas.

One of the best times of the year to visit would be during the Carnival and fetes parties that are in July or August. The dates can change a bit from year to year so search for them before you plan your trip.

It should be noted that the local guys like thick girls, you will often hear about ‘fluffy’ Antigua girls, so don’t expect to find a lot of slim locals here. But with the ladies from the American University and other tourists around you can find some decent diversity.

Some positives are that there are hundreds of beaches all around the island so it is easy to find a secluded spot to chill out. English is also widely spoken which makes communication easier.

Some negatives are that it is a pretty expensive place to visit and there is definitely tourist pricing going on. You get 2.5 ECD for every $1 USD and if locals can tell you are a tourist they are going to charge you extra for many things.

OK, enough of the boring travel talk, time to get to the mongering. We will start out with the best ways to pay for sex, then talk about the non pro girls. After that we will even tell you about a couple dating sites you can use to try to set up some dates before you arrive.

Antigua Sex Guide

Topless nude strip clubs Antigua brothels naked girls

Again you are very unlikely to find any prostitutes on Barbuda so we won’t even cover it. However you can find some good topless and nude strip clubs and brothels in Antigua like:

  • Diamond Ice
  • G Spot Nightclub
  • Stables
  • Wendy’s
  • Jam Down
  • Bruce’s

Expect to get lap dances and see some naked island girls down in the main lounge area trying to get you to go to VIP. There are short time rooms on site where you can have sex or get a blowjob.

We are not aware of any men’s erotic sex spas in Antigua for a happy ending massage but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The girls working at them would probably be glad to give you a happy ending for a tip since they likely don’t make much money.

If you see a cute girl working at a spa around town see if she gives the massage in a private room or just behind a curtain. If you get a private room then give it a go and see what happens.

There might also be some prostitutes out in the nightlife but there is not a huge red light scene here. There should be some Antigua & Barbuda online escorts active on dating apps. They will use common mongering keywords like escort, massage, or hotel service in their profiles.

If you wanted to read about better spots to meet Caribbean prostitutes click that link.

Meeting Girls In Antigua’s Nightlife

The local island girls are not the easiest to pull here. Some guys will tell you the best area of town to stay is up north by the American University because there are good clubs near there with good college parties.

Or there is some good nightlife also down by the English Harbor. Some of the best pick up bars and nightclubs to meet single girls in Antigua’s nightlife are:

Bliss would be the best club up north near the university while Abracadabra would be the best club near the English Harbour. If you wanted a good bar to try and find out what is going on in the Barbuda nightlife try Lyme Bar, but don’t have high expectations.

Meeting Island Girls Online

Erotic sex massage spas Antigua Barbuda happy ending

If you wanted to try to meet island girls online before you arrive there are a couple of dating sites you could try. Caribbean Cupid and Latin American Cupid will give you the best chance to pipeline before your trip.

However these are small islands with a combined population of under 100k total. Don’t expect to find a ton of girls on either site.

You can sign up for both for free and see if you like the selection on either. If you do go ahead and register, if not then it cost nothing to check it out.

If you are going to be traveling around the various islands in the region then Caribbean Cupid will be a great way to pipeline before you head to a new spot. If instead your trip will involve more of Central and South America then Latin American Cupid would be the better option.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Antigua

There is not a ton of mongering here but there are some options. There really isn’t great nightlife either, but again there are some options.

Try and pull some university girls from Bliss or pick up other tourists at Abracadabra near the English Harbour. If that fails hit up the strip clubs and brothels.

Do your partying in Antigua and do your relaxing in Barbuda. For more on where to hook up with sexy Caribbean island girls be sure to check out this travel guide. It breaks down all of the best places to party and monger in the area.

Hopefully our guide to finding girls for sex in Antigua and Barbuda was helpful to you.

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