Pro Tips For Meeting Girls At The Beach

How to meet girls at the beach hook up

Lets face it, as guys we never stop thinking about girls and sex. This post will give pro tips for meeting girls at the beach.

Of course not all situations are created equal. You could be at a popular spring break destination with thousands of sluts packed into one tight area drinking non stop.

Or you could be at a family beach with sand castles being built all around you. So one of the most important pro tips for meeting girls at the beach is to choose your location wisely.

If you are at a pretty secluded spot with not many people around this is really easy. Try and find a sexy girl out by herself and ask her if she can watch your stuff while you take a quick dip.

Then when you come back thank her and towel off making some light conversation. Don’t be all up in her face, and don’t try to take all of her attention.

She is there to relax, you are there to relax, and you are just having a casual chat. Then before you leave ask where she plans to go out that night and try to meet up with her.

Or if its a touristy spot ask her what places she has visited, tell her one sounds awesome and ask if she has any pics of it on her Instagram. Then you can DM her later.

That is all pretty simple, but you got pretty much the perfect situation with one girl by herself in a secluded area. It won’t always be that easy.

Choosing The Right Spot To Chill

You probably won’t be so lucky to have a dime lying on a towel by herself on a secluded beach. It is more likely that you are going to be around a bunch of other people and most girls will be with their friends.

Try and find an area of the beach that has a bunch of groups of girls nearby and as few sand castle builders around. You don’t need any families nearby, though if a girl is hot enough don’t really worry about anyone else.

Try to locate yourself near groups of girls then sit down and survey the scene. Who is at the beach to have a good time? Drinking, dancing, laughing, or going into the water?

Target them, they are going to be a whole lot more approachable then the girls sleeping or reading a book. Again though, if a girl is hot enough all rules are out the door.

Now try and get noticed by them. If you are with your friends throw a football around, play some volleyball, or toss a frisbee.

Go out to the water and splash around, peacock a bit to get their eyes on you. Don’t be so loud and annoying that they can’t relax, but be noticeable.

If you notice some looking in your direction, particularly a lively bunch, go and invite them to join you in a game of volleyball or frisbee tossing. Don’t single out one girl, invite the whole group. Hopefully they say yes and you got the ball rolling.

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Be Ready For The Girls Needs

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When you head out to the beach don’t just throw on a pair of swim trunks and walk out the door. Bring a bag and a cooler with you so that you can be ready for not only your own needs but theirs as well.

Offering a girl a cold beer or soda on a hot day can’t ever hurt. Once you are done tossing around the ball or taking a swim with her tell her you have some drinks and see if she wants one.

You could just coldly approach any girl on the beach and offer a drink, but then again she will probably fear you are trying to roofie her. You should also try and bring some sun tan lotion in case they need it.

But don’t be the creepy guy that tries to oil them up. There is enough sexual tension for girls on the beach with all of the exposed skin out already, you don’t need to creep things up anymore.

In fact if you can be a gentleman and not be like the loser behind her whose camera phone always happens to be pointed at her ass she will probably respect that. No judgment on loser with the camera by the way, we respect your work big time.

If you are dealing with a group of girls don’t single one out. Be a social guy that talks with everyone, but lean a bit more towards the one you are interested in.

Escalating With Beach Girls

Now after you have spent some time with her you have plenty of options. If she accepted one of your drinks tell her you don’t have any more here but invite her for a drink at the bar nearby.

You could be more aggressive and say you have more in your room, but that might be overstepping your bounds. Can you meet girls off the beach for instant sex? Sure, its happened, but don’t count on it.

Long term you are probably better off finding out where they plan to go party that night or getting her contact info. Then you can just happen to pop into the same bar she mentioned or message her later and ask her to hang out.

The beach can be an intimidating place to try and meet girls. You are exposed, they are exposed, and it takes balls to approach someone you don’t know in that situation, but if you choose the right ones that are out to have a good time it can be a very fruitful spot to hunt.

Lets recap and give some quick final thoughts. Try and choose your location wisely and don’t be overly aggressive. Girls aren’t going out to the beach to have a bunch of guys come hit on them.

Take it slow, catch their eye, and then politely approach them and see if they want to join you in some activity. If you can’t pull that off and want to go with the ‘watch my stuff please’ angle don’t be a pest.

Let them enjoy their relaxing, ask a couple of questions while you dry off, and then see if you can get their number of social media. This isn’t a bar where you try to meet a girl by spitting a corny line or grabbing her hips on the dance floor.

This is a place where you casually try and get noticed and befriend a girl. Then you try and meet up with her again and escalate then. The simple fact that you weren’t a perv when she was in a bikini will give you a nice starting position.

Hopefully these pro tips on meeting girls at the beach will pay off for you. If not just log on to Adult Friend Finder and find someone looking for casual sex near you.

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