Expats Living In Mexico City

Living as an expat in Mexico City travel cost of living

While we have already covered what the nightlife and dating scene is like here, in this post we are more focusing on what an expat living in Mexico City’s daily life would be like. Sure you will want to partake in the nightlife, but if you are going to live there you need to know more then that.

Money is generally pretty important and expats can get a pretty good cost of living in Mexico City. You can find apartments in the nicest areas of town where most expats stay for around $500 a month. This is also in the main areas for the best nightlife where you can meet many single ladies.

Of course you can find much cheaper then that, but you will definitely want to stay in a nice area. We all know that Mexico isn’t the safest place on the planet, but in some areas of town you will be fine.

You will want to know at least a bit of Spanish if you are going to live there long term, and should try to learn as you go. The more you can communicate with the locals the more doors (and legs) that will open for you.

Lots of Americans are scared to even travel south of the border let alone move there. That means the ones that do get to stand out like a sore thumb. On the one hand that can make you a target to the ‘bad guys’ but it also makes you a target for the ‘gringo hunters’ that happen to be female.

Positives Of Being An Expat in Mexico City

Is living in Mexico City safe for foreign men

The women are probably something you are curious about right? Well there are definitely some hot ones around and they are pretty easy going when it comes to casual sex. It seems that in most places around the world the bigger the city the more they are open to casual sex, and that is definitely true here with the single girls in Mexico City.

In some small provincial town a girl may not even consider a one night stand. In a big city it is just another night. And this is one of the biggest cities you will find on the planet.

So you have some pretty attractive women that don’t mind sleeping around. Seems like the nightlife is a pretty big positive for Mexico City expats! If you are a first timer to Mexico City you may want to try and get a hotel or short term condo in Roma, Condesa, or Polanco which are all safe neighborhoods with good nightlife.

We mentioned $500 for an apartment, just to compare an apartment in a similar area in a major city in Brazil would probably cost closer to $1,000. Overall you can get a very good cost of living in Mexico City.

Another positive for Americans is that you aren’t to far away from home. If you need to fly back for any reason it won’t be a major commitment. The ease of meeting single girls on Adult Friend Finder who like to hook up with gringos has to be mentioned in the positives.

Negatives For Foreign Men Moving To Mexico City

Safety would have to be the biggest concern right? Even if you don’t pay attention to the news you still will hear about violence in Mexico some how.

The truth is there are some very bad neighborhoods in Mexico City but expats will probably never find themselves in them. Settle down in one of the nice areas and slowly branch out during the day.

Eventually you will know which ways you should go and which you shouldn’t. That leads to the next negative, and that it is just a massive metropolis that may be to much for some people.

Not everyone wants to live in one of the biggest cities in the world. The traffic and time you spend doing anything might drive you nuts. Rush hour can be terrible and even going out for dinner may take hours.

That is one of the main reasons to get a nice centrally located place so that you can walk to your destination and not have to deal with the traffic. Or walk home at night from the bar with your cute Senorita and not have to worry about being robbed.

If you stay in the nice areas you should be fine, but if you venture out you will see what a poor city this really is. Some people might not like living around such poverty. You can compare what being an expat in Buenos Aires, Santo Domingo, Rio de Janeiro or Colombia are like at those links.

Should You Become A Mexico City Expat?

Some single guys who are thinking about moving abroad probably never even think about Mexico City because of the violence. That is understandable, but once you get there you will see it isn’t as bad as you think.

If you want to live in a big city where it is easy to meet girls online with a low cost of living then it is pretty hard to beat Mexico City, at least on this side of the globe.

You don’t need to be rich to have a good life here, either save up some money or know a good way to make money online and you will do great. Also, online dating is awesome in Mexico City so you can meet single girls without going out in the ‘scary streets’ they tell you about on the news.

Adult Friend Finder will be a great way to meet ladies in Mexico City online. So many sexy ladies here want to meet foreign men for dating or hooking up and that site is all about getting laid quickly.

Good luck if you decide to join the expats living in Mexico City.