Best Clubs To Meet Girls In The Macau Nightlife

Singles bars nightclubs foreign men meet Macau girls

If you are looking for the best clubs to meet girls in the Macau nightlife for foreign men you are probably going to end up very underwhelmed. Lots of guys have the wrong impression of the place because it is thought of as ‘the Las Vegas of Asia’ but for nightlife it pales in comparison.

That isn’t to say it is hard to find girls for sex in Macau, it is just that the singles bars, nightclubs, and nightlife are lacking. There is a reason why there are so many erotic massage parlors here, that is where the action is.

So if you don’t like to pay for sex and/or can’t afford to spend a lot of money to get laid this may not be the right city for you. It has the casinos, hookers, and sex saunas but the singles and club scene is pretty bad.

We will mention the most popular pick up bars and clubs in town as well as talk about some areas to go away from the casinos to try and party with locals. Nothing too special in the local pick up bars either sadly.

Then after that we will talk about how you can use Chinese dating sites to meet girls interested in foreign men online since the freebie pickings are slim here.

Best Nightclubs In Macau

If you Google ‘best nightclubs in Macau’ you will notice that just about every page that pops up talks about the same spots. That is pretty common in most cities, but usually there is a bit of variety when it comes to pick up bars to meet women.

Not here, and that is because there aren’t that many to choose from. Not only are there not many but the ones you do find aren’t that great to begin with.

If you are looking for a better scene to meet single ladies then the Hong Kong nightlife isn’t far and has more to offer foreign men. But if you are stuck here and bored of the casinos we do have some suggestions.

The best nightclubs to meet girls in Macau would be:

  • Club Cubic in City Of Dreams
  • MGM Lions Bar
  • D2
  • China Rouge
  • The Whisky Bar 16th floor of StarWorld
  • Pacha
  • Sky21 Lounge on top of Aia Tower

You can also find some more local nightlife in an area of town referred to as NAPE on Avenida Xian Xing Hai, Rua de Madrid, and Rua de Londres. A popular nightclub here is MP3, you could also try to party in the Taipa and Coloane areas where there are many singles bars.

Overall the scene is pretty grim but you never know when you might meet the right girl at the right time. Remember that there are so many hookers out at night here don’t be too surprised if any of these ladies of the night ask you to pay them. You can read about the Macau strip clubs here.

Meet Single Ladies Online

Pick up sexy single Macau ladies nightclubs party hot spots

We aren’t going to claim that this is the best place in the world for online dating. Just that it is probably your best option to meet a good woman in Macau that isn’t a hooker.

The easiest way to get laid here will be to head to one of the sex spas but they are very expensive. Most guys don’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars to get laid.

If you use China Love Cupid and Hong Kong Cupid you should be able to find some single Macau girls who are looking to go on dates with foreign men. Some may want a serious relationship, others may just want a quick fling.

Online dating is always a mixed bag because you can contact so many girls in a short amount of time. You can sign up to both sites for free and search for Macau to see the available talent.

Choose the one that has the most single ladies you find attractive and start sending out a lot of messages. Remember that the language barrier is probably going to be strong so keep your messages short and sweet.

Then invite them out for coffee or dinner, add in some drinks, and try to get them to come back to your place. Foreign men can do well on Macau dating sites if they put in the effort.

Foreign expat tourist singles bars Macau women online dating

Good Luck In The Macau Nightlife

This city is not what most think it is. They hear the Las Vegas of Asia and think there are nightclubs in every casino that have long lines and sexy single ladies in skimpy dresses flooding in every minute.

That isn’t the case and this is not a good city to go if your goal is a fist pumping club experience. But there are many ways to have a good time here and while most are expensive there are some budget options.

This eBook breaks down the mongering scene here and also in Hong Kong. It gives many tips on how to lower your costs and the small price you pay for it will pay off the first time you visit any of the spas or other options in town.

Good luck if you visit the best nightclubs to meet girls in the Macau nightlife. Unfortunately for foreign men there isn’t much to offer here.

Macau nightlife guide meet girls dating foreign men online

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