Finding Girls For Sex In The Cancun Nightlife

Cancun sex guide mongering girls nightclubs

Every year millions of people travel to take a vacation this this great beach and party destination. This post will try to help with guys trying to find girls for sex in the Cancun nightlife.

Many people go during spring break so if you want to go party with a bunch of college and high school kids go then. If not then don’t go during March or early April.

The Cancun nightlife will definitely be the wildest during that point, but don’t worry there will still be plenty to entertain you throughout the rest of the year. Since it has become a very popular tourist destination a trip here will not be cheap, but it may be very worthwhile.

You will want to stay in the ‘Hotel Zone’ as this is the touristy area and definitely the safest part of town. They know where there money comes from and police this area heavily so that you don’t have to worry about the violence in Mexico you always hear about on TV.

If you are trying to find girls for sex in Cancun the cheapest way will be to pull a drunk tourist from one of the many clubs, while the easiest will to be to get a Mexican prostitute.

Drugs are also rampant here and all you need to do is hang out on the beach or go out in the nightlife and you will be offered them all the time. Even though they are illegal the cops are more interested in catching sellers then buyers.

And many cops aren’t even that worried about catching sellers, they know many tourists go there to party and for many that means get high. They want the tourists to have fun and come back so they allow the supply to meet the demand.

Good Hotels In Cancun

You definitely need to stay in the ‘Hotel Zone’ so all of these hotels are in this appropriately named zone. This area is right along the coast so you will be walking distance to the famous Cancun Beach.

You should and will spend most of your time in this area. This is where all of the tourists hang out, where all the nightlife is, and where the western restaurants are. If you venture into the ‘other side of town’ you won’t be as safe.

You probably will still be alright, but things are definitely a bit sketchier over that way. It is pretty easy to distinguish what is a safe area and what is not in a country like Mexico.

When you are surrounded by nice modern hotels and happy tourists you are safe. When you are surrounded by run down buildings and dirty streets it might be time to turn around.

We have picked out some very good hotels in Cancun. We will list the more expensive ones first, and then the cheaper ones.

If you are looking for an All Inclusive Resort in Cancun you can try out:

Here are a few five star hotels in Cancun that are not all inclusive:

For the budget travelers that still want to be in the Hotel Zone but don’t need a 5 star hotel try out these:

You will be able to get a safe and comfortable stay at any of these hotels in Cancun and they are all close to the beach and the great nightlife. This post breaks down more fun beaches in Mexico you could check out.

Best Clubs To Meet Girls In Cancun


We aren’t really going to get into where the best beach is in Cancun, just walk out of your hotel during the day and if you can’t see it follow the horde of people walking to it.

It is huge and you should be able to find a laid back place to chill or follow the music to where the party is at. But there are some night clubs in Cancun to pick up sex ladies of the night that stand out above the rest.

Of course like everywhere in the world the nightlife spots can go from trendy to played out quickly, but some long time main stays always will be a fun time.

Really you can head to any club in the well named ‘Party Zone’ and have a great time, people go to here to relax on the beach during the day and party hard in the Cancun nightlife later on. Every night will be like New Year’s Eve.

If you are looking for the current most popular spot then Coco Bongo is where you should head. During Spring Break expect long lines and standing room only inside.

Another very popular club to pick up girls is aptly called ‘The City‘ because it is huge and claims to be able to comfortably hold over 5,000 people. During March this strong claim gets tested every night.

Palazzo is one of the most modern clubs in Cancun, and La Vaquita is also pretty new too. If you wanna see some sexy Go Go dancers check out La Vaquita.

Some more laid back open air restaurant/bar type places you can try out the world famous Senor Frogs or the Congo Bar. You never know which pick up bar or nightclub will be best for meeting sexy Cancun girls so just head out and see where the night takes you.

Pick up bars nightclubs meet sexy Cancun girls

Finding Drugs In Cancun

Go sit on the beach in the day looking like a tourist. Boom! You just found drugs in Cancun. There are guys who walk up and down the beach all day walking past tourists offering drugs.

You can get whatever you are looking for but the most common to find by far are weed, coke, and ecstasy. The drug laws are quite harsh in Mexico so you need to take some precautions, but really as long as you are just using and not selling you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

If you are the paranoid sort (years in a third world prison is worth being paranoid about, so no shame in that) then just tell a guy no the first time he offers you some. Then keep an eye on him until he makes a sale.

As long as the purchaser doesn’t end up in cuffs that means the seller isn’t an undercover cop running a sting and you will be fine. You can also find drugs in the clubs at night, but in a chaotic environment like that you have a better chance of getting sold fakes.

If you want to avoid any trouble just don’t try to do any selling of your own. Odds are you would never dream of it anyways, but the drug cartels protect their turf with an iron fist and you don’t want to be on the receiving end.

Finding Prostitutes For Sex In Cancun


Guys all think alike. OMG there will be so many drunk girls partying in the Cancun nightlife during spring break I will surely get laid. Then they show up to Cancun and there are 10 other dudes thinking just like them for every girl.

On top of that half the girls are there with their boyfriends and won’t be hooking up with any strangers. This does not make for the easy pickings that the guys were hoping for, and it ends up with some of the worst ratios around.

This is how it is at all of the spring break destinations like Daytona Beach, Lake Havasu, and Padre Island. Every girl that wants a dick can easily find one (or 7) but every guy ain’t finding a girl.

Luckily for the guys in Cancun that strike out there are cheap prostitutes around to fill the void. Some of these hookers may sneak their way into the ‘Party Zone’ but for the most part you will have to cross to that ‘other side of town’ we mentioned earlier.

If you are going to do that your best option is to take a taxi. You don’t want to go on a walk through sketchy streets following some addresses you found online using Google Maps do you? Probably not.

Instead find a taxi driver and tell him you want to find girls or massage. He will know what you want and more importantly he will know where to find them.

There will be some cheap street prostitutes in Cancun in the El Centro area but this isn’t a very safe spot. You could ask him to drive by there and see if you find anything you like, but you will be better off in other places.

There is a very expensive brothel located right in the Hotel Zone called Pleasure Principle. We wrote a review of it but unless you want to drop US prices you should shop around for better options.

This eBook guide breaks down all of your options for the best nightlife in Mexico.

Best cities to meet girls in Mexico Cancun beach

Finding Brothels In Cancun

You can ask a taxi driver if ‘Zona Roja’ is currently open. This was the mini red light district in Cancun but it gets shut down from time to time then reopens later.

If it is open when you are in town then great you have found what you were looking for. If you show up looking like a noob tourist that doesn’t know the deal expect to be asked to pay a whole lot of money.

If you can speak a little Spanish or walk in with confidence like you know the deal then maybe you can get close to the local price. You should hope to pay 500 pesos or less and should be able to with some negotiating abilities.

If Zona Rosa isn’t open then the taxi driver should know of some others. They will be in random apartments or houses across town and they shift locations quickly. There really is no reason to go with the info you read online because they move around often.

Let a taxi driver show you to one, and if you don’t like the selection of girls there ask him to take you to another with more beautiful girls. You will eventually find something you like. Mary Cancun is a popular brothel you may want to ask about.

Remember they will try and overcharge any tourist by a lot on their first offer. Negotiate hard and you should be able to get a reasonable price. If you enjoy your time with the girl maybe try to get her number and set up a visit to your hotel later, but that will probably take some Spanish to get accomplished.

The brothels are a good way to find cheap sex in Cancun. You can also try and meet hookers online on Tinder or on dating sites like Mexican Cupid.

Meet call girls online Cancun escort agencies brothels

Erotic Sex Massage Parlors In Cancun

Mary Cancun brothels erotic sex massage spas hotel

Your MO here will need to be the same as the brothels, and to be honest the massage parlors in Cancun are basically the same thing. Find a taxi driver, tell him you want massage, and head on out.

You will pull up to some spot that doesn’t look like a spa or massage parlor. Then when you get led inside you will likely be presented with a lineup of 4 to 12 girls and you can choose 1, or 2 if you like.

Ask what the price is first and do your best to negotiate. You should also ask if the price is for massage only or if extras are included. If the price is for massage only then you will need to tip for any extras, but if you were presented with a lineup (or asked for one and got it) then a happy ending massage is almost certainly guaranteed.

Prices should be the same as the brothels, shoot for anything under 500 pesos all in which is still higher then the local price. You can probably drive a really hard bargain and get lower but that may have you wasting time (and taxi fare) jumping from spot to spot.

Good Luck Having Sex In Cancun

Single guy trip Cancun sex guide mongering

You will definitely have a great time in the Cancun nightlife. The busiest times of the year are from November through March so the crowds and prices will be highest then.

May to September you can get much better deals but the city will be much less lively and you may have to deal with storms. If you are heading out then you may want to hop on Mexican Cupid and invite girls from around the country to join you.

All Mexican girls know how fun a trip here would be but most can’t afford it. If you are willing to pay for the hotel they would probably share the bed with you.

Do your best to pick up girls in the great Cancun nightlife but if you strike out find a taxi driver and you will find what you want.

It is always nice to have a backup plan, and you certainly have that when trying to find girls for sex in the Cancun nightlife. This eBook has more tips on good Latin American beach vacations.

Best beaches to hook up and get laid in Latin America


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