Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls in Addis Ababa

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This post is all about hooking up with hot girls in Addis Ababa for sex or dating. Most of the nightlife revolves around the Bole area so try to stay near there and that is one of the most important things to take off this sex guide. Getting a short term condo might be best because some hotels won’t allow guests here.

Ethiopia is one of those places where poverty will always be around you. You can be in the nicest area of town and forget how poverty stricken things really are, but walk 1 block in any direction and you will quickly remember.

There are close to 4 million people living here, but there isn’t near as bad of traffic as you might think because people can’t really afford to go anywhere. In fact one of the few expensive things you are going to find in town are taxis and you are going to have to negotiate hard to get close to a fair rate.

As long as you pick a spot in Bole you won’t be too far away from anywhere you need to go, and this isn’t the safest place to go exploring. Bole is where slutty girls in Addis Ababa that want sex go party, but whether that sex will be free or not is a different matter.

The top online dating site in Ethiopia will have to get a shout out, it can make your trip go a lot smoother. Plus you can continue using it as you travel all over Africa to meet girls.

Sexy Girls At Addis Ababa Hook Up Bars

Nightclubs Bole bars meet slutty Addis Ababa girls sex

When easy girls in Addis Ababa want sex they go to hook up bars and clubs such as:

The Ethiopian girls here are definitely open to meeting foreigners and if you approach politely you can do it just about anywhere. One of the downfalls of the nightlife is that you are going to have a tough time knowing if you are dealing with a hooker or just a sexy Addis Ababa girl feeling slutty.

An experienced monger may know the difference, but not always. There can be so many hookers in Bole but it is also the spot to party with non pro girls as well, good luck telling the difference.

There is also a bar called Jubilee located on ‘New Street’ where there is a lot of nightlife as well. Picking up girls at nightlife districts in poorer countries like Ethiopia can be really easy, but you never really know who you are dealing with. A lot of times prostitutes will hang out in the areas that tourists go to because they know that is where they can make some real money.

A tourist will pay a lot more to a hot Addis Ababa girl for sex then a local more often than not, and these girls want to earn as much money as they can. What you often see is a guy will go out on his first night in a new city and find it really easy to pick up a girl and hook up with ease.

He thinks he is in paradise and he saw so many other women in the bar shooting him glances that he can do it over and over again. What he doesn’t realize is that he just banged a prostitute, but he doesn’t even know he is supposed to pay her.

Maybe she will ask for money, maybe she won’t, but either way she definitely is hoping to get some. As a foreign man this can put you in a really tough spot, there definitely are some slutty girls out there who want to have sex with someone different without charging him to do so.

But, if you are going out to an expat or tourist bar in Bole and it looks like there are a lot of girls ‘on the clock’ waiting for a customer then you probably are in a hooker bar. All you can really do is ask in a situation like this, say the last girl you talked to asked you to pay her and see if she wants the same.

If you do it in a light hearted, non-accusatory way it will go over fine. If you just blurt out ‘are you a prostitute’ then any good girls you had a chance with are not going to want to go with you anymore.

Ethiopian escorts are similar to what you find in any city in Africa be it Kampala, Tunis, Tangier or most cities we have written sex guides for. The best spots for day game will be malls like Morning Star, Mafi City Mall, and Snap Plaza.

Meeting Single Girls In Ethiopia Online

If you want to meet sexy girls online in Addis Ababa and not have to go out in some sketchy and dangerous areas use online dating. Start pipelining a week before you arrive in Ethiopia so that you already have women thinking about you before you get here. If you do this you don’t need to head to sketchy areas of town to find girls.

Plus you can use dating sites to pipeline before you head to any other city in Africa. Look guys, would you rather go out to a bar and try to dance with a few girls or send out a hundred messages in the next hour and set up as many dates as you can handle?

We don’t know of any great dating sites in Africa at the moment so just use the same apps we all use. If you happen to work for a dating site who would like to promote here please contact us.

Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Addis Ababa for sex or dating.